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  • jerry peavy posted 1571 days ago

    jerry peavy

    Undefeated......I agree. The team has talent. The team has fans and the QB has those who hate him. Those who think hate and anger are going to help them win are very mistaken. Anger makes you stupid. It makes you take unnecessary chances. There will be people out there trying to hert JM. Johnny does not fall for that. He avoids the head on crash by quick evasive moves or he goes down without a hit. It is going to take fast line men to catch him and they do not exist. All defenses use the biggest guys they have to go against the line. Just watch how JM trots along just ahead of the linemen and dodges back and forth until the play develops. If the defense holds, he runs and sucks them in. If the defense closes on him he passes. If he stays in the pocket, someone comes open and he can hit a cat at 50 yards. An extremely difficult process to defend. Blitzes might work but with the present backfield they will not be able to find the ball. Add to this a better kicking game and a few trick plays........National Champs......two years in a row.