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Troy Alessi


I am a Media Specialist, born and raised in Sunny California. In 2003, I was a Member of the Colfax High School Sac-Juaquin Section High School Championship Basketball and Football teams (WR/PF). We were also California High School Division IV Men's Basketball State Tournament Semi-Finalists that year. I am a Graduate of UC Santa Barbara with a degree in Film & Media Studies. I aspire to be the Next Clint Eastwood. I currently work a day job as a Project Manager for a Solar Company. I am a homestate Lakers fan, and displaced Dallas Cowboys fan. I am a "food for thought" kind of writer who seeks to instigate discussions rather feuds.

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  • DARK KUSH posted 2834 days ago


    Hey man, sorry i didn't see your reply back until now. dunno how i missed it... i'm a raiders fan too so i read and comment on a lot of articles, B/R is huge with the raiders, crazy right? they suck ass and there fan base is as big, if not bigger than the raiders... i still dont get it.
    so, thus the name DARK KUSH... :P i live in oakland so i know ALL ABOUT THE GDP and all sorts of grapes ALL DAY BABY WOOOOO :) i have some OG KUSH sittin right in front of me.. just licked up a blunt muahaha!! you write some good articles, i'll be there commenting son!

    Roy has issues, but i really do still hold out for him this year... for a #2 receiver, his numbers werent TERRIBLE... they are just half of what is to be expected from a man getting paid that much.. and for the simple fact that dumbass JJ gave up an entire draft for the man.... that's not his fault... one thing is for sure, Roy is good in the redzone... he snags those balls when he has to ONLY IN THE ENDZONE!!! anywhere else, well, he needs to work on that..

    if he comes to camp and works with romo all the way through preseason, showing his route running skills are better and he quites being the little punkrock bitch that he is sometimes when it comes to catching balls up the middle, then we will see a 1000 yard 8+ TD season from the kid, PERIOD. :P

    well imma torch this bad boy,