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  • Seo Simas posted 569 days ago

    Seo Simas

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  • Pirru Ris posted 941 days ago

    Pirru Ris

    Patrick, you might want to stick with what you know. Your article on the 23-man list for Mexico's WC team was extremely inaccurate, and poorly done.

  • wendy baker posted 1031 days ago

    wendy baker

    Tennis article on Nadal injury: you should remove *internetsucks* - revolting language. Why have we lost the 'flagged' for other posters; it only appears by one's own name!

  • Ken Lechtanski posted 1139 days ago

    Ken Lechtanski

    Hey Patrick, sorry for the edit typo of N.J. for Long Island, N.Y., in your piece today. Lucky I'm not visiting NYC anytime soon.

  • Fidel Mercado posted 1214 days ago

    Fidel Mercado

    Patrick the Mayweather article was bad bro. It was like you just rushed and threw some sentences together and added some blown up pics to make it look presentable. There was no substance-no objectivity. Please don't post anymore boxing articles, if you're not going to put any effort in it.

  • Brad Mathis posted 1220 days ago

    Brad Mathis

    I hate to say this but your article on Clowney flipping the sled is pretty bad. If you bothered to include that it was a two man sled then you might have a slightly better article or if they were in pads then hard hit would be logical but since you didn't include the first and they were in just helmets then the article goes down the drain. But with that slight criticism I still give you props for trying to make something work out of nothing. If you can't turn lemons into lemonade then you should stop it and walk away.

  • C D posted 1231 days ago

    C D

    Hey Patrick, you might want to delete the story you wrote about Ohio State's run game being derailed since, you know, Hyde has been shown to be innocent of any wrongdoing via the bar surveillance video. So, yeah, you don't have a story.

  • K L posted 1292 days ago

    K L

    Why exactly do you write about tennis? You clearly don't follow the sport, and have absolutely ZERO knowledge of it.

  • mohamad halabi posted 1297 days ago

    mohamad halabi

    stop writing man. you suck like no one ever sucked before. this site should really have some quality check.

  • Cyndi Biddington posted 1362 days ago

    Cyndi Biddington

    Stop writing about tennis! You offer no new insight at all but continue to use Nadal and Federer for the exact same kind of generic headlines for your reads. Someone who can't even answer Federer or Nadal on your sports bio probably shouldn't be writing about tennis. You might try watching tennis first.