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Born and bred in Athens, Georgia to a faithful Red and Black family. Developed athletic ability and enjoyed a range of activities, primarily soccer, golf, and tennis. Attended a plethora of sporting events: Masters, Olympics, World Series, BCS. Acquired a critical perspective in college for my favorite conversation topic that necessitated expression.

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  • Jach Shore posted 2718 days ago

    Jach Shore


    This is Jach Shore. Ok so I came up with an Idea. Why don't us top five writers all write one article saying who we want the Falcons to choose with the first pick. We can only pick one and must fully justify why we picked this player what up side they have and so on. If you are interested please leave me a post or email me at

  • daniel cox posted 2812 days ago

    daniel cox

    i'm VERY high on douglas. love me some HD

  • daniel cox posted 2813 days ago

    daniel cox

    victor, thanks for the comments. i think you're right on both accounts. the o-line broke down. especially in the cardinals game. in fact, that was by far their worst game. which raises concerns heading into next season. i think they need to address that line in some capacity.

    yeah turner carried WAY too much. something's gotta give there. norwood has to get more carries or they need to find someone to take some carries from turner. i don't think it's a draft thing. and i don't even think they'll sign anyone. they've got brown coming back. snelling's looked good when he's played. i think next season things'll open up more on offense and there will be confidence in everyone across the board. either way, turner can't continue to carry that kind of load.

    thanks again!

  • daniel cox posted 2814 days ago

    daniel cox


    did matt ryan hit the rookie wall? possibly. but i think it was a combination of things: