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B/R NFL National Lead Writer Mike Freeman previously was an NFL columnist for CBSSports.com. He has been a sportswriter for the New York Times, Boston Globe and Washington Post, among other papers. His books include "ESPN: The Uncensored History" (2001) and last year's "Undefeated: Inside the Miami Dolphins' Perfect Season."

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  • Dave Sears posted 35 days ago

    Dave Sears

    Mike, I am not going to mindlessly attack or insult as some others have done here.

    To begin, you and I are on the same side. I want the name changed too. Right there with ya...

    But to interpret a man's death as an opportunity is, in a word, crass. Callous. Tacky. OK, I have a few words....

    Someone just died, their family are mourning them, and short of celebrating, but you do take a 'well, now that he's dead we have a great opportunity!' tack, was the body even cold when you started writing this? Additionally, I can understand you had conflicts with him, but parts of your piece just seem mean spirited. Like saying he died poor.... so what? What does that have to do with the name or changing it?

    I am upset with you because I think you are out of line in terms of basic respect for someone, even an enemy, and I am upset with you because I think this piece is going to do more harm that good to the cause. Your obvious venom for someone you had confrontations with has poisoned your mind, you didn't think this one through my friend.

    Retract it and apologize to the family. Now.

    Resume this fight another time, you just blew it for now. If I were a coach, you'd be benched for the rest of this game. Let's call it 'unsportsmanlike conduct'.

    You can blow off a lot of people attacking you for 'liberal BS' etc. as hating you because of the idea of changing the name and their opposition to it. But you can't blow me off that way, I want the name changed and have argued this for years. We are allies in this fight my friend.

    But you really screwed up here.

    Own the mistake and apologize, you just harmed the cause. This was counterproductive.

  • G Z posted 35 days ago

    G Z

    Typical SJW, then you stoop to celebrating a man's death as a reason to bring on your liberal BS politics on everyone.

  • Andy Keith posted 35 days ago

    Andy Keith

    You're a joke.

  • Tom W posted 36 days ago

    Tom W

    Mike you are 100% pathetic celebrating the death of a human being because he "offended" you. You are absolutely disgusting.

  • Herro Prease posted 36 days ago

    Herro Prease

    Way to piss on a beloved man's grave, Mike. Pretty low and classless thing to do to try and gain more clicks. Pathetic.

  • Tommy Wilson posted 36 days ago

    Tommy Wilson

    I was going to roast you, but I see that everyone else in the comment section already has that under control

  • Jason Culo posted 36 days ago

    Jason Culo

    Whatever you do, Mike, do not come near New Orleans in February/March. Your delicate sensibilities could not possibly endure the sight of the Mardi Gras Indian tribes, African Americans in full costume who have proudly marched in our streets since the 1880's. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mardi_Gras_Indians. Furthermore, should you mouth off to any tribe member about a fellow deceased member, you'll be in no shape to scrawl another cowardly posthumous screed...

  • Chris Kuhn posted 36 days ago

    Chris Kuhn

    Your article is absolutely dancing on the grave of a dead man, and the fact that you are not enabling comments on your article just shows you are a coward that cannot handle dissenting opinions. Also, disregarding everything disproves your point as "some people have questions about how the poll was taken" or whatever just shows your ignorance. I grew up in Atlanta and many inner city folks and people from the country said "injun" not everyone has access to your level of education, and brushing it aside as bigoted shows you are disconnected from people outside your circle of people looking for offenses to take advantage of. What the hell have you done for the Native American community besides writing a couple hundred words about a topic that, in all honesty, does not really matter? Your few hundred words that make you feel warm inside and sit up on your high horse doesn't do jack shit to fix the terrible school systems, rampant drug abuse, and terrible poverty affecting those communities. If you ask anyone in that community that is not actively protesting in front of the REDSKINS' stadium, which is apparently where you obtain your facts for the entire community, I'm sure they will let the name pass if they get access to the same resources the rest of the country does.

  • Romocop Facepunch posted 36 days ago

    Romocop Facepunch

    Damn Mike, finally have the upper hand after this man dies. You're a buster homie. Also, let the native americans fight this fight. Why don't you focus on another mascot that during their time, were European slave traders, slaughtered villages, no matter age and gender, the personification of racism, believed in the occult. Probably slave traded some of your ancestors neighbors. THE VIKINGS!!!! If you're going for political correctness, try not be a half-way crook. bird-ass n....

  • JC McNZ posted 36 days ago

    JC McNZ

    Using a man's death as an opportunity to push your own agenda instead of grieve. Stay classy, Mike.