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B/R NFL National Lead Writer Mike Freeman previously was an NFL columnist for CBSSports.com. He has been a sportswriter for the New York Times, Boston Globe and Washington Post, among other papers. His books include "ESPN: The Uncensored History" (2001) and last year's "Undefeated: Inside the Miami Dolphins' Perfect Season."

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  • Travis Hill posted 24 days ago

    Travis Hill

    I look forward to your article about this "posse" situation.

  • Rory Stroh posted 28 days ago

    Rory Stroh

    I'd say most white people are not racist, but a lot of black people are. Why is it that when 95-99% of black people can vote for a candidate just because of his skin color, and they are just supporting their candidate, but if 53% of white people choose between 2 white candidates, the white people are racist? Same with OJ, police shootings of criminals, and various other situations. The most racist people in this Country is easy to see. They are not white.

  • Why are frosted tips back posted 29 days ago

    Why are frosted  tips back

    simply put, your article on trump is unneeded and inappropriate. stick to writing about sports. that is what the site is for. no one wants to hear your opinion or view on thinking trump is a racist. and if you are going to make that statement then allow others to comment and share their opinions. absolute joke of a writer. dont know why BR still has you on their site with racially driven articles like this. hopefully this is the last one.

  • Andy Keith posted 29 days ago

    Andy Keith

    you're a terrible writer

  • Norse Buckeye posted 29 days ago

    Norse Buckeye

    Please explain why it matters whether or not a white player said one thing and a black player said another. I know plenty of black people who support Trump just like I know plenty of white people who support Clinton. Your garbage of an article that has no business being on a SPORT news website is more racist and bigot minded than anyone else you "interviewed". I will be sure to not read your racially biased articles again. Oh, don't forget that there are plenty of black supports of Republicans...


  • JC McNZ posted 29 days ago

    JC McNZ

    I've said this before on here, but I guess you didn't get the message before: the only reason there is divide in the NFL regarding the elections is because of media people like you. Trump is an arrogant a-hole and yet he seems to respect black people more than you seem to respect white people. You do absolutely nothing but belittle people that you disagree with by calling them racists and bigots which is frankly extremely insulting to people that make a conscious effort to avoid seeing the race in a person and appreciate who they are as a human being. You are what is wrong with America and a waste as a human being.

  • Jeff Ernest posted 58 days ago

    Jeff Ernest

    Actually Mike , many of us TRUE Viking fans who actuall pay attention are NOT surprised at where we are. We knew last year our Defense was on the rise and FULLY expected it to carry us this year even with Bridgewater and Peterson on the other side. In spite of losing MANY pieces on ofense , our defense is healthier overall and even deeper then last year. In the end, getting Bradford has given us just enough on offense to make it all work

  • Harlem Runs posted 63 days ago

    Harlem Runs


    Your Trump article, while I am sure actuate, is far from unbiased. I get it there is hatred for Trump. Most of us come to this website to get away from this bullshit type of political article. You're not benefiting anyone but those who share your similar interest in supporting Hillary. Unlike your article, good reporting - more importantly good writing - displays both sides and lets the reader draw their own conclusions. With your writing I only see selfish hate and in that respect you and Donald Trump (more so your interpretation of him) are not so different.

    If you want to keep up with this crap or writing about crying Colin because he's being put down for being black and not for plays like the one last year where he was all out blitzed on the 49er 5 yard line and missed a wide open Torrey Smith who would have went yard.

    "A lot of black players believe saying the first black president isn't really American is racist as f*ck."
    Good, educated position on why to dislike a politician. In fact, "as fuck." was written by philosophers and great writers alike. But seriously Mike this statement makes whoever said it appear as though they have formed their opinion solely based on emotion than focused on issues or Hillary's record.

    Continue your bad writing brother. I look forward to your race baiting/divisive articles.

  • Gary scott posted 64 days ago

    Gary scott

    When people tune in to or go to NFL games, especially this year, they aren't doing it so they can get to hear about what's wrong with our nation, or to hear a political message, or watch someone raise a social issue. They go to or watch a game to be entertained. When football players, the league or the media push a social issue or political message in fans faces.... they are going to be turned off. Even those who may support that cause may be less than pleased because they don't really want to have that controversy raised at that time.

    Perhaps the NFL and their players should stick to the entertainment business and stay out of political and social issues during the game. Off the field they can go as deep as they want on those issues but on the field those topics are out-of-bounds unless you are fool.

    The NFL is in the entertainment business whether or not the league, the owners or the player or others want to believe that.

  • JC McNZ posted 64 days ago

    JC McNZ

    Not a fan of Trump by any means but I'm pretty sure you favor racial discrimination more than he does.