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Welcome to my Profile, I recommend you enjoy this song while reading this It is John Cena's Basic Thuganomics song.

Well I think I'll start with my name, Its Jesus Gonzalez, I am 19 Yeas old, I live in Fabulous Las Vegas, I've Been a Wrestling fan since 2002.

My favorite Wrestlers are
1. CM Punk and The Ryback
CM Punk is my favorite star, He's the reason i started watching Wrestling again when it got completely unbearable in The Guest Host era. He also helped me in a positive way finally driving it home that you don't need to drink and do drugs to be fun or successful or feel accepted.
The Ryback is my favorite star because he's the first star that I generally want to succeed and be a mega star. He isn't the best wrestler but in the end i never really cared how much moves a wrestler knew or did, as long as you entertained me i was a fan and he has. His Mic skills are really underrated on here, He certainly has surpassed " No Offense" Ziggler and Wade Barrett. FEED ME GOLDBERG!.
2. John Cena
I never really cared for Cena even during his Thuganomics days, I liked him and he entertains me but I never really became a fan of him until he became this wise cracking face. I am a fan of him because he deals with hostile crowds and manages to turn them for him.
3. Kurt Angle
I loved chanting You Suck at him, I enjoyed watching him win the World Heavyweight Championship in 2006 and always enjoyed his matches. His promos were so hilarious " Your Momma taught me how!!" and him as Smackdown GM were great times especially that Big Show Chokeslam I literally thought he might have been completely knocked out.
4. Chris Benoit
I felt so estatic when i saw him with The World Heavyweight Championship and World Tag Team Championship at the same time. I was so glad to see him be a force to reckon with. The only reason i saw raw when it was the Evolution Variety Hour. After 2007 i can't even watch his old matches.Great Wrestler and entertainer.
5. Eddie Guerrero
I always loved Eddie, His great matches,his Mic Work, his overall character. My favorite promo will be when he had Rey's bloody mask in the ring and when he was sitting in a chair he kept talking to it which instead of getting me mad it got me laughing because he looked absolutely ridiculous lol. He also gave me my first favorite match, When he faced Edge on smackdown in a Ladder Match it was so awesome to see who would win. RIP Eddie.

My least favorite Wrestlers
1. Kevin Nash
His comments regarding Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit were uncalled for and well deservingly backfired into his face.
2. New Jack
He stabbed someone for not following the script. I don't care how much you take kayfabe seriously it is completely unacceptable to stab someone.

My favorite era of Wrestling 2002-2007 Smackdown. You will be missed can't miss Friday Night Smackdown.

My general tastes
Television SHows
1. Storage Wars
2. The Boondocks
3. Arthur
5. Dragonball Z

Favorite Movies
1. The Dark Knight
2. Shrek 2
3. Jurrassic Park 2
4. Despeciable Me 2
5. Rugrats in Paris the Movie

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  • Ziggy The Punk posted 64 days ago

    Ziggy The Punk

    I find it funny how Cena still sells merch and people still hate him.

  • Ziggy The Punk posted 64 days ago

    Ziggy The Punk

    You stole my picture. :(

  • ACCOUNT CLOSED. posted 313 days ago


    Cool profile.

  • Riyan posted 323 days ago


    HI THERE!!

  • Lil Ray-Ray Jr. posted 357 days ago

    Lil Ray-Ray Jr.

    Check out my bio please! =D

  • lala boom posted 365 days ago

    lala boom

    Your Welcome

  • Rafi Phoenix posted 369 days ago

    Rafi Phoenix

    Yeah I'm watching it right now. I can't wait for Punk/Lesnar and D-Bry/Cena.

  • Lil Ray-Ray Jr. posted 372 days ago

    Lil Ray-Ray Jr.

    Reel update!

  • Rafi Phoenix posted 372 days ago

    Rafi Phoenix

    I'm not sure actually. Maybe RVD since at first I wasn't looking forward to his return but he proved me wrong with his performance at MITB.

  • Lil Ray-Ray Jr. posted 372 days ago

    Lil Ray-Ray Jr.

    Yeah my bio was waaay longer (it was the Reel, but since it was old, and since I have a problem to solve, I took it down). And the Reel's been going on for 4 months.