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B/R NFL National Lead Writer Mike Freeman previously was an NFL columnist for CBSSports.com. He has been a sportswriter for the New York Times, Boston Globe and Washington Post, among other papers. His books include "ESPN: The Uncensored History" (2001) and last year's "Undefeated: Inside the Miami Dolphins' Perfect Season."

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  • ^ is it true?

  • Mr. Clean posted 16 hours ago

    Mr. Clean

    You're the exact reason teams were scared off by Sam. You're hyping him up so much that if he doesn't make the team suddenly it's because that organization is bigoted. Wake up

  • Mr. Clean posted 16 hours ago

    Mr. Clean

    "This isn't the first time Dungy has made controversial comments when it comes to gays. But this, I mean, um…a black man is saying a minority wouldn't be worth the distraction. A freaking black man is saying this!" You do realize blacks make up like 90% of the league and they have for quite some time. You think because of the skin color Dungy was born with he should automatically sympathize with other minorities? Are you stupid?

  • Mr. Clean posted 17 hours ago

    Mr. Clean

    Stop writing political articles disguised as sports. It's great that you're supportive of gays and feminism(I am too), but when I(and most people) go to b/r I'm not looking to read about the same stuff every other media form is talking about

  • Cameron Shallow posted 1 day ago

    Cameron Shallow

    Christopher Kavinsky, actually I consider myself a Christian with Agnostic leanings, so I'm far from anti religion. Do I think -organized- religion is a bad thing? More often than not, yes. As far as Jesus, if you honestly think he actually HATED anyone, you're sadly mistaken. Yes, he acted out of anger a few times, but I don't for a second believe that he ever truly hated anyone the way many so-called Christians do. I've read the Bible and there are parts I don't agree with. Religion should never be an excuse to act like a d-bag to another human being.

    So I say again, Mike... keep on doing what you're doing. I for one appreciate your fight against bigotry. Despite what these people say, fighting against bigotry is not bigotry. It's doing the right thing.

  • Rico Stifler posted 1 day ago

    Rico Stifler

    @KTB I am sure that you liked it cuz you seem just as mindless and moronic as the guy who wrote the article.....

  • Rico Stifler posted 1 day ago

    Rico Stifler

    I thought your whole "Sam should prove Dungy wrong" article was completely moronic. Dungy wasn't the first black player drafted. He wasn't the first black HC or even the first black assistant coach. So even trying to compare Dungy's situation as a black player/coach isn't even in the same realm as Sam's situation as being the first openly gay player in the NFL. Especially considering the momentum that the stories about gays in sports have been gaining in recent years aided further with Jason Collins coming out.

    The media frenzy that will undoubtedly surround Michael Sam will be a major distraction to both Sam and the Rams. That is the whole basis of Dungy's comment about not wanting to draft Michael Sam. You should really see a doctor about your Cranial Rectumitis. It is obviously affecting your ability to write a well thought-out and objective article instead of the one you did write where you try and insist that 2 plus 2 really does equal 5.....

  • KTB posted 1 day ago


    I love how Tim Schmal says that "nobody" liked you Michael Sam article. I liked it quite a bit. It was informative and well-reasoned. Unlike many of the comments people keep posting here.

  • Tim Schmal posted 2 days ago

    Tim Schmal

    Wow. It's pretty much unanimous. Nobody liked that article you wrote, condemning Tony Dungy and praising Michael Sam. Before you eliminated the ability for readers to comment on your article, I wrote I'd never read a more trite, contrived, and ridiculously one-sided in my life. Calling Sam a "hero" and a "pioneer" is nothing short of dilusional. How sad your writing lacks conviction enough to allow for rebuttal. How sad for you, that you need to hide your writing and your opinions behind a firewall.

  • ryan kaiser posted 2 days ago

    ryan kaiser

    Mike Mike Mike, stop writing this nonsense. You are garbage!