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Since 1995 the University of Arizona graduate has covered numerous sports and teams at all levels, including Arizona basketball, football and softball, minor league baseball and high school sports. He has nearly 19 years of experience in print media, including stints at two daily newspapers and one alternative weekly in the Tucson area. His freelance work has been published throughout the U.S.

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  • Peter Clark posted 12 hours ago

    Peter Clark

    on your recent college football ranking article, on #7 UCLA, you put that ucla has tough home games against "Stanford and UCLA" when it should be "Stanford and Oregon" (i assume)

  • Rodney Miles posted 16 days ago

    Rodney Miles

    the game is in columbia sc, not mo

  • J D posted 19 days ago

    J D

    TCU improves. Forget not Texas. New Coach Strong. Defense genius. And QB Swoopes Played less than 30 minutes under Brown. But his strong arm and power Running give them a Big 12 Title. Coach Strong know how to develop QBs.
    Keep up the good work.

  • daniel magnuson posted 37 days ago

    daniel magnuson

    u are a biased arizona fan mad that my cornhuskers kicked ur ass 33-0 a few years back in the holiday bowl and so u didn't put them in the last article u wrote haha

  • Brant Wade posted 43 days ago

    Brant Wade

    In your article the 50 must watch games of 2014 on slide #32 you said that the badgers and the Hawkeyes meet in Ames.... As a die hard Iowa fan I would appreciate it if you would please remove that name of a city where only clowns go to school and put the great state of Iowa's original capitals' name (Iowa City) there instead. Thank you

  • J D posted 54 days ago

    J D

    Like other starved CFB fans, I was happy to find some "life support" in this interesting article about summer football events of 2014, Thanks.

  • Anonymous Bosch posted 62 days ago

    Anonymous Bosch

    Why do you hate on midmajors?

  • J L posted 64 days ago

    J L

    How was UNC #2 in NC last year when ECU beat the mess out of UNC and NC State?

  • Joey Hanson posted 117 days ago

    Joey Hanson

    I agree with Bob Tarmack. You need to be fired because you have no idea what you are talking about. I don't see how you can call the most dominate team in the BCS era overrated. They beat (at the time) #3 Clemson at home by 40+ and came back against Auburn to beat them and become the only team to trail at halftime but the BCS title game. But what else do you expect from a bandwagon Yankee fan. Just leave.

  • bob tarmack posted 118 days ago

    bob tarmack

    you need to be fired. that is the dumbest article ive read ever on b/r. did they just tell you to troll everyone? no journalistic integrity. if your going to call people overhyped GIVE A REASON WHY. all you did was list the top teams and followed it up with a paragraph about them. you didnt even say why they are overhyped. FIRE THIS DOPE

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