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I have been a passionate sports fan since a young age and love following all different games and athletes. If you enjoy my articles check out my blog at

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  • Ted Sillanpaa posted 2778 days ago

    Ted Sillanpaa

    Thanks for linking my A's column...although, frankly, I don't know what it means to link my stuff. It must be good, right? I'll have to follow your stuff...I wanna look like Jay Wright...I want tjhe Red Sox to fall into a million tiny pieces until the memory of Curt Schilling is gone forever. And, I went from wanting to BE Steve Young to wanting my sons to BE Steve Young. (Pending TMZ finding something in his garbage or whatever.) I've been a Duke fan since ... well, for a long time ... so I'm even interested in learning about your love for Villanova and the Big East...(I got bruised just writing out Big East...)