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A die hard Clemson fan, high school wrestler, hard working honor student and an educated Christian.

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  • FEAR THA SPEAR posted 84 days ago



  • Edgar Winter posted 199 days ago

    Edgar Winter

    Final AP poll is out and we're 4 while y'all are 8. Pretty much throws out the window your stupidity about how you "think it is obvious that Clemson, when not playing Scar, is a better team than Scar, and voters realized that." Have fun watching your team fall back into mediocrity without the vast majority of its firepower, and the OC whose coattails Dabo has made a career of riding following them soon after.

  • FEAR THA SPEAR posted 278 days ago


    I TOLD YOU SO! GO NOLES! BIG GAME HOSTILE ENVIORNMENT MEANS NOTHING! I'm not gonna brag because it's like an adult beating up a 6 year old it's pointless. You guys were never on our level when were an elite team. You guys were given victories from Bobby trying to help his son keep his job. It took FSU to be really down for you guys to have some kind of success. FSU is superior to clemsux and are undefeated when we met as top 10 teams 3 and 0! GO NOLES! Your lil clemsux buddies i'm coming after each and every one of them.

  • FEAR THA SPEAR posted 285 days ago


    Hey Will I actually took the time to read your profile, didn't know you were Christian. That's on thing we can agree on. No matter what was said between FSU/Clemson talk between me and you, man we are on the same side for JESUS. That's how you know JESUS is great because his spirit can bring a rival together lol, even though to the world that means nothing, we all know football is a powerful separation because people fight over this stuff. JESUS is great bro, keep reppin I'm wit ya on that real talk! GO NOLES/tigers for JESUS!

  • FEAR THA SPEAR posted 285 days ago


    By the way will you said weeee toooo deep is that from a song? If so, I believe I heard that song if not then nevermind just curious!

  • FEAR THA SPEAR posted 285 days ago


    Hello, will,

    Still feel like BC ain't competition =) Looks like your team struggled out there. Check out my latest post, I am only talking to you and ignoring your fanbase. They don't know we seem to have patched up any differences. I ask you alert them and if they still continue to post ignorance then that's them. GO NOLES!

  • FEAR THA SPEAR posted 287 days ago


    Hello Will, I have spoken on your page and yes let's talk football. Please visit your newest updated clemson page. The title I believe is something about having new weapons on your team. GO NOLES!

  • FEAR THA SPEAR posted 289 days ago


    @Will: @Will

    Why do you keep saying FSU hasn't beat uf since they were ranked since 06. Dude it's a rivalry game rankings don't mean nothing. We beat uf last 2 of 3 meetings, when is last time yall beat scar? Stop using another school to try and justify your point. This is why clemson fans are not well received by anybody, because you really let a top 5 ranking go to your head. If you would be reasonable and say FSU will be a good test to see if your finally legit this year after 25 years of clemsoning or whatever it is you call it, then I would have more respect for your fanbase. GO NOLES!

    You tell me to stop using scar, but yet you use uf! C'mon man keep it football and talk facts, not look up internet which is what you are clearly doing. You don't have a reason to watch uf, but your talking about the gators. Your the same one who tell gator fans FSU won last 2 of 3 when they call acc overrated. Make up your mind lil man and decide what you feel! Your confused! GO NOLES! Yes fake dv is what I feel, because LSU actually has a real tiger in thier stadium not some punk dressed up as tony the tiger. Also Lsu has championships to show for thier season, you have only 1. Get outta here and go to bed your owned bottom line!

  • FEAR THA SPEAR posted 289 days ago


    @Will Baldwin

    Wow you truly are an idiot. You do realize we have 3 articles talking FSU recently after Maryland win and this is the lastest one. You see the one with 167 views, maybe your not smart enough to realize that, but i'll help you, those comments you can pick at least 50 clemsux trolls. By the way, you are a troll. You are on a FSU board, THAT QUALIFIES YOU AS A TROLL!

    Expose me lol all you do is expose yourself! I"ll expose your ***

    1) I don't have to go far to look at bowl games. You also lost to usf did you forget that or you weren't a clemsux fan yet! It's contradicting for you to highlight your bowl win over lsu last year, but say that FSU beating clemsux last year is irrelevant. You can't highlight your high moments and ignore you low!

    2) FSU lost to top 25 since 06, well let me expose you! Clemsux has yet to be ranked top 5 in last 25 years whereas FSU has 14 top 5 finishes in 14 consecutive seasons the longest streak among all div 1 teams. Damn your looking bad lil man. Notice you didn't point out how FSU beat west Virginia in the bowl game in our down year and they were top 15 in 2009 you know the team you got drilled by.

    3) You ignore the fact that FSU owns the series. Wtf is a decade vs FSU whipping your *** for decades home and away. I know you only want to highlight your positive moments.

    4) Every point you make is from 2006 till now. It's not my fault you don't know the history and you can't see the truth! FSU is still current acc champs not clemsux!

    5) Again, you prove point 4 to be correct lol yeah your exposing me alright. Like I said keep exposing yourself your too dumb to realize. Your gonna brag about winning 5 of last 8 and you still are too dumb to realize FSU won like last 19 hahahaha! You are dumber than uf fans!

    6) Clemsux beat lsu and uga good for you. I know that's all you have to hang onto because losing to west Virginia blown the **** out and usf hurts. Here is a better question, when is the last time clemsux won a championship? You guys brag about beating sec teams, well FSU beat Carolina in a bowl game when is the last time yall even did that!

    Well considering that you have exhausted all of your points your back to square 1 again. FSU has more championships! FSU has a winning bowl streak. FSU has 11 nfl draft picks. Clemsux has less titles. Clemsux just beat lsu while losing previous bowls getting history made by losing to West Virginia! Lastly, clemsux has never had double digit draft picks!

    Keep dreaming man I know your happy to be a top 5 team, but that is something FSU has done already. You guys have been irrelevant for 25 years! Until then, FSU will always keep laughing at a school that comes out with balloons! HOw is that rock your stupid fanbase stole? GO NOLES!

  • FEAR THA SPEAR posted 291 days ago


    @Will: @Will Baldwin

    1) When was the last time won at FSU? When was the last time clemsux won at FSU is the question! Who owns the series is more of a question you should be asking not when you became a clemsux fan because we know you just joined your team when spiller arrived.

    2)Winston made history as a freshman qb in his debut on the road wtf is death valley!

    3) What the hell are you talking about #10 always supposed to beat #4 damn you are dumb.

    4) Again wtf are you talking about suite up past players?

    5) The fake death valley yea I said it. Did you miss history or you just looking at a bowl game. How many championships does death valley have compared to the one in LSU! Your owned lil man!

    6) Again, you lost to FSU that lost to an overrated uf team so how was the lost to FSU! Why are you using other teams to justify your point? Answer, because clemsux can't beat FSU!

    7) Yeah envious. Clemsux hasn't been relevant for 20 years since FSU joined the acc, there is a reason why you trail us in championships and why FSU is considered the acc leader not yall

    You should stop talking non-sense when you have nothing to stand on. You can't beat your rival at all when was the last time that happened? We beat uf 2 out of last 3 years. How is that rock doing, your own fans stole how stupid is that! GO NOLES!