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B/R NFL National Lead Writer Mike Freeman previously was an NFL columnist for CBSSports.com. He has been a sportswriter for the New York Times, Boston Globe and Washington Post, among other papers. His books include "ESPN: The Uncensored History" (2001) and last year's "Undefeated: Inside the Miami Dolphins' Perfect Season."

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  • James Will posted 13 days ago

    James Will

    Your resume belies your skills as a writer. Nothing on an NFL field rises to the level of carnage and that kind of sensationalism is totally uncalled for. What is happening in Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, that is carnage and those are the injuries we should care about not some dumb, rich, behemoth, gladiators that have the opportunity to play the sport they love for a living. You're a hack.

  • Nick Rallo posted 13 days ago

    Nick Rallo

    I admit I am not one to keep too much tabs on the off season news around league cause it changes daily so I tend to catch up when the season starts. With that said I just recently read your article on Wes Welker (Jun 12, 2015), Your story seems to be missing an element that teams are most likely looking at. As an avid long time Patriots fan I know this angle all too well from past players I will leave unnamed. While Wes Welker is argumentatively the best ever slot receiver, the concussion issue goes deeper than just concerns for the man over all. The NFL is a business and with salary caps and all money needs to be spent even wiser than in the past and today's concussion awareness not only shows concerns for one's health long run it also has immediate impact and a concussion injury theses days the NFL medical guidelines stipulates that the player cannot return for 3 weeks. With that said how wiling would teams be to invest money on a guy that is prone to such regardless of his present health; If you sign him he comes in and the first game he plays in he suffers concussion you just lost him automatically for 3 weeks then it hits on thoughts of how many times will he be out for 3 weeks due to a concussion. It is a huge risk to put up the money for a player you may not get as much production out of as another who although may not be as talented will probably give you more production over all.
    (Personal Note to Wes Welker)
    I love you Wes you are one of the best of all time and known to be probably the best guy overall on and off the field, and even after you went off to Denver I still rooted you on because I truly am one of your biggest fans. However, you have to take a step back and look at alternate options. I understand rush and the need to be out there on game day but there are other ways you can contribute to a team other than being a starting star. There are all sorts of positions that could put you on field part time and utilize your skills mentoring the younger players coming in. Don't be another Tim Tebow (who argumentatively could probably be one of the best running backs in the game right now but was too stubborn to take what teams are willing to offer.

  • jjukey JJ posted 15 days ago

    jjukey JJ

    I posted this previously but just deleted it

    "Why do people hate you so much? But apparently love to read your articles? Naturally people have different opinions, and I disagree with some of yours as anyone would on opinion articles, but I don't understand the hate. If it makes you feel any better, it seems like Snowden in the UFC articles has the same type of fan club."

    I figured out and learned first hand why people hate you so much... You're an arrogant a-hole with "sources" that tell you things that anyone could speculate. If you look at what your "sources" have told you (like Wilson not being black enough) months later, it's usually not what actually went down (it was Percy and WR's).

    From some friends:

    "This article was written by Mike Freeman who makes up all kinds of stories. That's what they are. Stories. He always uses "unnamed sources" as his articles are baseless. He was let go from the Indianapolis Star because he lied about his education on his resume. CBS Sports parted ways with him after he wrote a multitude of articles that were baseless, calling out "unnamed sources". Educate yourselves. Don't believe what you read, especially when morons like Freeman write them..."

    "Why are people listening to this guy, he has no sources people. Last year it was according to Mike Freeman that the locker room doesn't think Russell Wilson is black enough when it turned out that Percy was starting fights with the receivers. Mike Freeman the same man that was petitioned to be fired by B/R readers remember #firemikefreeman. This man is a con artist and a hack, and a coward. I dare you Mr. Freeman to respond to my comment, I've seen you do it before defend yourself, I'll wait, you instigator of unfounded rumors. My sources inside Bleacher Report tell me, your an absolute embarrassment to your profession."

  • gio ThaPimp posted 15 days ago

    gio ThaPimp

    you sir, are dog shit.

  • Lisa Ann posted 21 days ago

    Lisa Ann

    Fill my holes Mike!

  • Andy Keith posted 22 days ago

    Andy Keith

    Andy Keith

  • Adrian Wojnarowski posted 30 days ago

    Adrian Wojnarowski

    Man, how can you possibly rank the Detroit Lions 26th going into this season? They went 11-5 last year and were arguably one blown call away from playing Seattle in the second round, and you think that there are 25 NFL franchises better than the Lions right now? Because they lost -one- impact player in Suh but retained every other key contributor to last year's dominant defense? Not to mention having a healthy Megatron and more options at RB. I mean most of the stuff that happens on this site is defensible but just how can you possibly watch football and think Detroit is the number 26 team in the NFL right now

  • Jerry Crenshaw posted 30 days ago

    Jerry Crenshaw

    Good article on Tebow. You explained better than anyone else why he hasn't made it in the NFL. So why your obvious rose colored glasses for that kid from Missouri a couple of years ago who couldn't make the team? He was not anywhere near pro caliber but you kept on insisting that it was some kind of conspiracy. That is your weakness as a writer, not your knowledge. Your personal agenda hurts your credibility. Work on it. You have potential.

  • Sousuke Aizen posted 31 days ago

    Sousuke Aizen

    I am planning your demise Mike.

  • Scott Kerr posted 32 days ago

    Scott Kerr

    Excellent article about Tim Tebow. Finally someone had the b@lls to say the truth about his football talents. He was awesome in college but didn't have the talent to make it in the pros. There are many great players that this has happened to. Anyone who has ever "really" watched Tebow play and not been biased to his religious beliefs or the college that he went to, can see this. I enjoyed watching him in college, not so much in the pros. He had an excellent football career. It is time for him to move on to the next phase of his life.