Kevan Lee

Kevan Lee


Growing up in Idaho, I could have become any number of things--a farmer, a redneck, a NASCAR fan, an environmentalist. Somehow, I settled on writing.

In Seattle, I earned my degree in journalism from Seattle Pacific, and I covered high school sports for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. The big city was a far cry from my humble upbringing, what with its culture and population and traffic. But if anything, it made me a more well-rounded person and a learned writer.

My experiences shape my writing more than anything else, and I always try to put my personality in everything I do. I like to think that my stories are a reflection of me, and I hope that they allow readers to get to know me better. For a Clif's notes version of me, check out these little known facts:

1. I like the Patriots.
2. I have an abject fear of deep water and homeless people.
3. The movie Elf is loosely based on my life.
4. I don't like books. At all.

I recently started my own website at I know nothing of web design (see first paragraph: growing up in Idaho), but the site does have a lot of good stuff. Feel free to check it out and leave me a note.

Thanks for reading.

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