jeremy bork

jeremy bork


Why would you even care???

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  • john smith posted 2358 days ago

    john smith

    Brandon Eagan; @john: Comment about Eagan from other fans; Look at you...going to every other fan's site and causing are a little punk! More from another; Oh and I am tired of going at it with a bull headed packers fan like yourself..seriously can one be anymore idiotic than you? MORE...!!steelers are the best and you can suck on that one.... YOU ARE A GREEBAY HALF-WIT!!!

  • Spencer Tucksen posted 2760 days ago

    Spencer Tucksen

    Hey dude (again, the same opening line), I just finished writing my new article about the running backs who will move up in the Madden ratings system! Thanks in advance for reading!

  • Spencer Tucksen posted 2783 days ago

    Spencer Tucksen

    Hey dude! Would you mind checking out my new article! It's my first list that is not positional rankings!

  • Brandon Eagan posted 2790 days ago

    Brandon Eagan

    utter retard and that is a complete tool and probably a bandwagon hopper

  • jeremy bork posted 2791 days ago

    jeremy bork

    Chad Lunberg, Biggest dumb fuck on the planet. Spread the Word!!!