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B/R NFL National Lead Writer Mike Freeman previously was an NFL columnist for CBSSports.com. He has been a sportswriter for the New York Times, Boston Globe and Washington Post, among other papers. His books include "ESPN: The Uncensored History" (2001) and last year's "Undefeated: Inside the Miami Dolphins' Perfect Season."

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  • Eric Roth posted 28 days ago

    Eric Roth

    You are the biggest crybaby liberal thought nazi on this site. You try to make it seem like your feelings and opinions are hard facts, and that is honestly a symptom of psychosis. You are a moron and if you'd ever bother to read the comments of your posts, you'd see that you are generally not liked. You post articles that are inflammatory and designed to piss people off, either that you really are so stupid as to think that something that is offensive to you is offensive to everyone. That said, it is the only reason you get ANY hits on your posts. I find you to be grossly negligent and highly offensive and your writing to be the inane ramblings of a butt hurt six year old. Do the whole NFL fan base a favor, retire.

  • Shawn Richards posted 28 days ago

    Shawn Richards

    you are a fucking prick

  • fsdfdf dsafads posted 29 days ago

    fsdfdf dsafads

    You’re a complete FU*CKING idiot. Your opening line about the redskins name change is 100% false and inaccurate...I’m assuming since you’re a 'minority" you think your opinion is automatically correct don’t you???? you sir are an idiot and need to be relieved of your job at the bleacher report....if I wanted to read a bunch of false Liberal Horse SH*IT I’d go to CNN...sports are sports, report on the facts not what your feelings about the topic are because no sports fans give two FU*CKS what you think. they want facts. Dan Snyder already polled most of the Native American Tribes in the USA and an overwhelming number of them support the REDSKINS NAME so before you start fucking lying to fans who don’t follow this as closely as I do and don’t know you’re lying get your FUC*KING facts straight.....

    Other than the one poor ass tribe looking for a quick buck and publicity to feed their alcohol addiction, I have yet to see one other person or tribe say it was slander. This tribe suing the REDSKINS is like the FU*CKING Westboro Baptist Church and you FUC*KING RETARDED Liberals are to blind to see that….you only want to show support on this because it’s a hot topic and you get good PR for it…it has nothing to do with being right or wrong….saying the N word is not morally correct however it’s not illegal to say…. last time I checked the constitution says I can say whatever the FU*CK I want to say so how can they sue him and win?? They can’t..you don’t beat a Billionaire and Multi Billion dollar organization just for being butt hurt….

    You and Bob Costas can go FU*CK yourselves in the corner and keep that Liberal SH*IT to yourselves….

  • Dave Burton posted 36 days ago

    Dave Burton

    Last friday, my friend Steve Brown was diagnosed with Leukemia and just started his treatment this week. Steve is a senior at James Caldwell High School and was set to play football for Lehigh University in the fall. Today, cancer survivor and Giants Linebacker, Mark Herzlich called Steve, to give him some words to help him get through this tough time. Being a cancer survivor himself, Herzlich's words impacted Steve in a tremendous way.

    Steve, who has been a longtime Giants fan tweeted this today after his call from Herzlich

    RT @steve_brown31: Sucha sick surprise to get a call from Mark Herzlich on my cell.. Someone who continues to thrive after beating cancer #cancerissoft

    Herzlich's and Steve's story deserves to be shared and it would also benefit my friend, Steve, if people heard about his story. I can be reached at my email dburt555@gmail.com if you have any questions regarding this story.

  • Ryan Bender posted 40 days ago

    Ryan Bender

    You have to be one of the worst paid sports writers in history. I am not just saying that because you print complete fantasy instead of honest, well planned journalism. You're journalistic style is similar to fast food restaurant pictures...the Big Mac looks huge and delicious and full of flavor, but after further investigation and research it ends up looking like crap. I attribute that to you most likely being very lazy. You sit at your computer, and create fiction to stand out...that's lazy. Your theory on the relevance of RBs in the NFL? Hilarious and just not factual at ALL. The AFC GM you "met" at the draft that said the Vikings are looking to deal Adrian Peterson? Side splitting humor. I doubt you even talked to anyone at that level, but who knows. Because there is no ability to fact check you're secret conversation with the unnamed source. You lied about graduating college, and had to resign saying "I have never lied before right now....or since..on any of my stories..." or something similar to that. Right. That's like Ray Rice telling us he has never smacked Janay around before, just that one time. Or Rafael Palmero looking the Senate down "I have never taken steroids." I really am not sure how you have your job. I never do this...but if you have this forum, at least do us the decency by trying to be good at it. And for the love of sports - make sure it's the truth, and not just your opinions that carry no weight.

