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  • Shane Smith posted 109 days ago

    Shane Smith

    wishing you a wonderful holiday weekend.

    Miss seeing your debate articles for Nawlins.

    Very nice to see you covering an SEC team. i will be stopping in to read your work.

    Looking forward to seeing some Saints analysis, surely, we can count on something for week 1 and week 16 ( saints and falcons regular season ) I would say to tell ATL dome maintenance to have a 4 foot level close by, but Jimmy has to sign and, of course, be able to score. Regardless of the Tag as a TE, i think he can afford the fine for at least one dunk.. its crazy he bent the posts into tv time outs back to back years down there

    peace be with ya fam!

  • King Mike posted 170 days ago

    King  Mike

    We miss u murf

  • Roger Henslee posted 209 days ago

    Roger Henslee

    Whats happening Murf? I read you on other sites too, you bailing on Bleacherreport? Hope its all good and we miss your writing here too!

  • jeremy korbal posted 223 days ago

    jeremy korbal

    Now that Byrd and Ward are signed along with all the other better free agent safeties what direction do you think that Falcons would go in now?

  • Michael Brown posted 224 days ago

    Michael Brown

    Hey Murf, first I just want to say you're my favorite writer on BR because you tend to think outside of the box and bring a different perspective on things.

    In your latest article on how Payton and Loomis making the Saints contenders for years to come, my question is when/what do you think they'll end up doing on the QB side of things?

    With him being thirty-five, he has a few years left in the tank, but when do you think they need to start focusing on the future for their quarterback position?

  • Devin McDowell posted 226 days ago

    Devin McDowell

    YES! You're back murf! Missed you. Best writer for saints by far please stay!

  • Connor Leonardi posted 227 days ago

    Connor Leonardi

    Can you come back to covering the Saints please? Knox IS A JOKE.

  • Maariz Kashem posted 244 days ago

    Maariz Kashem

    Well back to you murf, I would add him for depth purposes only. He IS NOT getting the starting job without earning it, so likely not.

  • Murf Baldwin posted 246 days ago

    Murf Baldwin

    Tia, that's an excellent way to look at it. When you factor in Rick McKay is still in the building then you have a crazy amount of voices. I happen to really like Devaney, though. It seems like every year we were losing personnel guys like Devaney, Les Snead and David Caldwell all who went on to be GM's in the past 1-5 seasons. Maybe they are replenishing the scouting part of the operation. But I totally see your point. Too many cooks in the kitchen. huh? Dimitroff has to be on the hot seat!!

  • Tia Fowlkes posted 248 days ago

    Tia Fowlkes

    Murf, what do you think about the Devaney rumors? Does it smack of desperation? Too many voices to me. As the Browns are decluttering their front office, it feels as if we may be acting as hoarders in ours. If the rumors are true and Devaney is added, isn't this a furtherance in undermining Blank's confidence in Dimitroff?

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