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  • Abz posted 1517 days ago


    Great pic.

  • Alan Neal posted 1568 days ago

    Alan Neal

    I can't complain about our season so far, seeing as we're joint first, but other than Man United we haven't really played any good teams, and our 2nd half performances are worrisome. I guess we'll have to see when Johnson and Coutinho are both back, as they would be two crucial parts to the current formation. I'm loving our Centre halves. Last season it seemed like Agger was the only cb who was "untouchable" in the side. He's started the last two games on the bench, which just shows you the change from 2012-13. Toure is imperious, especially considering we got him on a free, and Sakho looks promising. Sturridge is proving some of his doubters wrong. In the window, we need a new DM, and maybe a top Left-back if Cissokho doesn't show signs of replacing Enrique, who is an absolute terror to watch, he gives me a heart-attack every time he has the ball. Henderson played exceptionally well vs Palace. If he can keep the standard against higher quality opposition, we might not need a DM.

  • Alan Neal posted 1572 days ago

    Alan Neal

    Yes, I had 2 older brothers who would always win one over me one way or another. When they brought football into it, I naturally chose the opposite in an attempt to win. I agree that it's nice seeing some local fans, as some of the foreign ones can be particularly ignorant. At the same time, some of them are very loyal. Being born in Liverpool, my only options for a team were Liverpool or Everton, but foreign fans have a host of options, so it's nice to see that some of them still find their way up north.

    How's the season treating you? Undefeated start for the toffees. I was actually at the Newcastle game at Goodison (my missus and her family are all blue), and it was a good game from a neutral perspective. Centrebacks don't impress me, but the full-backs (not just Baines but Coleman) are flying. Also, Barkley seems to be ubiquitous and really showcases the talent this city holds. I hope he stays at Everton, instead of going to Manchester like Rooney did. I don't like Lukaku. I think he's a monster of a player, unplayable at most times, but I don't like that he's only on loan.

  • Alan Neal posted 1573 days ago

    Alan Neal

    Hey Alex,

    I wanted to drop in and say hi. I noticed you're from Liverpool, and I thought I'd say hi to a fellow Liverpudlian. I too live in Liverpool, although my allegiances are across Stanley Park in Anfield.

  • Sam Tighe posted 1575 days ago

    Sam Tighe

    Hi Alex,

    It's pretty common for media outlets to release the Team of the Week on Sundays even if there's a MNF game. Most papers do it and we do too, though I try and go back in and edit to allow for the MNF game if there are serious impressers—which i'll do today.

    B/R want it done on Sundays, so that's my timeslot for it. I think i'll add Coleman in for Bacuna, but leave Lukaku out for this week (not by much at all). Barkley would be a consideration, but the CMs were so strong this week too.

    He'll be rising again in my PL player power rankings though, I adore the kid.

  • Matt Cheetham posted 1615 days ago

    Matt Cheetham

    Hey Alex. I'm a freelancer and sadly only have time for the designated titles B/R give me. That wasn't on my list this week but I'm always happy to discuss Everton!

    I was delighted by the threat going forward against Norwich, if a little concerned at the back. Having first watched Barkley when he was 16, I'm absolutely delighted he's now fully announced himself. I look forward to watching him closely this season. Despite being in control of most of the first half, I felt Everton could have perhaps been a little more adventurous in their passing, and gambled a bit more in the final third. That said, it's a decent start for Martinez. Roll on next weekend.

    Those '6 Things We Learned' titles are always my favourite, so I will hopefully pick up a fair few of them over the season!