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Lifelong athlete, passionate about college sports more than the pro game. Aside from five years of traveling the country with Nike Football, a west coaster for life.

Favorite Sports are football, basketball and golf.

Oregon Ducks, Connecticut Huskies and San Francisco 49ers

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  • Brittany Cruz posted 1565 days ago

    Brittany Cruz

    To clarify, I responded in your comments section since my feedback wasn't loading on the article. Also, please overlook the use of "clears" instead of "clear" toward the end of my last post.

  • Brittany Cruz posted 1565 days ago

    Brittany Cruz

    Good question, Brandon. Here's a good rule to follow (courtesy of B/R): To determine when the possessive form of a team name should be used, substitute the city name for the team name, and then ask yourself whether the city name would warrant a possessive in a particular grammatical construction. If the city name does warrant a possessive, the team name gets a possessive too. If it doesn't, the team name goes without the possessive. Please excuse the late response, and I hope this helps clears things up. Feel free to drop me a message on my page if you have any other inquires, as I tend to respond quicker that way. Thank you!

  • Brandon Oliver posted 1565 days ago

    Brandon Oliver

    Lin, you are correct in pointing out the error. For some reason the paragraphs with the numbers regarding total plays, etc. didn't make it in. I have the proper edits and added the total number of plays participated in.

    B.R. I will always own up to and correct any mistake. I have been able to get to this until now because of outstanding circumstances. I have updated the wording and added the numbers to back it up.

  • B.R. Tronbill posted 1565 days ago

    B.R. Tronbill

    To Lin Browne:

    I see Brandon is either reluctant to correct the misinformation contained within his article or he's too busy to revisit and read your comments and mine. Either way, a failure to edit an article which contains statements which are clearly provable as untrue is a discredit to journalistic integrity.

  • Lin Browne posted 1566 days ago

    Lin Browne

    Brandon, I left comment on your article about Mariota. You had a significant error in which you stated that Manziel had played full games for most of his 2012 schedule, which is simply untrue. Please check the comments section for the information I added and correct your error within the body of the article.
    Thank you and good luck.

    (And remember, research before writing!)

  • Red Shannon posted 1581 days ago

    Red Shannon

    Well done piece here.
    And although I didn't need to be convinced, you did a good job of supporting your argument for Thomas.