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In the words of Eighties icon Lloyd Dobler, I'm looking for a dare-to-be-great situation.

Don't get me wrong, John Cusack isn't my chief inspiration...though I'd love it if he played me in my biopic someday. I'm just really big on quotes.

Many individuals--real and fictitious--inspire me. Among them is fellow University of Cincinnati alumnus Sandy Koufax, whose example serves as a reminder that some of us are just late bloomers.

In my native Pittsburgh I grew to something vaguely resembling manhood, I graduated from North Hills High School (to the laymen, LaVar Arrington's alma mater) with high honors, and I completed a rewarding four-year journey at UC with my much sought-after B.F.A. in Electronic Media in tow.

However, I all but wasted my twenties waiting for a ride to success, stability, and self-satisfaction that never came. While working part-time for the MSA Sports Network and later behind the scenes at KDKA-AM, I experienced journalism, cronyism, and every -ism in between. When the Pittsburgh cluster of CBS Radio wanted me to help them launch their new all-sports station, I thought I had it made. In hindsight, the more things changed, the more they stayed the same.

Nevertheless, I continued to build credibility by working as a content coordinator and provider for the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Hockey League (PIHL). To this day, that job has instilled in me a renewed sense of self-worth, while giving me a way to connect with my favorite sport. Plus, speaking as a non-parent, promoting those young people has been a great alternative way for me to fulfill my obligation to the next generation. Now, I want to feel those feelings and fulfill that obligation for Bleacher Report, too.

My readers, my family, and my business associates have also contributed to that self-worth, and after consulting with some whose opinions I respect, I'm ready to get back in the game for Bleacher Report. My mission objective is to become a paid correspondent and an indispensable member of their team.

As I always say, tongue planted partially in cheek, I am my own target audience. I want to reach those who love to follow their favorite team(s), but either don't have the time for in-depth content elsewhere or don't have an appetite for canned goods--or both. I believe not only in the power of user-friendly content, but the power of user-driven content as well.

I'm a fan of Pittsburgh's teams, and I wish them all prosperity, but, above all, I'm a fan of doing things right. I would rather not do anything at all than do something half-assed. That's why Bleacher Report, under the leadership of the Turner Sports Network, has grown on me, and I hope I'll grow on you too.

I've always wanted to write for people who do not merely treat new talent, new ideas, and/or new energy as a threat to the status quo, and for audiences that will treat me like a rock star, not a roadie. With your help, I look forward to rediscovering my passion for sports journalism. --MEP

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  • slappy johnson posted 400 days ago

    slappy johnson

    kind of good news for pitt fans like yourself, downside is that he's another momma's boy like boyd. Davidison moved pitt into the top spot today. he did like WVU, just like Boyd, but momma wouldn't let him go. Apparently a similar problem with Davidson. btw nice win last week. We got our asses handed to us.