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Ben Kercheval comes to Bleacher Report after spending three years with College Football Talk and NBCSports. Having lived in multiple college towns over the years, the collegiate game holds an extra special place in Ben's heart just to the left of the space reserved for Mila Kunis but right below the spot set aside for terrible pop music. Also, he watches "The Bachelor" and, no, he doesn't have a man card for you to take.

You can reach Ben on his Twitter account @BenKercheval.

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  • bobby boutt'che posted 45 days ago

    bobby  boutt'che

    Ben YOU'RE a "featured columnist"? Featured for what being horrible? Ben, your parents should be ashamed, you sell your soul to the devil to get views and its pretty god damn sad and pathetic. If you had an ounce of journalistic integrity you'd make the tiniest attempt to allow your writing skills to stand alone but you dont have enough confidence to do so. Which is why you constantly use LIES and bullshit propaganda to attract readers.
    If this is who you are BEN, go sell used cars you could probably double your income received from this rag to at least $35k per year.

  • J D posted 80 days ago

    J D

    I am not in the least a TCU fan, but thanks for the recognition that they may be the best Team in the land. Oregon and OSU are great an worthy teams, but TCU was left out and so was 27 other Teams in a Denied 32 Team playoff. I will Boycott the Puny Sterile Championship Game as wrong, dishonorable, and a Bit Silly. The 4 team teacup monstrosity won't last long. Even the Age old poll votes with split champs was more honest. Thanks 4 your belated recognition of a decent Team. By the way I am a die hared Texas fan and have the decency and honesty to recognize quality in another team.
    Texas is Headless, no QB for about 6 long years, and I am puzzled as to why. Strong has a Top defense, but no offense. Go figure it. Maybe you could do a report on Texas QBs.
    Thanks for listening. Why does not BR have a Twitter Connection. I am @Johndavisnearby on Twitter and write daily beautiful Poems. Believe it or not!

  • J D posted 80 days ago

    J D

    BEN. YOU WRITE WELL, sOUND GOOD, the Tempest in a Teacup 4 Team playoff is a monster in plain sight. Took a child to see the Emperor was naked in the age old tale of the Emperors new Suit.
    TCU is simply the best team in the country and was left out. They are the True uncrowned Champ.
    The NFL with only 32 team has a twelve team Playoff. Take that away and a lot of fans would be demanding the "head" of clueless writers in love with the sound of their own voices.
    In an 8 or 16 team playoff. Who knows the winners. Ohio state and Oregan deserve to be there. But 32 Teams is best and includes all the late comers and improved Teams that deserve to be there.
    Does it take a lawsuit. Congress. Wake up and smell the Roses of a magnificent Real college playoff. Bringing $billions in tourism, ticket and clothing sales.
    The 4 team is dishonest, a sham, and delivers Nothing but the greed of certain LORDS of College football at the expense of doting but somewhat giddy fans.

  • Tayler Beeson posted 110 days ago

    Tayler Beeson

    Wanna place a bet on USC vs. Nebraska in the Holiday Bowl? I'll take Nebraska. Loser posts a shout-out to the other on Twitter. Deal?

  • Ryan Bobo posted 110 days ago

    Ryan Bobo

    In your CFB Bowl Predictions you stated Marshall was one win away from an undefeated season. Nov 28 Marshall lost to WKU in a crazy 67-66 OT thriller.

  • e l posted 110 days ago

    e l

    But that's not why I came here. Ben, wanna bet on FSU v Oregon?

  • e l posted 110 days ago

    e l

    The fellow below defending Paterno can't be serious. Read the manuscript from the inquiry. Paterno got better than he deserved.

  • Tom Long posted 122 days ago

    Tom Long

    Ben you are pathetic, you had to write another article to defend your writing, now when the play off rank come out, you had to delete it. I feel bad for you. at first, I thought it's just my personal opinion, but after read some comment below your profile, man, you are the worst writer in BR. I don't know how you get to the job, but I bet I know lots writer better than you, and fair than you.

  • Tom Long posted 125 days ago

    Tom Long

    Writter Ben Kercheval facebook page,

  • Jim R posted 125 days ago

    Jim R

    This guy do not deserve work at Bleach report