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I love sports! My life is sports. My Favorite sport is baseball.

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  • Wyatt Sinclair posted 1880 days ago

    Wyatt Sinclair

    Hey Sean, take a look at the open letter that I wrote to Commissioner Selig and let me know what you think:

  • Michael Gibbons posted 1941 days ago

    Michael Gibbons

    My foul proof plan to bring the Bulls back to glory. Let me know what you think

  • Venkat Iyer posted 1941 days ago

    Venkat Iyer

    Check out and comment on my new article buddy. Whatdya think?

  • Justin Worsley posted 1944 days ago

    Justin Worsley

    I have a new article on my page. Love to get your opinion.

  • Venkat Iyer posted 1944 days ago

    Venkat Iyer

    Yeah, I heard. Yikes.

  • Venkat Iyer posted 1948 days ago

    Venkat Iyer

    Um just go to settings and change your bio pic. You need to have a pic saved on your comp. though.

  • Heneli Iongi posted 1949 days ago

    Heneli Iongi

    I think you right retarded article like your most recent one. Peyton or Eli? Are you serious? hahaha! As for my articles, I think I've proven that people agree with my view because I back them up with facts and logic. All your "facts" are nothing but pure speculation and myths. LOL! Hahahaha! You should make an article on who's better, Philip Rivers or Peyton Manning, after the Chargers take the SuperBowl this season.

  • Heneli Iongi posted 1949 days ago

    Heneli Iongi

    If I'm ticking you off then it's because I'm saying some truth that some people refuse to see. LOL!

  • Heneli Iongi posted 1950 days ago

    Heneli Iongi

    Just to let you know, the Colts got whooped 3 times in a row from the Chargers. 1st time to stop their winning streak 4 years ago. Then dropped the Colts at home in the play-offs what supposedly is their final game in the RCA Dome. Then got beat 2 years ago by a 8-8 Charger team. LOL! Chargers own the Colts!

  • Justin Worsley posted 1950 days ago

    Justin Worsley

    No problem. Thanks for reading my stuff. And let me know when you write articles as well. I'd love to get some different perspectives from a Colts fan.