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  • Rise Up posted 1553 days ago

    Rise Up

    RISE UP BRO this indian seahog fan is just a big mouth talker that came from no where

  • AJ Singh posted 1553 days ago

    AJ Singh

    Oh so you played football too? What position? Left bench? HAHAHA you're not fucking special just because you played, I just finished my 3rd season as a Defensive Back, WR, and HB. Think of me as the Dexter Mccluster(you probably don't even know who he is because the Falcons consume your life) of the team. I ran a 4.68 and benched 230. So yeah I'm hardly the pushover bro and If anyone's the little prick here, it's you for starting all this shit on my profile. I am four times the man because I don't look for fights the way you do. If I had to, I would easily knock your old ass out bitch don't even kid yourself here. You have no balls to show your ugly face on your profile anyways, pussy.

    You were proclaiming loudly that the Saints won't do squat, even with Payton back. Yeah, we all saw how that went homer. Even when matched up against the worst defense in the league, you still couldn't come up with a win. That's what happens when you underestimate a team in the first game. You don't know how they changed since last year. Also, remember how you said that Atlanta's defense wouldn't have too many problems? I'm pretty sure allowing 357 yards and 2 TD's is the equivalent of getting raped. No matter how good your offense is, you're going nowhere if your defense can't even stop an ant from scoring a touchdown. See how that worked out for Green Bay?

    "And playing a season opener on the road against a divisional foe is not as easy as you think fool." I sense butthurt!! If it wasn't so easy in the first place, why the hell were you saying this then? "Sean Payton doesn't make Saints better than us." YEAH APPARENTLY HE DID MORON. Think before you speak you fucking tool.

    Yeah I admit that Marshawn Lynch had a tough day, but Seattle was resilient and effective when they had to pass. 25/33 and a TD against an underrated defense is pretty good. Yeah they struggled, but they came back to win it. Plus, the defense was able to shut down Cam and only gave up 16/23 and 1 TD passing. The running game for Carolina was great, but take that with a grain of salt because we were playing 2nd and 3rd stringers on the D-line due to injuries.

    What you consider fact, I consider opinion. You actually believe that this "Atlanta teams>Seattle teams and Seattle will go back to sucking in a few years" is fact. WOW you are stupider than I previously presumed. There's nothing concrete in what you say and you can deny my arguments all you want, you can live in ignorance all you want, Hell you can deny the fact that you have no originality when it comes to insults. At the end of the day, what happens on November 10 will count. Now get the fuck away from me faggot.

  • AJ Singh posted 1559 days ago

    AJ Singh

    Are better.

  • Matt Rogers posted 1559 days ago

    Matt Rogers

    What's up? Who are you?

  • atlanta da kingzz posted 1559 days ago

    atlanta da kingzz


  • AJ Singh posted 1561 days ago

    AJ Singh


  • Jayson Caldwell posted 1561 days ago

    Jayson Caldwell

    Who are you?