Jay  Brennan

Jay Brennan


I am a Law Enforcement professional who has worked in the criminal justice field for 9 years.

I am specialized in Criminal Justice Training, Defensive Tactics Instruction, ASP Baton and Tactical Restraint Instruction, Chemical Weapons Instruction, Bicycle Patrol, Patrol operations and a Field Training Officer. As certified CMS police instructor I developed lesson plans, power point presentations and static demonstrations for departmental training.

The Police Chief awarded me the Medal of Honor for the rescue of a driver trapped in a burning vehicle after a traffic crash in April 2010 .

I was also honored with the Chief's Award for my efforts at a house fire on New Years Eve 2007 that resulted in the rescue of two elderly adults. My profession has taught me to appreciate life and to seize the day.

I was the lead singer and guitarist for the pop-punk genre Popular Demand in Jacksonville, Florida in the late 90s and early 2000. I have recorded acoustic originals for my solo project Billy Shakespeare Scene. My fondest and worst memories are captured in my song writing.

I am currently a purple belt under the 5x World Champion Daniel Moraes and run two Jiu-Jitsu schools in Florida. I dabbled a bit with Internet radio as a host and maintained a mixed martial arts news/opinion website. I have designed a variety of clothing apparel and logos for local martial art schools.

I am a huge movie buff. I tend to gravitate to crime drama & sports drama but I am not opposed to the occasional romantic comedy.

Baseball, Football, Pro Wrestling, UFC/MMA, Food Network and Crime Drama shows max my DVR.

I like to show off some of my "Food Netwoork" expertise when family and friends gather for celebrations.

I am a proud father of three awesome kids. I have been married for 9 years and I enjoy the time spent with my family.

God is the strength I want everyone to know.

I am writer for mlbsoup.com, nflsoup.com, combatsoup.com, sportsgrumblings.com, and PWringside.com.
http://mlbsoup.com/?author=5 , http://combatsoup.com/, and http://www.fantasybaseballsportal.com/

I currently contribute to College Gentleman Magazine

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