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Matt Bowen played defensive back for seven seasons in the NFL (2000-2006) with the Rams, Packers, Redskins and Bills. A sixth-round pick of the Rams in 2000, Bowen won the Carroll Rosenbloom Award given each season to the team's Rookie of the Year. He holds a journalism degree from the University of Iowa and a masters degree in writing and publishing from DePaul University in Chicago. Bowen's writing background includes the Washington Times, Pro Football Weekly, Washington Examiner, Chicago Sun-Times, National Football Post, Chicago Tribune and ESPN Insider. He lives in the Chicago area with his wife and four sons.

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  • Sam Shakarchy posted 30 days ago

    Sam Shakarchy

    You were drafted right infront of brady

  • Luther Reedy posted 72 days ago

    Luther Reedy

    Hey Matt, I really enjoy your articles. As somebody who played football in high school ( almost 20 years ago now ) it's refreshing to see everything broken down for somebody like me who hasn't studied football for a long time.

    I was wondering if we could get some articles like you did for preseason that really explained what a player is feeling. Those are my favorite articles. I like to get into the minds of those who are playing and understand where they are coming from.

    I have questions like

    What is going through a players head when they have a losing record?
    What is going through a players head when they go against a rival?
    What is going through a players head when they have a winning record?
    How does it feel to be at the top of your division/conference/league?
    What goes through a players mind and how do the coaches motivate a team to come back from what looks like the start of a bad season ( NE Patriots turnaround the last two games )?
    What goes through a players head when they see their name in print as both positive and negative commentary?

    Just a few questions I have had while reading articles on BR. You write very well and explain things in great detail to give us this insight week in and week out. Keep up the great work! I enjoy reading all of your articles.

  • L C posted 74 days ago

    L C

    Is there a way we can get notified about when you post a geek-tickle (article for geeks) like these? They're great but I'd rather not have to go to the site every day. Thanks.

  • David Bark posted 89 days ago

    David Bark

    I'm an x's and o's junkie and I've loved your breakdowns of doubles and trips concepts and defensive adjustments to them. I've noticed New Orleans uses some quads formations (with empty backfield of course) and I'm hoping at some point you can break down those concepts for us. Overloading one side like that seems like it would completely wreck a lot of zone coverages.

  • Troy Tauscher posted 92 days ago

    Troy Tauscher

    Hey Matt! Love your work. As someone who is looking to get into the field of sports journalism, your stuff has taught me so much about the game. Keep being brilliant!

  • Jack Granby posted 110 days ago

    Jack Granby

    you talk too quickly on bleacher report videos. It's hard to hear if you are talking sense if you are mumbling every other word. Take a breath every once in a while mate!

  • Mess With Bull Get The Horns posted 134 days ago

    Mess With Bull Get The Horns

    I'm a Bears fans so, I've been following your material for a long time from 670 the score to the BR. Just wanted to let you know you put out great material. I think a great segment for you would be ask Matt football related questions.

  • Dave BigFat posted 135 days ago

    Dave BigFat

    Matt - First of all, I love your writing. Not just as a Rams fan, but as a fan of all football, especially the strategic aspect of the game.

    However: While it's great to see your analyses of various routes versus various coverages, I'd like to see more on how defenses match up to run plays. For example, why would a power play work better than a counter against Cover (X). Just saying, it would be very interesting!