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J Gatskie

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I am a single dad who has a wonderful son who's 12 years old and a younger brother I admire. My mom is the mom every one else wants!

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  • Araz Eleyasian posted 1800 days ago

    Araz Eleyasian

    Hey could you take a look at my Colt McCoy article? Feedback is of course much appreciated!


  • Old Account posted 1852 days ago

    Old Account

    Hey J,

    Got a new article out today. It involves both the AFC and the Ravens. Today, I am making a case for why the AFC North will be the best division in 2010. Feel free to give any feedback on my thoughts.



    Matt Miselis

  • Spencer Tucksen posted 1863 days ago

    Spencer Tucksen

    Hey dude. It would mean a lot of you could check out my two new articles! I just finished them last night. Please and thank you. Feel free to comment and like!



  • Rallo Tubbs posted 1870 days ago

    Rallo  Tubbs


  • James Williamson posted 1880 days ago

    James Williamson


    Is there a person in the NFL that you can't help but despise? Maybe they are on this list? Check it out.

  • John Doublin posted 1881 days ago

    John Doublin

    Part 3!

  • John Doublin posted 1885 days ago

    John Doublin

    Weeks 5-8!

  • John Doublin posted 1892 days ago

    John Doublin

    The last installment in the series!

  • John Doublin posted 1894 days ago

    John Doublin

    Better late than never, right?

  • Sam Toth posted 1894 days ago

    Sam Toth

    Thanks J. Much appreciated. Will try to keep writing as much as I can.