Jared Stearne

Jared Stearne

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Born to a family well positioned to bandwagon the 49ers, one young sports fan bravely dared to support all of the loser franchises he could. 23 years later, he's still waiting to witness a World Championship that he can actually remember. This time, hopefully, without the earthquakes.

Though a Raiders fan first and foremost, he actually considers himself more knowledgeable in basketball, followed by baseball. His idea of a good time is making fun of the San Francisco Giants, the one local team he really has a right to make fun of.

When not writing for the Bleacher-Report, he can be found at his Nnamdi Asomugha Shrine, praying to (1) remember how to spell his dang name, and (2) hoping he can one day win a Defensive Player of the Year award...while still wearing Silver and Black.

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