Luke Dykes

Luke Dykes

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Short List

  • Favorite Athletes

    Vince Carter, Lebron James, Michael Jordan

  • Favorite Sports Teams

    North Carolina Tar Heels, Tottenham Hotspur, Kansas City Chiefs, Appalachian State Mountaineers, Kansas City Royals

  • Favorite Coaches

    Roy Williams, Phil Jackson, Dean Smith, Jim Boeheim

  • All-Time Sports Moment

    1983 Cardiac Pack

  • Most Memorable Game Attended

    2010 Kentucky @ UNC

  • Most Unbreakable Sports Record

    8 NCAA Men's Basketball Championships in a Row

  • Ruth or Mays?


  • Unitas or Montana?


  • Jordan or Russell?


  • Gretzky or Orr?


  • Pele or Maradona?


  • Federer or Sampras?


  • Tiger or Nicklaus?


  • Petty or Earnhardt?


  • ACC, Big 12, Big East, Big Ten, Pac-12 or SEC?


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  • Dennis Barrow posted 1188 days ago

    Dennis Barrow

    why is it that all of these hater articles about Duke are written by Carolina fans/alumni...Luke, where did you go to college??...I see that your favorite team is the Tar Heels and Roy Williams and Dean Smith are among your favorite coaches....guess all the journalists come from UNC and the doctors and lawyers come from Duke...hey Bleacher about getting some unbiased writers to post some articles??

  • Ro Shiell posted 1192 days ago

    Ro Shiell

    Wasn't Williams traded from Denver to New York recently? You can still edit....

  • Greg Gardner posted 1243 days ago

    Greg Gardner

    I can not believe that Kansas isn't on this list. They should be in the top 5. They haven't won a title where players were ineligible, but the crooked NCAA wouldn't take their title away. UCLA should also be on this list. You are such a homer and you obviously don't know your ass from a whole in the ground!!