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I'm a veteran sportswriter who has spent 13 years covering the Big 10, ACC and SEC for newspapers in the South and Midwest. I've focused on Alabama, Clemson and Wisconsin at various points in my career and have expertise in college football, basketball and baseball and have covered numerous other sports.
In 2000, I covered University of Wisconsin football for the Dubuque (Ia.) Telegraph Herald.
From 2001-05, I covered the ups and downs of University of Alabama athletics for the late, great Birmingham Post-Herald. When the Post-Herald folded in September 2005, I moved to South Carolina and covered Clemson University athletics for the Anderson Independent Mail. I spent seven-plus years with the Independent Mail and continue to cover Clemson sports, including now for Bleacher Report. I have won numerous state and national awards for my writing and look forward to sharing my expertise with you.

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  • Andrew Bauer posted 14 days ago

    Andrew Bauer

    I was just wondering what it is like to have no idea what the hell you are talking about. Picking Wisconsin as the reason the Big Ten doesn't deserve a spot in the playoff is the dumbest comment ever. Ohio State lost to VT, I get it, but they will play a top 7 Michigan State team and then have the possibility of playing them or a 1 loss Nebraska in the big ten title game. These would be marquee wins late in the season that can not be ignored. It is not where you start it is where you finish.

  • Rick Blankenship posted 102 days ago

    Rick Blankenship

    Greg, where you unable to find any African-American assistants who would be considered as HCs next year. I personally know two who turned opportunities to coach Division I Schools last year. Has your South Carolina stay colored your view of talent? Ask Louisville if they think they are better off this year, than last year.

  • J D posted 181 days ago

    J D

    You write well, but this article on the irrelevance of Spring Games is an eye catcher but totally lacking in merit. Football survives because Fans love it and not because of the Writers. God bless the writers, they sweat, struggle and bring a picture back to us, the fans, that we might otherwise miss. And you are a skilled, well versed writer of depth of knowledge and artful prose.
    I watched 'My' spring game Saturday . and was thrilled at seeing new players, a new Coach etc. Sure the 1st Team plays the second defense and so on. But the young players learn. the fans come away with a sketchy idea about the 2014 challenge for their BELOVED team.
    And no no other teams involved. With NCAA regulations limiting Teams to 15 spring practices., coaches are happy to please the die hard fans, learn something about their new starting and backup players and Yet Hide from the All Spying Eye of Opponent scouts some of the secrets they, the coaches want to hold back. Maybe you should argue the opposite view of how much marvelous Fun these games really are to the home crowd. Thanks. Keep up the great writing.

    Oh I liked your article on the 10 most perilous upsets for games this fall. One disagreement . Watch out for Oklahoma State vs Florida State. Never write the cowboys off. And no. I am not one of their fans. Also you give up too easily on Notre Dame. These are two Sleeper Teams. Or I bow my head in mock shame. Have fun.!!!

  • geoff hardeman posted 346 days ago

    geoff hardeman

    Grammatical curiosity... You used 'pair' in the singular in the recent tajh article, wherein the 'pair' referred to distinct individuals. I was taught (undergrad, Clemson) that in such a case, 'pair' should be treated as plural. Again, this is curiosity, not criticism.

  • FEAR THA SPEAR posted 366 days ago


    FSU FSU FSU FSU FSU FSU FSU I read all of your articles. That's all im a say is FSU FSU FSU FSU! Thanks for hyping these Clemson fans up they needs something to feel good about because they just got beat down! GO NOLES!

  • Will Baldwin posted 399 days ago

    Will Baldwin

    Great points Greg in "What Clemson Can Learn from Its Last Trip to N.C. State" article , you continue to impress me with your writing style and clear points. Can't tell you how pleased I am your one of Clemson's main writers.