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  • Carl Eriksson posted 1401 days ago

    Carl  Eriksson

    With popularity of Bundesliga increasing the players are more important,Goetze and Lewandowski would leave Bundesliga had it not been for Bayern. I didn't see popularity of La Liga drop with Barca winning 4 out of last 5 leagues or it being a Real Barca show since Benitez won it with Valencia. Neither did I see Bundesliga soaring in popularity in 2004 and no one cared that Bayern bought Bremen's title winning CB. Fox just signed a massive deal for distribution in US taking over Gol TV. You obviously liked to watch BVB when they had Bayern's number but like I said we are powerful all over Europe. Leverkusen learnt it by blocking Vidal and Bender we bought Javi Martinez. Even if by some miracle Lewandowski would have stayed we would have bought Luis Suarez and walk all over BVB. Stars alone don't make a team,I can argue ever Madrid coach has it on a platter,why no CLs not even a final since 2002 then? Not even Bayern can manage Beckham,Makele,Ronaldo,Nistelrooy,Zidane,Figo,Raul,Casillas,Owen and not win the CL. Saying things are on a platter is very easy,doing the work is much tougher.

  • Carl Eriksson posted 1403 days ago

    Carl  Eriksson

    Like I said before Bayern are ahead of the rest of the teams in Bundesliga and Europe and have been building a long term project for a while ,they retained all their stars including Lahm,Schewinstiger,Ribery when more expensive bids came in which other teams don't and are a treble winning side, Bayern would be ahead of the curb in most of the leagues but that is because they have earned it,however competition is still better if you compare with EPL, since the inception of EPL(modern format) Manchester United have won 13 titles out of 21 doing a 3 peat Thrice!!!! It doesn't get more one sided than that, not even Bayern,Juve,Barca or madrid have managed a three peat thrice in modern era and this despite strong private players unlike Bundesliga where private ownership is not allowed by law. How do you explain that? You won't see clubs like Chelsea or City in Bundesliga where money poured in can change fortunes overnight hence clubs have to build long term blue print for success,since Bayern already did that they enjoy the fruits while others play catch up. BVB tried to do that and were traditionally the big spenders of Bundesliga which is why they went bankrupt

  • Carl Eriksson posted 1404 days ago

    Carl  Eriksson

    The day a team with Wolfsburg or Stuttgart or Bremen's budget wins EPL come back and discuss about competitiveness,last time that happened in England it was with Blackburn Rovers in mid 90s and Wolfsburg was 2009.

  • Carl Eriksson posted 1404 days ago

    Carl  Eriksson

    In the end they were defending champions,fact that even today Chelsea ran riot over United shows the poor quality of teams and this is the defending champions of England,never have defending champions of Germany played this bad. Arsenal were table toppers when they received a thrashing by City. If you watched the BVB match,it was 1-0 till 83 min showing a far more competitive fixture than today Chelsea finishing off United by 50 odd mins at 3-0. Your argument doesn't hold water as that was the same thing which happened to City vs United match was over long ago and United got a consolation goal. My point is Bundesliga is as competitive because in EPL i have not see in past 20 yrs the 2nd place team and CL finalists losing to every single team in top 6 with 3 defeats at home. That won't happen in EPL because of the money and private ownership. Bundesliga despite not having private funds competes with the top teams.Bayern being ahead of the curve is true for Europe as well, last year I saw champions of Italy and Spain ship 11 goals in 4 games that is nearly three goals a game,while VFB Stuttgart score 2 past Bayern in German Cup and anyone who saw the game knows they could have equalized and BVB provided the most competition in CL. Shows the true quality of Bundesliga

  • Carl Eriksson posted 1405 days ago

    Carl  Eriksson

    Using abusive language doesn't strengthen your case because Bayern would be ahead of most teams in any league and I follow EPL quite a bit, I pointed out the obvious where you used socrelines to determine competitiveness of a game. When you have been proven wrong learn to accept it or come with counter arguments which suit the tone of the debate. I don't want to waste time on delusional kids who get their panties in a wad when their arguments are debunked.

  • Laura Greene posted 1413 days ago

    Laura Greene

    Thanks a lot, William! I appreciate you taking the time to check it out. That sounds like a great idea, will pitch it to my editors :-)

  • Dave Kuhn posted 1443 days ago

    Dave Kuhn

    You brought up Gotze vs Neymar, but are you aware of the fact that BOTH of them have 3 goals this Champons League? But the thing is, Gotze has played in only 3 games so far and scored in every one. Neymar might have scored 3 against one weak side, but he played TWICE as many games as Gotze has and yet Gotze has the same number of goals. Neymar has played in 6 games in this CL and yet he didn't score once until they came up against a really bad Celtic side. Not trying to knock Neymar, but I'm just pointing out that all these people are now acting like Neymar is better than Gotze just because he scored a hat trick against a really weak team. Gotze still has the better goals per game ratio AND the same number of goals.

    Not only that, but Gotze's 3 goals were most definitely more impressive too. Look for yourself:

    This goal against CSKA was arguably the best solo goal of the tournament so far. See that one here:

    And Gotze's goal against Plzen was also incredible. Look how brilliant his positioning is, then the first touch and finish are also world class. This is almost like a slam dunk goal.

    Here's Gotze's goal against City.

  • Dan Riaz posted 1521 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    Hey dude, sorry for the late reply.

    Nope, not happy with Fellani. Yaya basically was like, "Fellani... prepare your anus" last sunday.

  • Michael Cerna posted 1523 days ago

    Michael Cerna

    Hi Will! The trip went very well, thanks! I was able to catch some highlights and Atleti looked pretty great, especially in the second half. I hope we can keep this up!

    Crazy loss for Chelsea and even crazier that Mourinho has now said that Mata will have to earn his start and then adapt to Oscar. I'd gladly welcome him at Atleti. :-)

    I think I'll be able to catch the next rounds of matches, but thanks SO much for updating me! Sounds like there were a lot of surprises and not as many close matches as I expected. I'm sure we're in for a lot of upsets. Cheers!

  • P D posted 1524 days ago

    P D

    Ok I sent you the invite :-)