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Hammer Down Ducks!! Grab another gear and hammer down!!
(Steal this photo Troll. Prove yourself to be real sick pathetic coward. It happens to be me and my 3 year old kid)

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  • Torrey Lane posted 10 days ago

    Torrey Lane

    If Oregon and Bama meet in the playoffs, I will be looking forward to the matchup between Ifo Ekpre-Olomu and Amari Cooper. Two future high first round picks going toe-toe.

  • Torrey Lane posted 25 days ago

    Torrey Lane

    Good Luck to your Ducks. Maybe Bama and the Ducks can hookup in the playoffs.

  • Anish Gandhi2 posted 26 days ago

    Anish Gandhi2

    The spurs are an amazing team to watch, who plays basketball the right way, unselfish, and are amaing in every part of the game. I hope the Blazers become them. The Ducks next year will be the college football version of the Spurs

  • Anish Gandhi2 posted 27 days ago

    Anish Gandhi2

    DOnt worry I know its you

  • Kyle Fields posted 44 days ago

    Kyle Fields

    Breaker 1-9! Breaker 1-9! This here's The Village Idiot. Rubber Duck, what's you 20? Man, you are good people too! It would be good to go have a cold one or 2 (or 6...) & talk CFB. Can you imagine if the Aggies & Ducks meet in the playoffs in the next few years? We would HAVE to get tix & go. The final score would total 100 at least. ha! I am in Wylie so McKinney is very close, especially in Texas geographical terms. I'm looking to attend some games this season, so I may have to take you down there & kick you out at Lot 51 so you can attend the tailgate invite. You have a good weekend as well, sir. Thank you.

  • Kyle Fields posted 44 days ago

    Kyle Fields

    You have a new "fan". Keep on truck'n good buddy. Keep this up & we may have ourselves a convoy! 10-4, Rubber Duck.

  • Steve Duke posted 46 days ago

    Steve Duke

    Hey Rubber Duck
    Really enjoyed your posts recently on the Kyler Murrey Article. Good to see other kind spirited rabid football fans support their team in a respectful and fun way. Keep it up and your always welcome on the Aggie boards Gig'em

  • Mallard Rushmore posted 52 days ago

    Mallard Rushmore

    Hey there RDTF! I trust you are well and enjoying life. I did enjoy the Spring game as well. Lots to work on, but lots to be hopeful for as well. It sure will be an interesting season. Now that all of our '1st year at their position with the Ducks' coaches are broken in we should see what Helf is really made of. i am looking forward to seeing what all these Hi Octane freshman will bring to the table. It should be fun to watch.

    I was just cruising Michael L's page and he sounds excited to come by your place for the 4th of July picnic. That's real nice of you! Maybe you will get to meet his mom. :)

  • Anish Gandhi2 posted 62 days ago

    Anish Gandhi2

    the reason I am a bigger blazer fan then duck fan is

    NBA> Any College or Professional sports
    I live in Portland
    I have been a Blazer fan longer then I knew who the Ducks were

    But I am still a huge Duck fan, Lamicheal James and Marcus Mariota are two of my favorite players ever, and I hate the $EC.

  • Anish Gandhi2 posted 63 days ago

    Anish Gandhi2

    Agree with my most top 3 most Passionate Fans in Sports list

    1. Blazers