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B/R NFL National Lead Writer Mike Freeman previously was an NFL columnist for CBSSports.com. He has been a sportswriter for the New York Times, Boston Globe and Washington Post, among other papers. His books include "ESPN: The Uncensored History" (2001) and last year's "Undefeated: Inside the Miami Dolphins' Perfect Season."

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  • Rick James posted 1 day ago

    Rick James

    Mike Freeman...you are delusional. How can RG3 succeed somewhere else when he has already alienated 2 coaching staffs in 3 years, and he refuses to run the only offense that works for him, while demanding to be a pocket passer which he is NOT. Griffin cannot process information fast enough to be a pocket passer. If you leave the Griffin Cult Clubhouse, you will see things more clearly.

  • Naif Alshanbari posted 3 days ago

    Naif Alshanbari

    Hi Mike,
    With all the false information you based your disgraceful article about Tom Brady, and the way the Judge is exposing the NFL smeargate. Can you write an article about the incompetence of Roger Goodell and how he gave haters like yourself a false hope that finally you can dismiss Tom Brady from the Greatest QB ever conversation. You will need to borrow some journalistic integrity from one of your colleagues the day you write that article. don't worry, I am sure you can handle having integrity for one day. can you?

  • tom thomas posted 5 days ago

    tom thomas

    Hi Mike, can you please comment on your old pre-draft article on RG3? Its hilarious, every negative RG3 analysis you bashed in that article turned out to be 100% accurate.


  • Ross Fontana posted 7 days ago

    Ross Fontana

    Ask any Head Coach, especially NFL, all decisions are personal.

    Additionally, there is not set quarterback in Washington regretfully. Had he taken him out early and the backs ups played so well then everyone would second guess and say he was pulled out too early. I think Jay did what he did because RG III needs to get solid footing and experience to claim the starting roll outright...If Jay is afraid of RG II getting hurt then it makes no sense putting him in in the first place. Football is a rough sport, you will get hit.

    There may be a deeper issue that needs to be addressed and that is that RG III does not have the support of his teammates. He needs to keep quite and just do his Job...Let that do the talking for him. "The Best" athletes don't need to say it, they do it!

  • Pete Roark posted 8 days ago

    Pete Roark

    Your story about RGIII and Gruden has some flaws in it. You stated that the Titans took out Mariota after he was hit on the very next play. This is incorrect. After the personal foul for roughing the passer, Mariota led the Titans to a FG, including one play where is was a read option for Mariota to either shuffle pass to Kendall Wright or run with it, which Mariota did for like a 3 yard gain. It's obvious that this story was very bias towards RGIII with not a lot of facts behind it and only opinions by unknown sources.

  • Travis Hill posted 13 days ago

    Travis Hill

    I'm really excited for your next article. I imagine you will be documenting Benjamin's injury and a follow up to your "Do We Really Need NFL Preseason?" "Do We Really Need NFL Practices?". The answer to your Preseason article is yes, of course we need a preseason. Do you have any idea how dull the NFL season would be if they didn't take the Preseason to get in shape, make roster cuts, and practice their gameplans? Christ almighty I hope you never hold office.

  • art kay posted 14 days ago

    art kay

    The Extra Point has been a topic of much debate these past few years. There have been many proposals for rule changes, and there is a new rule in place for the preseason. Moving back the extra point line. While this may solve the issue of extra points being too easy, it does not address a major issue. Extra points are simply boring. They slow the game down and offer zero excitement, especially in regards to the play that preceded it. Unlike field goals, which are the main source of points during a drive, an extra point is a single point added on to a touchdown. The NFL should be focused on making every play a memorable one, not a play which will cause people to change the channel or fast forward their TV. The following excerpt is from an article on the internet regarding extra points.
    “Why even do anything? Last year there were just 5 misses all year, so the name is living up. And besides, the break in the action is a welcome pause to refill a choice beverage or discharge a few digested ones. The play isn’t broken. It’s just boring.”
    The extra point should function as a break to refill your beer? Or a break so people could use the bathroom? Wouldn’t the NFL rather fans do this during commercials? No one wants to slow the game of football down, right?
    The NFL needs a solution to this issue, and the solution has already been heard by Roger Goodell. Not only has he heard this proposal, but he has considered it as a real possibility to replace the current extra point rule. The rule that is being proposed is very simple.
    • When a team scores a touchdown that team gets 7 points
    • If they want to “go for two” and score they receive an extra point (eight total points)
    • If they “go for two” and fail, they lose a point (six total points)
    • And, if a team does not want to go for two, they keep their 7 points and kick off
    This rule change would keep the current scoring system intact, eliminate extra points (and boringness), and still allow teams to go for two. The only drawback to this would be the removal of the possibility for a fake extra point (a very rare occurrence).
    I simply cannot fathom why this proposal has not been put into effect. Roger Goodell has stated that he is worried that teams would be discouraged from going for two, but teams that want the eight points will still go for two as it has the same consequences as the current rules (six or eight points.) The game of football needs to eliminate downtime, and this proposal is the perfect solution to keep the game moving, as well as to keep the current scoring structure.
    Concerned NFL Super Fan

  • Potbelly FatGuy posted 21 days ago

    Potbelly FatGuy

    i LOVED your article on being jetsian. your humor is absolutely hilarious. lmao!

  • Jarred Lien posted 35 days ago

    Jarred  Lien

    Since the crap you wrote back in January on the whole "Deflategate" AKA "the politically correct witch hunt on the Patriots," I click on an article then realize it's written by you and just hit the back button and continue scrolling. Last time I read a whole article of yours i got dumber. I'd say this opinion that I have has more pull than your pathetic attempts for attention.

  • C Lundstrom posted 35 days ago

    C Lundstrom

    Again with this nonsense... no commenting, again? You are the most fearful writer I've ever seen.... Either that or B/R knows that you'll get lambasted every time.