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  • j l posted 70 days ago

    j l

    Another article playing the race card against WWE, what a shocker

  • Zachary Ortiz posted 130 days ago

    Zachary Ortiz

    Looks like you were wrong like you always are, asshole! Owens won against Cena! He's not getting buried like you stupidly hoped he would!

  • Hector Cross posted 151 days ago

    Hector Cross

    Look, even though you're not a fan of someone, it's your job to acknowledge something when it's worth acknowledging and criticizing something only when it's worth criticizing. You and your biases are very transparent, and hey, nothing personal against you or anything of the sort, but as a "featured columnist," it is of top priority for you to logically, rationally, and without bias present arguments for what you believe to be true in order for your opinions to hold water. Have a nice day, and I'm looking forward to reading more of your improved articles. :)

  • Dan Riaz posted 171 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    RIP Big Nasty?

  • Chanandler Bong posted 198 days ago

    Chanandler Bong

    Thank you for not being a fan of Dean Ambrose. I don't understand why everyone loves him, but he is awkward and weird. Would make a much better heel

  • Mark O'Brien posted 232 days ago

    Mark O'Brien

    I can 1 hundred percent see sheamus costing daniel bryan this sunday. that was their original plan for mania with them two. im convinced thats what is going to happen, especially with the sheamus returns promos

  • The Doctor Chris Mueller posted 240 days ago

    The Doctor Chris Mueller

    Hey man. Are you not doing videos anymore? Haven't seen one in awhile and I always enjoyed them.

  • Terrie Coleman posted 242 days ago

    Terrie Coleman

    Would like to see you do an article on your thoughts about Chyna one day getting into the WWE Hall of Fame.

  • Tae Day posted 250 days ago

    Tae Day

    Can we get a NXT power rankings.

  • Kuro SawasGhost posted 270 days ago

    Kuro SawasGhost

    Only problem is that NODODY wants Reigns to win the Rumble, not yet...he is being pushed too fast. Bryan lost his title due to injury and is still one of the most popular wrestlers on the roster. Bryan deserves to win and get a shot at Wrestlemania....Reigns has "it" and will eventually get over, but he gets no crowd reaction now, and if he wins the rumble he will be an instant heel (Boo Tista anyone?) WWE knows this, and Meltzer is probably right....Bryan wins. Reigns will have his time.