A former editor of VictoryBellRings.com, Tim has been covering Penn State football for more than two years for various media outlets including PennLive.com and the Centre County Gazette. On Sundays in the fall, he can be found crying in front of the television while suffering through another Cleveland Browns loss.

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  • Tim Tolley posted 1379 days ago

    Tim Tolley

    James, I'm not sure what "PG" stands for but you're right. He apparently started spring camp at 321 lbs. That's not huge for his 6'8" frame but it's hardly small. I had a much smaller number that I was referencing.

    Here's an updated list of the players' heights and weights. http://www.pennlive.com/pennstatefootball/index.ssf/2014/03/by_the_numbers_how_do_the_nitt.html

  • Tim Tolley posted 1379 days ago

    Tim Tolley

    Here's where I got my numbers, Ted: http://www.cfbstats.com/2013/player/539/1041129/index.html

  • Ted Bachman posted 1381 days ago

    Ted Bachman

    In your 4/2 article about DEs at PSU, the write-up doesn’t agree with the stats chart regarding Barnes TFLs and Sacks. Which is correct? Thanks.

  • james purcell posted 1391 days ago

    james purcell

    you're missing it Tim…Chasz is PG, not juco and he comes in around 300lbs

  • Rob Vee posted 1584 days ago

    Rob Vee

    Thanks for the advice, it has helped my site quite a bit. I was normally using my Nittany Talk Instagram Account to drive traffic to the site but it was not as effective as using twitter. Thanks again!

  • Rob Vee posted 1593 days ago

    Rob Vee

    Love your work Tim, Welcome to BR! Any chance you could check out my PSU Football website at nittanytalk.webs.com and tell me what you think? I am a High School student aspiring to study in the field of Journalism. It would mean a lot. Thanks in advance.

  • Daniel Lehmann posted 1594 days ago

    Daniel Lehmann

    I have enjoyed your first couple articles. It's always good to have fresh perspectives. Why is it that Steven Bench is one of your favorite athletes?

  • Andrew Coppens posted 1595 days ago

    Andrew Coppens

    Welcome to b/r and good luck. Happy to have you on the PSU side of things. Hopefully we can work together at some point!