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  • Black Widow posted 1551 days ago

    Black  Widow


  • WrestleMan78 posted 1575 days ago


    A web series for wrestling fans.

  • I GOT BANNED posted 1575 days ago



  • Black Widow posted 1576 days ago

    Black  Widow

    I am very,very sorry for the belated response! Glitched on my side. I can't even write to anyone's bulletin board and commenting on articles, and the administrator took quite a long to respond and fix my problem.

    I am not sure whether you still remember the question that you asked me. But, this is my answer that I wrote, as soon as I got your message. It was a long essay actually, where I incorporated my own opinion on certain issues, but then when I posted on your bulletin board, it disappear. So I had to write all over again, and here is the shorter version of it:

    Fullbringer arc= waste time. I don't even get what Tite Kubo is doing, but this arc is not related at all. In fact, you can move past to Quincy blood war arc and totally forget about fullbringer arc.

    Emma and Breeze will definitely make it in WWE, given the right storylines and booking. HHH as "Connecticut Blueblood" was okay, Fandango is as well (his concussion really kill his momentum off). So I can't see why Emma and Breeze can be a success. Different cities react differently to certain wrestlers I guess. Example; Ziggler gets a massive pops (even when he was a heel) in NY, but get luke warm reception in other cities.

    Thanks or sharing the video. Appreciate it! A fan of Randy Savage, I reckon?

    P/S:Your question need deep analysis, so yeah, I can't answer you there and there. :P

  • Dan Riaz posted 1576 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    Yeah, I comment too much XD

  • Matt Rogers posted 1579 days ago

    Matt Rogers

    Yeah, I would love that. Sting can still go in the ring, no question about that, and so can Undertaker. It would be fantastic. Who would you like to see win the WWE title at Battleground.

  • Matt Rogers posted 1579 days ago

    Matt Rogers

    Not sexist at all. I agree. She doesn't really seem to contribute much to the programming. She is supposed to be the Vince McMahon of TNA, but it doesn't really seem like she is even in charge. I guess we will be seeing her a lot more though during this Autumn of AJ storyline( Or at least that's what I call it)

  • Matt Rogers posted 1579 days ago

    Matt Rogers

    I'm thinking so too. I'm honestly just sick of him trying to talk down to me.

  • Nicole posted 1580 days ago


    hahah i dont have a kane mask!

  • . posted 1580 days ago


    Well do ;)