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  • Donovan Griffin posted 2 days ago

    Donovan  Griffin

    ''I like SD better than RAW right now. I DVR so MNF has no impact for me.''

    Sorry for the delay. But... DVR-ing WWE programming right now makes more sense.
    Enjoy your thanksgiving turkey.

  • Dark Side posted 2 days ago

    Dark Side

    TLC can be better. Don't lose your hope. All you have to do is BOlieve!!!

  • Dark Side posted 3 days ago

    Dark Side

    Yeah, but not just that, the entire PPV. I mean the matches were good but no swerves and crowd was dead. I expect more from a big PPV like Survivor series and that was underwhelming. Also too much predictable. WWE's previous PPVs and NXT events were predictable too but made up for them with some very high caliber matches and swerves but Survivor Series lacked it.

  • Dark Side posted 7 days ago

    Dark Side

    Other than Ziggler, I agree with you. Ziggler winning would be stupid, even if its WWE creative lol. Tyler needs this.

  • Dark Side posted 8 days ago

    Dark Side

    Either Ambrose or Reigns will win. KO isn't much of a possibility and ADR has no chance in hell!
    Yeah, I too am not a fan of exploiting deaths. Never was and never will.

  • CM Mox posted 10 days ago

    CM Mox

    Same here actually. I still stand by my point that major changes should take place in order for WWE to convince me to dedicate time for it again.

  • Dark Side posted 10 days ago

    Dark Side

    Raw was great! But not all parts were god, there were some bad matches and I didn't like Charlotte on mic. Maybe she got emotional because of her brother and messed up. That was bad even by her mic skills standard.

  • Dark Side posted 11 days ago

    Dark Side

    Another good Raw.

  • Sassy Pages posted 11 days ago

    Sassy Pages

    Despite the hate, Roman did put in a good performance but his matches tend to go the route of him being beaten down a lot. He needs to put on more matches like the one he had with Daniel Bryan at Fast Lane. It was nice that him and Cesaro embraced, it only cements Cesaro as a baby face and I guess it helps the fans not to hate Roman too much.

  • Dark Side posted 12 days ago

    Dark Side

    I'm ready for Raw