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Brian Pedersen is an on-call college football writer for Bleacher Report who also covers college basketball, NASCAR and Olympics.

Since 1995 the University of Arizona graduate has covered numerous sports and teams at all levels, including Arizona basketball, football and softball, minor league baseball and high school sports. He has nearly 19 years of experience in print media, including stints at two daily newspapers and one alternative weekly in the Tucson area. His freelance work has been published throughout the U.S.

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  • stephen emche posted 5 days ago

    stephen emche

    brian....are the week 5 ncaa picks coming?

  • Richard Esterly posted 5 days ago

    Richard Esterly

    Brian ..... you must have one think skin .... we call you "Elephant Man" ... that is a god thing .... keep up the good work!!!

  • Don Smith posted 11 days ago

    Don Smith

    Great prediction on the Arkansas Texas Tech game! Our OL outweighed their DL by about 50 lbs a man. But you're objective, I get it.

  • David Donohoe posted 13 days ago

    David Donohoe

    Please proof read your articles... or get your information from another source. Your articles are just full of mistakes and typos.

  • boop beebop posted 19 days ago

    boop beebop

    I didnt mind reading your stuff until I found out youre a UA grad now I see your BS and bias everywhere and none of your opinions matter to me anymore. By the way your selfie pic is terrible. Go Devils.

  • Kyler Collom posted 20 days ago

    Kyler Collom

    Get your shit straight.

  • Tye Richardson posted 21 days ago

    Tye Richardson

    The football pretender/contender column was terrible. Auburn and Baylor not contenders... ya right

  • steven alexander posted 21 days ago

    steven alexander

    It really is sad how out of your way you go to hate on Auburn.

  • Don Price posted 23 days ago

    Don Price

    Your upset special made you look like a hack. Biased much?! I get that you don't like ASU, but when you let your emotions override your "professionalism" it's going to blow up in your face more times than not. As a fan, I have no such responsibility, and can be as biased as I want. Even through my maroon and gold colored glasses your upset pick looked laughable.

  • Byron Krause posted 23 days ago

    Byron Krause

    You were close with your ASU vs New Mexico prediction....and by close I mean WAY off.

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