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Bleacher Report's Featured Columnist for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Curt has been featured on ESPN Radio, and on sites including, and Curt has covered the NFL, college football, and the NFL draft exclusively for nearly 15 years and is excited to bring his experience and point of view to Bleacher Report. Follow Curt on Twitter @nfldraftboard

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  • Zak Kulin posted 172 days ago

    Zak  Kulin

    Haha no worries, Curt. I was actually going to ask you if you typed this up on your phone or iPad because it looked like autocorrect took control.

  • Bryan Vale posted 247 days ago

    Bryan Vale

    A belated thanks for the kind words a few weeks ago, Curt

  • rey perez posted 248 days ago

    rey perez

    My take on Kelvin Benjamin or Mike Evans and why the steelers should take them first over all at 15

    First the obvious, both are big targets, both standing at 6'5, both show great athleticismfor their size, both match up nightmares for the oppisite team, both big redzone targets for big ben, both draw comparisions to megatron and last both rare to come by, 6'5 athletic freak recievers just don't fall to you every year especaily when we have a chance to pick them at 15

    Second yes our defenise slipped last year and its not what steeler fans are use to, but that was partly due to the injuries in the first part of the season, and while we do need to address our defensive needs they can be addressed with other picks in the draft, steeler scouts do know how to comb threw and find excellent prospects deep in the draft, lets not forget Antonio Brown was a 6th round draft pick, and first and for most Dick Lebeau does not start rookie defensive backs or defensive linemen too often and just thinking that our first round pick might sit for a year or two sucks,many have us taking a nose guard or defensive back in the first round and not being able to play with a new toy sucks, mean while on the other side of the ball Benjamin or Evans can start and even be a number 2 reciever and make an impact right away

    Third our other concern was taking an offensive tackle to protect big ben, well for right now we have the answer in Kevin Beachum, and i for one think we should try out the Beachum Project for a full year and if it doesnt work then draft one in the first round next year will definitly be priority, let remember this year was big ben's best year and the one protecting his blind side Kevin Beachum our 7th round pick last year

    Fourth if we don't pick one of them maybe someone in the division just might and that would be a nightmare for us when we could of had a chance to pick one of them up, Joe Flacco, Andy Dalton, or the Brown's QB(saying this because i dont know who their first pick will be) would be loving one of them on their roster oppisite of Torrey Smith, Josh Gordon, or AJ Green match up nightmares all around, now imagine one of them oppisite of Antonio Brown, Cotchery in at slot and Miller in at tight end Bell coming out of the back field, passing attack that would be hard to defend

    So in my belief Kelvin Benjamin or Mike Evans would be a perfect first round pick for us

  • Samuel Lavin posted 249 days ago

    Samuel Lavin

    What corners, safeties and nose tackles do you think the Steelers should take a look at?

  • Nichele Dressler posted 253 days ago

    Nichele Dressler

    You're welcome, Curt! If you come across the formatting issue again, try using the Clear Formatting tool under the "Format" pull-down menu. It doesn't always work (sometimes it's an issue with the HTML), but it often does the trick. Hope that helps!

  • Tiffany Brennan posted 263 days ago

    Tiffany Brennan

    You’re welcome, Curt! No worries. It was only a handful of words on each slide, which was odd. I don’t remember ever noticing the font issue before with your articles, so it may have just been a one-time thing. Keep up the great work!

  • Delores Smith-Johnson posted 270 days ago

    Delores Smith-Johnson

    You're welcome, Curt! Thank you for the fan support!!

  • bill Watkins posted 293 days ago

    bill  Watkins

    p.s. ignore typos and poor grammer. haha

  • bill Watkins posted 293 days ago

    bill  Watkins

    Curt---. I am Bill Watkins anothother villified by agreeing with your observation and stats on Jarvis Jones. It's a great article when yiou can get the love hate relationshghron Cope once had. I have an MA. in Written Comm. Taught at Univ. Cal of PA. for 3 yrs. Wrote for newspapers, radio and some TV. Now finished first Novel. I have been accused of bei ng your brother, friend and---even bedmate by Paddy lol! Please don't change your perspection and observation of player, coaches and talent or lack there of; Many are simply waving towels for every thing the steelers do. I believe they're going in the wrong directiion. Ertz would have been a great pick for example. Miller injured.Eiffert, speed and mismatch. Xavier Rhodes or Patterson, We have an elite qb. whose bullets are loaded light. Stick to your guns regardless of criticism. One day I may show my disagreement. In a different style, lol--- Willd Bill.

  • Larry King Geoff posted 296 days ago

    Larry King Geoff


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