Ladale  Nesmith

Ladale Nesmith


I'm from NYC and I love sports. My favorite teams are the New York Yankees, Milwaukee Brewers( funny ain't it) Dallas Mavericks, Duke Blue Devils (College Basketball), Miami Hurricanes ( College Football), St.Louis Rams, and Baltimore Ravens. Each and everyone of these teams are an example of who I am as a person. The Yankees represent where I'm from and that is the Bronx and winning or achieving how ever you want to put it. The Milwaukee Brewers represent my blue collar livelihood of working hard for everything you get, the Dallas Mavericks representing me trying to achieve my dreams by coming across road blocks and trying to knock them down to get to where I want to go. Duke represents my belief that you can be smart and athletic and able to achieve on and off the court. The Miami Hurricanes represent my swagger and confidence in myself as a human being, the St.Louis Rams represent my flash and flamboyance at least the greatest show on turf Rams did lol, and last but not least the Baltimore Ravens, I followed this team since the Ray Lewis days when he left from the U and just became a fan of them because they also fit into my personality. They have university of Miami alums like Tavaress Gooden, Ed Reed, Willis Mcgahee, and Ray Lewis. They also have that ruthless aggression in them that I like. They play so physical and basically send a message to there opponents that we want to hurt you and will do anything in takes to beat you. I'm also a supporter of the Brazil National team because I am a quarter Brazilian and there so flashy with joga bonito style of play and I am a person that likes to have fun in times where you have to be serious like the Brazil National soccer or football team (what ever you prefer).

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