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B/R NFL National Lead Writer Mike Freeman previously was an NFL columnist for CBSSports.com. He has been a sportswriter for the New York Times, Boston Globe and Washington Post, among other papers. His books include "ESPN: The Uncensored History" (2001) and last year's "Undefeated: Inside the Miami Dolphins' Perfect Season."

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  • jackson sweet posted 23 hours ago

    jackson sweet

    In the "NFL Finally Sends Message to Execs" I was surprised you didn't mention the Seahawks. Maybe its just me but I fail to see the difference in adding artificial crowd noise (Falcons) and designing your stadium to artificially add noise (Seahawks).

    Clearly, according to the NFL, noise is a significant advantage and I fail to see how incorporating this advantage into your stadium designs is different than adding it later. Its not as black and white as all that (and I understand the opposing perspective) but the conversation about cheating in the NFL has strayed far from the point in my opinion.

  • Joan Libby posted 1 day ago

    Joan Libby

    Dear Mr. Freeman your latest article about the patriots rings true. Other teams are outsmarted

  • Biased Saints and Celtics Fan posted 4 days ago

    Biased Saints  and Celtics Fan

    In my opinion, I think people are going way overboard with this fire mike freeman stuff. Some of his articles aren't the best, but I personally enjoy some of his articles. They give a point of view backed up with evidence and opinion. If u don't like it, cool, that is your opinion, but most of you wouldn't have the patience, skill, or effort freeman has to write these long articles with original journalism. Let's see you write about mariota and winston, or russell wilson and his contract, or any of his latest articles. thats right, almost none of us can write a whole piece on it. He gives controversial opinions and im not saying u shouldn't debate about it, a comment section is for discussion and debate, but most of you haters have no place in saying to fire mike freeman

  • Carl Ragsdale posted 5 days ago

    Carl Ragsdale

    To all of the people on "Fire Mike Freeman" bandwagon: you clearly don't know how to get your point across. Every time you click on an article and every time you are leaving a comment, you are giving Mike Freeman's articles views and comments. This does nothing but help him. How positive or how negative the comments are really doesn't matter. Every time you write "Fire Mike Freeman" on another article, you get a few curious readers who have never seen Freeman's "work" before. Then they look him up and read some of his articles to see what they missed. It's basically free advertising for him. If you don't want to see it, don't click on it. If you accidentally click on it and you see it's Freeman, leave the page and don't read the article. Now he gets to pretend to take the moral high road while privately laughing at you guys every second of the way. I get it: his articles are disgustingly terrible. You could use a random letter generator to create an article and get something that makes more sense. I don't disagree with you at all. I'm just pointing out that you are helping him more than hurting him by doing this. Either (1) don't waste your own time reading and commenting on something that you know is going to be terrible, or (2) find the BR admins and send them a private message. Outline your grievances. Make an intelligent case for why Freeman shouldn't be on this site. But again, (1) is easier. As long as Freeman is getting traffic, that's all that really matters for the people running the website.

  • Jacob smith posted 7 days ago

    Jacob smith

    Mike, don't listen to them

  • Jacob smith posted 7 days ago

    Jacob smith

    don't listen to em mike

  • BALL-MORE RAVEN4LIFE posted 7 days ago



  • Peter Meister posted 8 days ago

    Peter Meister

    Josh Gordon and Danny Edgar, you both don't understand real journalism. You don't understand what an article needs to be and what it should do, so seriously don't even try to talk. I'm an aspiring music journalist who's also looking to take on sports journalism as well, and I constantly traverse BR because it is a fantastic site. However, Mike Freeman has absolutely stunned me with articles that are arrogant, highly biased, and one-dimensional.

    If you're gonna defend a claim in your articles Mike, you need to use accurate information and honestly you don't. It is all just blabber and more of the same, nothing else. Jack Perrin explained it best in your Greg Hardy article, and it isn't the first time of course. I've seen it in abundance, and look I commend you for taking on controversial issues for your write-ups - but you can't just write an article for a professional sports site with just opinion. In my time reading your articles, the only article I've actually enjoyed was your 49ers article recently. That was a fantastic piece, but unfortunately I haven't seen more of that since. Your backstory before BR is also one that blows my mind, forging a college degree? Really? That completely blows my mind to places that I can't even describe. It's unbelievable.

    If you're gonna get back into the good graces of the public here, which I doubt will happen as long as these terribly-written articles continue to drop - you need to do a couple things. One - open up the comment section. I don't care how much criticism or hate you get, you're gonna get it regardless. I've written music reviews and gotten the same, does that hurt me? No, I take it as feedback and another assist for me to become a better writer. It is also infringing our free speech FYI, we should be free to express ourselves however bad it may be. Two - if you actually put up the opposing argument in your article and give your take on it in a professional manner rather than ranting, then I think more of us wouldn't be so negative. Those main points would be very helpful if you take the advice. If you don't wanna take it and help yourself, then in all honesty Mike - you deserve what you get. People will continue to push for your termination, and it will not stop period. The #FireMikeFreeman trend will not suffice to end until it happens, unless you take the time to better yourself as a writer.

    From an aspiring journalist to one who works professionally, please do yourself a favor and either fix your numerous flaws on your articles. Or the public is gonna continue pushing for your firing from BR, and I'm on that bandwagon until otherwise.

  • Tony from Canada posted 8 days ago

    Tony from Canada

    I remembered your very first article on B/R. It ended like this,

    "So why choose to tell my stories to Bleacher Report? Because of the readers. You're football addicts, too. Sure, there will be times when you read me and will want to punch me in the gonads, but I’m as dedicated to the NFL as you are."

    Well Mike, many of the readers are fed up. If you ask me, they should take you up on that "gonads" offer. I guess they have already, figuratively of course!

  • Chef Matt posted 9 days ago

    Chef Matt

    how do i block your articles from showing up on my computer?