  • tenn123HRC posted 45 days ago


    i appreciate and search for your stories every time i am on this site. you are thoughtful, progressive, and sensitive--all rarities for sports writers. thank you for your hard work and dedication to cover the full story and the people therein.

  • BayAreaBliss posted 54 days ago


    Mike, regarding your column on Michael Sam: I believe your intentions were good. You wanted to stand up for what is right. You wanted to protest all forms of prejudice. Unfortunately your condescending, disdainful tone and your failure to acknowledge (let alone address) numerous substantive issues left the impression that you are precisely the kind of person you seek to condemn: ignorant, bigoted, and hypocritical.

    You had an opportunity to promote intelligent, healthy dialogue about an important subject. Instead, you went on a brash, belittling rant. I’m sure you delighted the people who already share your view, but it’s hard to imagine how your column could actually PERSUADE a thinking person to agree with you.

    Space doesn’t allow a proper critique of your lecture, but I will mention two things. First, there is a CRUCIAL distinction that must be made, yet you show no awareness of it. Second, for the sake of your own credibility, you should refrain from making dismissive statements about subjects you obviously don’t understand. I will note just one example.

    First, the crucial distinction: when discussing issues related to a gay or lesbian lifestyle, there is (1) the question of CIVIL RIGHTS and (2) the question of MORALITY or ETHICS. The two questions overlap, but they address two different issues. A person can affirm Michael Sam’s civil rights (as I do, including his right to play in the NFL) while believing that his gay lifestyle is morally wrong.

    That isn’t a statement of hatred, ignorance, or bigotry…and contrary to the commonly used but misleading term “homophobic,” it isn’t an opinion rooted in fear. It is a view shared by tens of millions of Americans, including many who are highly educated and open-minded.

    The subject you obviously don’t understand is how to interpret and apply the Bible. Of course you’re utterly free to dismiss it completely, but you do yourself a disservice (by revealing your ignorance) when you lump together homosexuality, shellfish, and tattoos—seemingly implying that the Bible is hopelessly confusing or just plain ridiculous. The Bible also forbids murder and theft. Do you honestly think there is no way to discern why those two offenses are different from eating shellfish—why some “commandments” have lasting relevance and others are applicable only in a particular historical setting?

    The main point: if you want to persuade your readers of something, you should steer clear of making sweeping, sarcastic remarks about matters outside your field of knowledge—especially if the things you disparage are held in high esteem by many thousands of your readers.

  • Conner Bopp posted 55 days ago

    Conner  Bopp

    How bout you answer back to my comments Mike, O wait, you have nothing to say

  • Conner Bopp posted 55 days ago

    Conner  Bopp

    I'm posting this because apparently Mike Freeman does not believe that people should be able to post their beliefs about "Michael Sam" which I think is completely ridiculous. i think we should be allowed to state our opinions. Now on the whole Michael Sam thing, I honestly don't care whether he is gay or not, those are his beliefs. But what I have a problem with is the fact that he is getting so much news. Now in college he was good, however he is really not that good of a football player to play in the NFL, he is too small to play d end and to slow to be an outside linebacker. He's not good, reason why he's a 7th round pick. Why is a 7th round pick getting so much news, you do realize most players drafted in the 7th round don't have pro careers or even make NFL rosters, so why is he getting more buzz than a Clowney or Manziel? Because he's gay? And I guess it is unacceptable to have a problem with that but why then was it acceptable for people to hate on Tebow for his religious preferences? And he was a 1st round pick who had a legendary college career. This is out right ridiculous the whole thing. The whole fact that he was on film doing that, he's a 7th round pick. He needs to shut up and work if he wants to make a career out of this because its gunna take a lot of hard work. The whole thing is ridiculous.

  • Kevin Markum posted 55 days ago

    Kevin Markum

    You're last article on Michael Sam is wrong on so many levels. I think you knew that or else the article would allow for comments.