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Sports is one of my greatest passions. I follow each of the four major sports but baseball is by far my favorite and will be virtually the sole focus of my articles. I didn't like baseball as a kid, but after going to the 2005 All Star Game in Detroit and watching the Tigers' miracle season in 2006, I fell in love with the game.

I will focus a great deal on the Tigers but as I do consider myself a fan of MLB as a whole, that certainly won't be the only thing I write about. I'm particularly fond of lists and you can expect a healthy dose of those. If you like a piece I wrote, be sure to read my other work and become a fan. Thank you.

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  • Dez Tobin posted 2180 days ago

    Dez Tobin

    Do you have a Twitter we can follow you on?

  • D.A. posted 2586 days ago


    Hey John

    Here are the 30 best rookie seasons in the past decade:


  • D.A. posted 2635 days ago


    Hey John -- Miguel Cabrera and Josh Hamilton both have similar stories, but only Hamilton gets the hype, why?


  • Evan Bruschini posted 2713 days ago

    Evan Bruschini

    Hey, John! I finished the second of my double play combination rankings. It's a bit shorter, but I heard some complaints from relatives about the length last time. So, check it out when you get time! I think you'll especially enjoy this one.

    Best regards,

  • Evan Bruschini posted 2724 days ago

    Evan Bruschini

    Here's my latest piece. Not much research involved, but it was pretty fun to write:

  • Evan Bruschini posted 2731 days ago

    Evan Bruschini

    I'd love it if you'd read my latest article. It's easily my best ever, and my first slideshow. It could be the longest (in number of words) slideshow ever. If you find the time, take a second to check it out.

  • Evan Bruschini posted 2777 days ago

    Evan Bruschini

    Hey man, I know I haven't written anything in a while, but Dallas Braden's perfect game was too good to miss. I know you'll probably read a bunch of them, but check mine out if you get a chance.

  • D.A. posted 2873 days ago


    Hey John--

    Here's my 2010 AL Central Preview


  • Richard Langford posted 2947 days ago

    Richard Langford

    Tune in to read the exciting conclusion of Tom Cable's Day.

  • Richard Langford posted 2949 days ago

    Richard Langford

    In case you were wondering what a day in the fabulous life of Tom Cable was like, or are just in need of a good laugh, you may enjoy this: