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  • Black Widow posted 1428 days ago

    Black  Widow

    Do you like her music?

  • Black Widow posted 1429 days ago

    Black  Widow

    when I first saw your pic, I was about to ask : 'Is that you?' Then I noticed the golden shovel. So I LOL at it XD
    Again, thank you. I owe you big one :-)

  • Black Widow posted 1431 days ago

    Black  Widow

    Thanks for the correction, Mark! I appreciate it. The match was so long in my memories that I forgot the exact SummerSlam where they competed... Thanks again.

    P/S: You're the first person that notice ... :-) and FYI, writers don't have the ability to delete comments in comment section... ;-)

  • Mark Jackson posted 1543 days ago

    Mark Jackson

    I highly disagree...the World Heavyweight Championship still doesn't have relevance. It is like having 3 mid card championships in one federation. Which is interesting to say the very least...Like the time when WWE had technically 2 Intercontinental Championships. But you will all reply: "WWE never had 2 I-C Championships!!! Oh but they did, the European Championship and the I-C Championship were the same thing for all tense and purposes. It was done the same way for Triple H the same way The Hardcore Championship was done for Mick Foley initially. They wanted them to be Champions, they however weren't fit to be in the main spotlight because of feuds going on with those stars...So lets make new Championships up and go from there, and what happened? They are both defunct, the European Championship by merging that and the I-C, and the now retired HC.

    Overall, the issue is this, the stars...Smackdown has always played second fiddle to Raw. When the WHC was on Smackdown, it suffered. When the WWE Championship was on Smackdown, it suffered. So, it really comes down to the stars, you can't pull the highest level of talent and throw it on a second rate show and expect the show to be amazing. It just doesn't work that way. Which is why I think they did away with the branding except for on house shows, which is terrible, because people go to house shows to see the same people wrestle as they see on Monday and Friday nights...

    Doing away with the WHC is the best thing that could happen to the championship and the WWE, reason is because: it doesn't prove a point, (and its not because I don't like ADR...) it is a holdover from the "good ol days" when you had 2 companies battling for supremacy of the American audience. The wrestling demographic has changed dramatically...If I were VKM, I would retire the Championship and preserve what dignity it still has, (if any). But, then again, its VKM, he is notorious for wanting to run things into the dirt...

    But I do digress, and I hope this is a decent retort to why I do not feel the World Heavyweight Championship now having some bit of meaning that just magically appeared because the "Hardcore" stipulation was added to the match... Of all the things to choose, all because of ECW, "Hardcore" was chosen.... :-/ Could have been a Cage Match, or a Falls count anywhere. Hell, even a best 2 out of 3 falls would have been good...

    The Prosecution Rests.......

  • Andrew Economous posted 1550 days ago

    Andrew Economous

    Sharon hates punk.