1. Time for Change: 5 Ways to Get Ratings Back and Appeal to Us, The WWE Universe

    After a huge drop in ratings this past Raw, many say that WWE should start panicking. I for one disagree. While they do need to do something, panicking hardly ever helps your situation...

    John R. Written by John R. about over 6 years ago 553 reads 7 comments

  2. John Morrison:Why He Should Be Set to Smackdown, Turned Heel & a Title Contender

     John Morrison is one who many think is being underused and under appreciated. He has undeniable talent in the ring for sure but many would say that his mic skills need lots of work...

    John R. Written by John R. about almost 7 years ago 228 reads 1 comments

  3. 10 Things We Learned a Week after Extreme Rules

    A week after Extreme Rules and following the WWE Draft we learned some pretty important things about the State of the WWE. Extreme Rules had some pretty surprising events happening and some not so surprising(Cena Winning, Again)...

    John R. Written by John R. about 7 years ago 2,281 reads 6 comments

  4. WWE NXT: Who will Rise and who will Fall?

    I don't know if you all saw last nights edition to WWE's NXT but it was pretty bad. The NXT rookies were each given 30 seconds to speak upon topics that had absolutely nothing to do with wrestling...

    John R. Written by John R. about 7 years ago 1,524 reads 7 comments

  5. 8 Tag Teams that would help out the WWE's dying tag division

    Fresh off of my list for 10 feuds that i think would help "save" WWE, I thought about WWEs weaknesses and Tag teams came to mind. With teams like DX and Cryme Tyme splitting up these days it seems as though the Tag division is virtually non existent...

    John R. Written by John R. about 7 years ago 1,418 reads 11 comments

  6. 10 Feuds I think would help save WWE

    These feuds wont exactly "Save" WWE but will spice things up a bit more in my opinion. These feuds would not only give the WWE universe what they want to see but will also help establish some young talent that may be struggling to get over with the fans..

    John R. Written by John R. about 7 years ago 1,381 reads 12 comments