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Brian Pedersen is an on-call college football writer for Bleacher Report who also covers Major League Baseball, college basketball, NASCAR and Olympics.

Since 1995 the University of Arizona graduate has covered numerous sports and teams at all levels, including Arizona basketball, football and softball, minor league baseball and high school sports. He has nearly 19 years of experience in print media, including stints at two daily newspapers and one alternative weekly in the Tucson area. His freelance work has been published throughout the U.S.

Pedersen also contributes to AnteUp, a monthly poker magazine, focusing on events and issues related to Southern Arizona.

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  • Bob R posted 5 days ago

    Bob R

    Got the Nebraska-Illinois score wrong too...

  • Bob R posted 5 days ago

    Bob R

    Hey Brian,

    On you got the final score backwards (you have Georgia 38 Alabama 10).

    Best Regards,


  • Ryan Nolen posted 10 days ago

    Ryan Nolen

    Hey Brian,
    I just had a question. I was just reading your new power rankings article. Baylor's page mentions that they are giving up 39 points per game. That can't be right considering they beat SMU 56-21 (I believe), I can't remember the score of the Lamar game but I don't think it got up high enough to raise the average to 39 considering the score of the Rice game was 70-17. Maybe I'm missing some information or maybe I misunderstood something but you might want to fact check that statistic. Thanks! Have a great day

  • Shawn Oakman posted 10 days ago

    Shawn Oakman

    In your article of ranking all the fbs teams, you said that Baylor is giving up 39 ppg when in fact it's only giving up 23 ppg. Get your facts straight

  • Heaven on the Brazos posted 27 days ago

    Heaven on the Brazos

    Ya' big dummy, you used an old photo of the westside of Kyle Field on you hotdog story.

  • Steve Gavazzi posted 34 days ago

    Steve Gavazzi

    Article on Urban Meyer coming out next week in ISCJ. Here is the preview:

  • John Wise posted 70 days ago

    John Wise

    Will you be doing your BR "Prediction for Every Game" this year?

  • James Bryan posted 77 days ago

    James Bryan

    Preseason top 25 is a joke. How is Ga Tech #24 and you have all these SEC teams that finished below them higher? Get off the SEC's nuts... it's embarrassing. Tech kills MIss St brings back more starters but Miss St is ranked higher. You are a joke.

  • James Somers posted 83 days ago

    James Somers

    TCU is the media pick to win the Big 12? Always the perfect reverse barometer, the media have just given me my cue to pick Baylor or Oklahoma. If there was a market where one could buy "shares" in favorite teams' chances to win a title, the team chosen by the media would be the perfect candidate to short.

  • Sam Schofield posted 113 days ago

    Sam  Schofield

    Brain your stats on the 2013 Hawaii Bowl. Oregon State romped boise 38-23 up 31-6 at half. Over all record 5-3 Oregon State. With petersen never having to play Oregon State in Corvallis.