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Alfred Konuwa is a Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report. He hosts the popular web series WWE WTF and Raw Review for B/R Video.

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  • Ok, I think that the Erick Rowan video was a deliberate heel move and is perhaps your way to satisfy your childhood dream of being a pro wrestler by "working the crowd", but it is possibly the most ridiculous thing I have ever watched, so I need to make sure this message gets to you.

    You say that we can't pick top stars, but besides Bryan and Punk, can you name anyone that has actually risen to main event status in the past few years and stayed there? Let's look at people who WWE has tried to push down our throats. Del Rio? Gone. Sheamus? Midcard. Ryback? Who knows. Tensai? Commentating NXT. And how about the newer IWC darlings, Rollins and Ambrose, who are the best thing going and about to main event a PPV? What about signings like Zayn, Neville, Kenta, Balor, Steen, basically people we liked?

    Also, what does Daniel Bryan getting injured have to do with our ability to pick stars? His career isn't over, he's gonna come back and main event for years to come. Again, for your sake, I hope you don't really believe any of this crap and are just trying to troll us.

  • That Guy posted 58 days ago

    That  Guy

    Really. Start those videos back up.

  • Robert Caines posted 59 days ago

    Robert Caines

    What happened to the, very entertaining, videos that you once did for the site? It was always fun to see you or you and Labar going back and forth over the WWE's hottest topics. Can we bring back the Big Nasty videos? If you are still doing the videos can you help me find them.

  • Matt Spears posted 72 days ago

    Matt Spears

    Brilliant, maybe, but it looks like we got the next best thing:

  • Potato posted 103 days ago


    Hey I don't know if you look at messages here but I really wanted to know your take on a video I came across (I'll link it in a sec). With Brie's upcoming match, there's been a lot of negativity, but that's nothing new, I feel like people hate to hate without the receipts. Whilst, on the flip side, certain other's get a free pass. Normally your articles get people thinking and talking so I wanted you to have a look, then maybe write about it giving your 2 cents as an editorial or something. < just to add, I don't 100% agree with the title, but I do believe AJ Lee is raised all the way up by fans whilst The Bella's are talked all the way down. It reminds me of your CM Punk article, why are we so biased?

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  • Brian Andrea posted 236 days ago

    Brian Andrea

    Keep up the good work! Go Pack go!

  • Jamel Watson posted 249 days ago

    Jamel Watson

    I seem to be one of the few people to enjoy your articles and be entertained by your videos, keep it up man!

  • Ben Romero posted 280 days ago

    Ben Romero

    Just read your article from last year on Buff Bagwell. Great read, he truly was the best that never was. Though, that isn't a tribal tattoo on his arm lol, its a rope tied in a knot (which might actually be worse). Still, wonder why he never got the push he deserved in WCW. Good writing!

  • Brandon Walker posted 285 days ago

    Brandon Walker

    Your articles are too nasty. Come on WWE is supposed to be PG! Just kidding, love your work.

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