Hey, my name is B Deck, and, I'm here to publish my articles for you to enjoy. I will be posting about almost every sport, and I will also give you my inside information on Philadelphia sports. I hoe you stay tuned to me, and, I hope you enjoy my articles.

Also, you can visit overtimefootball.co.nr for more football talk and other sports talk.

Sorry I did not continue the series Friday or write anything since last Monday, I was away and will not be able to write for a few more days.

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  • Bryn Swartz posted 3253 days ago

    Bryn Swartz


    He was probably the greatest athlete of all time. He had more talent than any running back in history. If only he had never played baseball....

  • Dave Morrison posted 3292 days ago

    Dave Morrison

    Hey B—Dave Mo here, a Bleacher Report Community Coordinator.

    I've been spending time on our NFL pages and read a couple of your old articles. Really on-point analysis...you do good work.

    Given that you haven't written in a while, I thought I'd check in and see if you're interested in picking up your coverage again. What do you say?

    If not, it would be great if you could give me some feedback on why you decided to stop writing and what we could have done to better serve you. If you wouldn't mind, please shoot me a line at dmorrison@bleacherreport.com with any thoughts.

    Thanks so much,

    Dave Mo

  • Molly Gray posted 3355 days ago

    Molly Gray

    And another week of college football is in the books! Check out my top 25!


  • Molly Gray posted 3363 days ago

    Molly Gray

    Wow, what a week in college football! Sure made coming up with a Top 25 interesting! Check out mine:


  • Cody Blubaugh posted 3388 days ago

    Cody Blubaugh

    Hey B,

    Take a look at my latest if you have the time, I think you might enjoy even though you may not like the Buckeyes, lol.


  • Matthew Gilmartin posted 3405 days ago

    Matthew Gilmartin

    No prob, B. That was a great article.

  • Ben Weixlmann posted 3405 days ago

    Ben Weixlmann

    You got it, B Deck!

  • Shaun Ahmad posted 3406 days ago

    Shaun Ahmad

    Thanks for the pick of the day vote bud!

  • Thomas posted 3411 days ago



    I'd appreciate it if you took a look.

  • Thomas posted 3411 days ago


    Thanks for the add. It means alot. Good work on your own articles btw.