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B/R NFL National Lead Writer Mike Freeman previously was an NFL columnist for CBSSports.com. He has been a sportswriter for the New York Times, Boston Globe and Washington Post, among other papers. His books include "ESPN: The Uncensored History" (2001) and last year's "Undefeated: Inside the Miami Dolphins' Perfect Season."

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  • Jim Guerin posted 1 day ago

    Jim Guerin

    The Bears are a terrible team, the defense, and the offensive line are horrific, but you seem to think that Jay Cutler is the sole reason for the struggles! I know you think that Rodgers is amazing, but look at his performance in Buffalo. 0 TD, 2 INT, when he faced pressure the entire game. That's what Cutler's season has been like, he gets hit on almost every play. I will admit Cutler is not having his best season, but the offensive line and defense should be fixed before Cutler gets benched.

  • adam gothmann posted 2 days ago

    adam gothmann

    Words cannot express how amazed, dumbfounded, and frustrated i get when i read your articles. You are hands down the most ignorant, biased, closed minded writer i've ever seen.

    Peterson didn't show remorse? He never was truly sorry? He was only sorry when the issue became a hot topic? If you know Peterson so well, please explain to me why he apologized to the mother the same day that it happened, months before this was made public. He felt so bad, and there literally is physical proof of it. If you spent just a few minutes doing your job and educating yourself on simple aspects of the situation, then maybe you'd have the respect of some readers. But no, you form your opinion based off of what you want to believe and what the media says.

    I will complain and contact bleacher report until you are fired for your horrible writing.

  • Jeff Tanner posted 3 days ago

    Jeff  Tanner

    If anybody would like to let the NFL and Harold Henderson know what they think of this lynching, Harold Henderson (impartial arbitrator) can still be reached at his NFL email address:



  • Jeff Tanner posted 3 days ago

    Jeff  Tanner

    You really are a sad case Mike. I'd have a hard time stating it any more clearly than those already here, but I find your simplistic, simple minded, opinionated, drivel designed to simply play to the masses, those reactionary masses who don't have the time or capacity to actually think. You are the sports reporting equivalent of The National Enquirer and function like the common lynch mob. You would be ashamed if you knew any better... Surely your editors know better and choose clicks over any other standard.

  • Chris Welch posted 3 days ago

    Chris Welch

    I really couldn't name a more self-righteous, upside down, child-like tempered columnist if I tried. The content you post and the fact that you disable comments on your articles really says your character as not only a professional journalist but as a human being. Really not open to criticism eh? I honestly don't care about the AP articles, what I care about is how this "journalist" could be allowed to post on this website. I've looked at past articles that you've done from not only this site, it's embarrassing really with the articles I've found.

    Lose the ego, lose the self-righteousness and for god sake, stop throwing stones when you live in glass houses. It's a shame really, all around.

  • Gustavus Garcia posted 4 days ago

    Gustavus Garcia

    Thanks for the article Jake.


  • Gustavus Garcia posted 4 days ago

    Gustavus Garcia

    Mike, regarding NFL getting it right AP story. Enable commentary. Lets see what others have to say. I for one think you are dead wrong and NFL is headed in the wrong direction. Man up little mikey.

  • bill tapscott posted 4 days ago

    bill tapscott

    The NFL is now the self-appointed moral masthead of America? The leadership would be better appreciated if it had it's own house in order. Let's see strong action cleaning up the name of the Washington D.C. club (speaking of slavery in the context of Adrian Peterson as you have written) - let's see the NFL get in front of concussion compensation - and not to be forced to pay through litigation; let's see the NFL address the obscene compensation of it's Commissioner - the next highest paid nfp is the CEO of the American Cancer Society - Goodelle makes twenty times that. Cast the first stone Mr. Goodell.

  • Captain Obvious posted 5 days ago

    Captain Obvious

    Why do you always disable comments on your articles? Journalists are supposed to be open to criticism.

  • Sparky posted 5 days ago


    Oh dear, how you disgust me.