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B/R NFL National Lead Writer Mike Freeman previously was an NFL columnist for CBSSports.com. He has been a sportswriter for the New York Times, Boston Globe and Washington Post, among other papers. His books include "ESPN: The Uncensored History" (2001) and last year's "Undefeated: Inside the Miami Dolphins' Perfect Season."

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  • Mitch Abramson posted 10 days ago

    Mitch Abramson

    I think I'm going to start skipping articles that have your name as the writer

  • Mitch Abramson posted 10 days ago

    Mitch Abramson

    When you see the love and devotion his son now has for him - I'm sure you know how - in the presence of witnesses - his son (afterwards in a supervised visit) asked him if he (the son) could come and live with AP instead of with his (divorced) mom, you realize how blessed millions of kids - black and white - would be to have a father like Adrian Peterson. I can guarantee his son will never abuse his little sister again.

    While your own spawn Mike, grow up to be gay and/or on drugs; ingrates holding you in contempt, you may see the error of your ways; one of which is to try to bring down people so much more accomplished and courageous than yourself.

  • Tim Porter posted 10 days ago

    Tim Porter

    Since I can't post on your newest AP article, I will do it here. Why do you always bring up AP's past incident. I am pretty sure that you have done some pretty horrible things in life. And I'm fairly certain you wouldn't want some arrogant, egotistical writer bringing up a mistake that you regret doing all the time. So do all of us a favor and try to write a decent article that doesn't stir up controversy. Maybe then people will respect you more and stop thinking of you as such a d-bag!

  • Eddie Arnold posted 10 days ago

    Eddie Arnold

    Last time I checked it isn't up to Mike Freeman to forgive anyone, it's God's place. What a pathetic post. You wonder why people can't move on, well, here it is, because idiots like you keep it plastered on the news. Whipping a child isn't a crime. It left marks, boo hoo. That's the consequences. I received them as a kid, marks left, and I wasn't damaged like you libtards assume. I learned a lesson and the consequences of it. Get off you high horse and do something productive, because this isn't.

  • Jason Johnson posted 10 days ago

    Jason Johnson

    wow. Have you ever mad a mistake? Makes me wonder what skeletons are in your closet. AP made a mistake. He over disciplined his son the way he was raised. He has admitted that he was wrong. Let your anger go or the dark side will consume you.

  • Jim Fitzgerald posted 10 days ago

    Jim Fitzgerald

    It's completely unfair to condemn AP character based on 1 incident. While it was disturbing to see the photo's and understand the emotional infliction AP child had to endure, it is complete separate to what we (society) know about chronic child abuse, which this incident was not. As a baby boomer, most kids in my generation, endured equally harsh treatment (and injuries) from our WWII Fathers, where is was acceptable to use twitches, belts, wooden paddles, and more for punishment; At Home and At Schools. Both Parents and Teachers (even in my case Catholic Nuns) would inflict physical discipline to "teach" kids from right and wrong. Through Jr. H.S. (7th - 9th), it was a practice of Teachers to march kids across the street, and off school property, to physically fight, which to handle conflict and altercations that occurred during lunch breaks etc. What is important is that AP was held accountable to this single incident and received counseling and help to learn better ways to discipline the kids he obviously loved, which was something our Parents never received. But, AP should not be portrait and defined as a "child abuser", as you're eagerly seeking to doing.

  • Aaron Harrington posted 11 days ago

    Aaron Harrington

    Mike, I want to say the vulgar criticism you have received about the AP article is unfounded. But I do think that you should think about the message you put up there. Saying we should not forgive AP, who owned up to his mistake and is trying to move forward is terrible message to pass on. We live in a society where every mistake is broadcast instantly. You might as well say that all people who have ever gone to prison should have life sentences. I agree we should not forgive the act, but that does not mean that we should not forgive the person. What AP did was terrible, there is no getting around it, but he deserves a chance to move forward and learn from it the same as we deserve the same. People can change, and we need to promote a life compassion over a life of unforgiving bitterness. Ray Rice is the same way, if a person owns up, serves their time and demonstrates that they want to be better, than by all means let them be better. I enjoy most of your articles and read them all, but this one might require a little self reflection on what message you want to put out there.

  • Random Fan posted 11 days ago

    Random Fan

    I hope you rot in hell you self-righteous piece of shit! I hope the next time you do something wrong in your life (Like giving yourself fake credentials to get a job), it follows you for as long as pathetic life lasts.

  • Travis Hill posted 11 days ago

    Travis Hill

    (Freeman): "I'm running out of ideas to whine about. Any Ideas?
    (Finocchio): "Hmmm, I can't really think of anything, every thing seems to be going well. Say, did you happen to see that 200 yard game by Peterson? That man had a MONSTER game!"
    (Freeman): "You're right, he is a monster. I'll remind the public one more time about an issue that has already died and passed. Thanks, Dave."
    (Finocchio): "Um...what are you talking about? I was just asking you if you happened to catch the Vikings/Raiders game."
    (Freeman): No, I was too busy watching the Patriots. You know how much I love Tom Brady, now. He is the GOAT, and deserves nothing but kisses, and praise."
    (Finocchio): "Didn't you write an article about how bad he was for lying and trying to cover up the scandal?"
    (Freeman): "I don't know what you're talking about, I have never said anything bad about Brady, nor would I. I'll see you later, I have to remind the world about the two headed monster known as Adrian."

  • T Wick posted 11 days ago

    T Wick

    We are all a part of a society that handles justice and punishment in a manner that satisfies and promotes the common good. Adrian Peterson faced that punishment for his actions--actions that are completely indefensible in my opinion--in addition to punishment dealt by the NFL. Nobody is expecting anyone to "forgive" him, as you seem to think people are doing, but many people respect the fact that he faced our justice system, was punished by his employer, suffered shunning by the vast majority of society, and admitted his error.

    What more would you like to see, Mike? Public caning? Tar and feathers? What's good enough so that Mike Freeman feels ok enough for the rest of us to appreciate AP's athletic feats?

    Would you have written this article if he was having a bad year? I'll bet not. It seems to bother you that people appreciate his performance this year...so much so that you think we've all "forgiven" and "forgotten."

    "No, I'm not asking for Peterson to wear a scarlet A." -- Umm, that's exactly what you're asking for....making this statement doesn't make it untrue.

    No offence, but you should be ashamed, and you're an idiot. But I said "no offence" so it's ok.