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Matt Konkle


My name is Matt Konkle and I'm over a year removed from college. I graduated UDel with a Biology degree, but I'm aspiring to become a sports journalist, or more specifically, Mel Kiper Jr.'s protege. I bleed the green and gold of the Green Bay Packers and having lived in Wisconsin for the earliest 7 years of my life, I will always remain true to my roots. I'm trying to get my start with a local newspaper, and hopefully from there, in years time, I will ascend to the upper ranks of the sports journalism community, ultimately with ESPN or the NFL Network. This would be the ideal career for me and a dream come true, and I will do what it takes to achieve that lofty but attainable goal.

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  • Matt Konkle posted 1733 days ago

    Matt Konkle

    So here is my mock for the 2013 NFL draft, verrrry rough and uneditted. Of course I wait to the last second to do everything but here we go:

    Picks 1-3, gotta be the top three tackles. They are the best players available, everyone loves them, everyone wants one of them, they gotta go top three. Lane Johnson will be the third going to Oakland, but it's a toss up between Jockel and Fisher. I say Fisher goes to KC and Jockel to Jax, but that's just a complete guess. Fisher more upside, so why not go him.

    Eagles, switching to the 3-4, and heck, Kelly is coaching there, so let's get them Dion Jordan from his old stomping grounds. Perfect fit for a 3-4, he's a heck of a pass rusher and can drop and cover, so really makes all kinds of sense, unless they think they can find someone serviceable later. But if you can get a gamebreaker, get him.

    Detroit well, could go the corner Millner, I dunno though. The draft is deep at corner and Ansah could be a boom! Putting him on that dline with all that talent they have, could be a terror. Buuuut, Lions have needed a corner for ages and ages, and they have not a one, so let's go Millner. Lock it up.

    Cleveland at 6, hearing they could go QB, riiiiight after last year going QB in the first, are you kdding me??? Stop that. They got a heck of a player in Richardson, so why not help that guy out? Get Warmack, and run the ball down their division's throat. They could really take control with the best run game in the division, so strengthen that and make it so, with Warmack.

    Arizona, rumors they wanted one of those tackles, but hey, why not interior? Yes, this could sound crazy but, let's go Cooper with 'Zona. That's right, back to back guards to follow up the tackles going 1, 2, 3. Wow, five lineman in the first 7 picks. Unreal.

    Now Buffalo, they could use a QB, they really could. Why even sign Kolb? Ok maybe as a buffer to the guy that will actually be QBing there eventually, I get that. So, make it Geno Smith here. It's a copy cat league, and with him and Spiller running the option, good things could come to Buffalo, finally.

    Jets should go Tavon Austin to try to shoot some life into that offense. Maybe they can get creative with him and utilize him all over the formation and on special teams, but man, do they need a lot of help. Yes, get Austin, please.

    Titans could've used one of those guards, but instead they get Floyd falling to them, so they snatch him up and throw him in the dline rotation from day one. Can't complain with a top DT prospect like Floyd.

    Chargers at 11 go Fluker from 'Bama to help the run game and give Mathews someone to run behind if he stops breaking his collarbone.

    Miami sounds like they'll deal for Albert from the Chiefs, so they go Rhodes to replace their losses in the secondary (they lost people, right?)

    Jets again, they are lucky to see Mingo still on the board, and snatch him up to give Rex something after taking Revis away.

    Panthers have needed a DT for a long time, so giving them Richardson from the Mizz.

    Saints switching to a 3-4 too? Perfect for them, they get Jarvis Jones.

    Rams want Vaccarro, here they land him. They've needed a safety for a while.

    Steelers get Patterson to replace the explosion they got from Mike Wallace.

    Cowboys juuuust miss on Vaccarro, so they go get Reid from LSU because they've neglected the safety position for years.

    Giants are lucky Eifert falls to them, having a need for a TE after Bennett left. Sick for them, I might have to come back an edit that pick because it's too good to be true.

    Da Bears at 20, yea Urlacher is gone, so why not with Te'o? Well, they don't and instead they go Elam, the hard-hitting Florida safety to give that back end some bite.

    Bengals can go anywhere, best player, and they might just be Star at this point. Kinda forgot about him, but the Bengals didn't!

    The Rams get Allen from Cal to help give Bradford and reliable target. He could use a few of those.

    The Vikes go Te'o, fill a void.

    Indy gets Hopkins to give Luck a solid possession receiver.

    Vikes get on the WR train and snatch up Hunter to give Ponder a perimeter guy.

    The PACK get Lacy and finally have a run game or figure out they can't run the ball, ever. Either way, this pick has to happen. Have to go RB high.

    Houston snatches up Woods as possibly the last WR to go in the first. While there aren't a whole lotta RB prospects, the draft is rich in WRs.

    Denver lands Williams from UNC as the DTs continue to fall.

    NE grabs Werner to bolster their dline.

    ATL is happy Trufant is there to nab as they need some coverage help.

    SF can go wherever they bloody please because they're stacked, but they go Margus Hunt to possibly replace Justin Smith one day.

    And the Champs go Watson to help with that oline and protect the richest-paid player in the NFL...for now.

    I'll probably, hopefully swing through and edit this later, and find out how to post the dang thing on B/R since the website is all new and confusing and well, I'm lost.


  • John Vetsch posted 3058 days ago

    John Vetsch

    2009 NFL Season Projections

  • Jersey Al Bracco posted 3160 days ago

    Jersey Al Bracco

    Some news for Packer fans:

  • Scotty Kimberly posted 3203 days ago

    Scotty Kimberly

    This year Remember the Sonics is hosting its first ever "Mock Draft Challenge!"

    The Mock Draft Challenge is a competition where experts, analysts, and bloggers alike can enter their mock draft to win a first-place prize package and one year's worth of bragging rights.

    Check out all the details at:

    The Entry Deadline is April 24 so post your name on the board and start polishing your final mock draft!

    Don't just say your mock draft is the best... Prove it.

    Scotty Kimberly
    --RTS Editor--

  • Jersey Al Bracco posted 3203 days ago

    Jersey Al Bracco

    Packers Community leaders have a Packers daft pick contest going. Here are the details:

  • John Louie Ramos posted 3241 days ago

    John Louie Ramos


    I would love it if you checked out my latest article, I hope that it gives us all the much needed inspiration.

    "The cradles of eminence part2, the triumph of the human spirit"


    PS: I like the profile picture.. pokemon my favorite when I was at fourth grade..

  • Old Account posted 3241 days ago

    Old Account

    Hey Matt,

    Would like to know what you think about my latest article involving the hype of Louisville. I, for a fact, have something to say about that.

  • Jersey Al Bracco posted 3269 days ago

    Jersey Al Bracco

    Some Brett Humor:

  • Ryan Michael posted 3274 days ago

    Ryan Michael

    This might be the most interesting article I've written to date. Did you know that from 1960 to 1969 the NFL held a "Playoff Bowl" pinning the runners-up from each Conference in a game to determine the 3rd place team of the NFL?

    The entire history is right here...

    I'm trying really hard to win the POTD with this and have already managed to earn a few votes, hopefully I'll earn yours as well.

    Hope you enjoy,
    -Ryan Michael

  • Jersey Al Bracco posted 3282 days ago

    Jersey Al Bracco

    Care to weigh in on this?