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Born and raised in NYC. Im a huge sports fanatic. I am a die hard fan of the 8 teams listed on my short list. I want to get into the sports writing business and eventually do broadcasting as well. I am 19 years old and I know I have a bright future ahead of me. I really can't picture myself doing anything else with my life. Sports is my passion!

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  • _ _ posted 1290 days ago

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    Strong possibility of the NFL being diluted in quality, by extending the regular season to 18 games. My solution generates additional league revenue and increased competition, without sacrificing the quality and integrity of the NFL.

    Possible Solution for NFL 18 game Schedule


  • Anthony Bonnet posted 1689 days ago

    Anthony Bonnet


    Miles Austin's contract was just extended.

  • Kelvin Osuoji posted 1784 days ago

    Kelvin  Osuoji

    Hi Danni, you should tag a specific team on your articles, helps you be more specific