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  • Seahawks Fan posted 1048 days ago

    Seahawks Fan

    When are you going to write another article? And where's the last one critiquing Kaepernick? I see that loser Truckstop Queen is attacking you. That means you did something right.

  • Tailgate King posted 1048 days ago

    Tailgate  King

    you need to grow thicker skin if you want to make it in a mans world sweetheart,,good luck with all that,,,BEEOTCH,,, L OL

  • Tailgate King posted 1054 days ago

    Tailgate  King

    on the ligher side of being repulsive,my post to your thread about farve was in replyiong to something someone had let on your thread,I replied to it,but they edited it, so sorry it was not meant to be a shot acorss your bow,,,L O L

  • Tailgate King posted 1060 days ago

    Tailgate  King

    your a biased,stupid,unknowing idiot woman who dyes her hair to hide the fact that your a dumb ass blonde

  • Seahawks Fan posted 1060 days ago

    Seahawks Fan

    True. Hawk fans are a lot more open minded, and from my experience a lot more intelligent.

  • Seahawks Fan posted 1061 days ago

    Seahawks Fan

    Good work. Most coward writers are too afraid of the Whiner fans to publish the truth, yet you did it with your first article.

  • Grayson Scogin posted 1061 days ago

    Grayson Scogin

    Sorry I was so harsh in the comments section on your article. If I knew it was your first I would have been more polite. I still disagree though. Good luck becoming a writer here.

  • Your Father posted 1067 days ago

    Your Father

    What if.....matrix

  • Chris J posted 1078 days ago

    Chris J

    You're a cutie :-)