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B/R NFL National Lead Writer Mike Freeman previously was an NFL columnist for CBSSports.com. He has been a sportswriter for the New York Times, Boston Globe and Washington Post, among other papers. His books include "ESPN: The Uncensored History" (2001) and last year's "Undefeated: Inside the Miami Dolphins' Perfect Season."

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  • Tim The Redeemer posted 5 days ago

    Tim The Redeemer

    you must not be one of those people who believes in the slogan "defense wins championships". that's too boring and "yuck", right?

  • Keith Hopkins posted 10 days ago

    Keith Hopkins

    Hey Mike! Do you consider yourself a racist? You were on ESPN radio with Bomani Jones today and said you like Cam Newton because he was BLACK. If I was a white "sports personality" and said that I liked Peyton Manning because he was WHITE, I would be crucified by other media members saying that I was racist. So, do YOU consider YOURSELF to be racist? Thanks for your time.

  • Lonely Luke posted 20 days ago

    Lonely Luke

    I thought the patriots were going to blowout the broncos mike

  • Tom Jones posted 34 days ago

    Tom Jones

    So you chastise the Bengals for what they did, I didn't see the end of the game, but what I do know is that Big Ben and his "alleged" (in my best Jim Rome voice) activities with a young lady in a bathroom, deserves anything and everything coming to him. He is a monster and should not be playing in the NFL.

  • Bianca Pace posted 40 days ago

    Bianca Pace

    Regarding your latest article titled, "Ragtag Vikes Carry Underdog Spirit into Playoffs" I find your comments regarding Mike Zimmer's appearance rude and offensive. Mike Zimmer is a great coach and I'm extremely proud he is the head coach for the Minnesota Vikings. Maybe before you make comments regarding a person's appearance you should give credit where credit is due. He has turned the team around in a very short time, he has a lot to be proud of. At the end of the day appearance doesn't mean anything, all that matters is that you win. I'm not sure if you are aware or not but Mike lost his father last year, maybe you should show some respect. I will no longer read articles written by you because you take unprofessional jabs at people.

  • Brad Rearick posted 64 days ago

    Brad Rearick

    You're a failure and will never succeed.....You probably wouldn't like hearing that either. The Manziel bashing and hate from you is shameful to a great website like Bleacher Report.

  • Joe Cunningham posted 66 days ago

    Joe Cunningham

    Mike, I think you missed a quarterback who could make that throw. The old Bengals QB Jeff Blake made throws like that all the time. Carl Pickens was always the target for the jump ball.

  • Mitch Abramson posted 85 days ago

    Mitch Abramson

    I think I'm going to start skipping articles that have your name as the writer

  • Mitch Abramson posted 85 days ago

    Mitch Abramson

    When you see the love and devotion his son now has for him - I'm sure you know how - in the presence of witnesses - his son (afterwards in a supervised visit) asked him if he (the son) could come and live with AP instead of with his (divorced) mom, you realize how blessed millions of kids - black and white - would be to have a father like Adrian Peterson. I can guarantee his son will never abuse his little sister again.

    While your own spawn Mike, grow up to be gay and/or on drugs; ingrates holding you in contempt, you may see the error of your ways; one of which is to try to bring down people so much more accomplished and courageous than yourself.

  • Tim Porter posted 85 days ago

    Tim Porter

    Since I can't post on your newest AP article, I will do it here. Why do you always bring up AP's past incident. I am pretty sure that you have done some pretty horrible things in life. And I'm fairly certain you wouldn't want some arrogant, egotistical writer bringing up a mistake that you regret doing all the time. So do all of us a favor and try to write a decent article that doesn't stir up controversy. Maybe then people will respect you more and stop thinking of you as such a d-bag!