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I'm an unabashed New England/Boston sports fan, who, in my last three moves within the great state of Massachusetts, has inexplicably wound up a mere 20-minute drive from Gillette Stadium. Trust me, it hasn't been intentional; it's just always been the case in some weird, fate-laden, can't-get-away-from-the-island on LOST sort of way. That being said, it puts me that much closer to my favorite NFL team, the New England Patriots, while Fenway Park and the Red Sox are only another 35 minutes north from there, in addition to the Celtics and Bruins.

I've been a sportswriter for 15 years and currently freelance for a large daily in Central Mass. For the last six years I was an assistant editor at an award-winning regional boating magazine that ultimately--and rather sadly--was forced to fold due to the print publishing industry's continuing freefall. Here's to a better and brighter future online!

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