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Will Burge has covered professional sports in Cleveland for seven years, including four as the Browns' beat reporter. Will's stories, columns, and reports have been featured on every national sports outlet.

Will is known as the most "plugged in" media member when it comes to the Browns roster and hosts shows on Newsradio WTAM 1100 in Cleveland. Will can be heard weekly on their Browns pregame show.

Will grew up in Cleveland, raises his six year old son in Cleveland, and interacts with Cleveland fans everyday on twitter.

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  • John Daugherty posted 252 days ago

    John Daugherty

    About your round by round draft article; All you missed is the fact the Browns have 2 3rd round picks not three and 2 4th round picks not zero. The pick from indy is a fourth rounder not a third. They have 10 picks not 9 as you have written. Confirmed on 4 other draft sites so its hard to buy in to anything you have written here or believe you have any great football knowledge. Other than that it was a entertaining read.

  • Larry King Geoff posted 285 days ago

    Larry King Geoff

    You look like Tom Hanks

  • Dave Richards posted 307 days ago

    Dave Richards

    Will, I'm behind … did you leave ESPN? If so, why?

  • Matt Whitmer posted 341 days ago

    Matt Whitmer

    Come on, come on.

  • Derek Carter posted 363 days ago

    Derek Carter

    So glad to see you back, miss you from the best program ever 3 Deep!!! Wish you the best and glad to be able to get your articles

  • Paul Spencer posted 370 days ago

    Paul Spencer

    Hey Will, glad to see you landed on your feet. And best of all, in Cleveland. One gripe I have with Bleacher Report, and this may seem petty and old fashioned in this era of instant communication, is how substandard the editing is. I mean basic stuff--lots of typos and misspellings, pretty horrid grammar. It makes the product seem bush league and amateurish. I don't expect every writer to be George Plimpton or Mike Lupica, but somebody should be catching that stuff. Anyway, hope you'll be a good influence. Best of luck.