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I am a lifelong uwaivering Raider fan. I have been a fan long enough to have lived through the glory years. Win or lose I will always love the Raiders and am proud of that. I am a second generation rabid Raider fan but I have lived Far from the Bay Area for my whole life. As I have come to many crossroads of my life there has always been at least one constant and that is the Raiders have always been a passion of mine. Yes silver and black runs through these veins.

I was fortunate enough to have been in attendance for Superbowl XVIII when I was 13 years old. I was also at the Superbowl parade when the Raiders won XV. The Tuz actually picked me up by the collar and screamed in my face. Although I was a little too youngf to appriciate XI but I will always take pride in the Raiders winning that one too. I was also at the AFC Championship game when the Raiders were ripped off by Denver in 1978. I was in full Raiders uniform with the helmet and pads. Can you imagine adults actually dumping beer on a 7 year old child, and they say our fans are jerks.

I have met Tim Brown, Lester Hayes, Tom Flores, Jim Plunkett and last year Cliff Branch. He let my sport his Super Bowl XVIII ring for a few minutes. That was a huge rush. I also met Bob Golic as a child and Rod Martin at a football camp when I was a junior in high school. I have also photographed countless Raiderettes at an anual promotion at our local Ford dealership.

I look foward to the return of greatness of my beloved Raider, yes I said my Raiders. They are only on loean to Al Davis untul he passes. Contrary to what the media says, we are not far from that point. Last year the Raiders were only a few plays and a good leader at QB from having a winning record, not to mention, as usual several horrible officiating decisions. I am also convinced that we are only a few players away from winning the division. I could not imagine how well we would have done with a competent QB behind Center. The dry years are almost over and there is greatness ahead for the Silver and Black.

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  • Enzo Glitched Profile posted 1641 days ago

    Enzo Glitched Profile

    wow, you've been a Raider fan for a long time. Amazing how you were able to witness the Raiders Superbowl Championship. I only became a fan of this team since 07, and as you know, I wasn't able to experience those good moments.

  • JW Nix posted 2375 days ago

    JW Nix

    thanks for the message
    Guy is on the defense, now posted
    he heads my Raiders list as most worthy of Canton, and is in my top 5 overall
    Plunkett did have two nice years coming off the bench
    his overall Raiders record was 38-19, which pales to Stabler/ Lamonica
    '82 was his only year as THE starter
    that is why he gets honorable mention only
    plus his two rings were surely helped by Rod Martin and Marcus Allen going nuts on those days
    I appreciate his role on those two teams, but think the media places too much credit on the quarterback. I look at him as a Trent Dilfer/ Eli Manning/ Mark Rypien, etc as far as importance on those championship teams. Just a part of the machine, nothing exceptional.
    van Eeghan and Pro Bowler Kenny King ran wild as Plunkett tossed 16 INT's to 18 TD's in '80. Lester Hayes was Defensive POY with 13 INT's
    '83 saw 18 INT's against 20 TD's as Greg Pruitt was a Pro Bowl returner, Allen/ Frank Hawkins were solid, and Bill Pickel, Greg Townsend, and Howie Long were dominant
    I'd never ever vote for Jim to get inducted into Canton
    not just because there are many better QB's waiting, but the body of work. You said "two magical seasons", yet he played 15 total. NO Pro Bowls and a 34-53 record with the other teams that jettisoned him even though they were lousy.
    Stabler deserves entry more, as does Lamonica
    and I don't think those two go in
    Tim Brown should be in the next year or two. I'll take him over Cris Carter if I voted
    just my opinions as far as football history goes and I understand many want guys like Plunkett or even Tom Flores in Canton. There are a ton of guys awaiting the call, thus the reason I started my Crazy Canton Cuts series years ago. Guy and Jack Tatum were profiled so far, as far as Raiders go

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    Carl Cockerham


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    Carl Cockerham