Boxing is life, and if I'm lucky it always will be.

I once attempted to lace up the gloves myself. It was in my living room, as a teenager, but my career was cut tragically short when I realized that I didn't much care for being hit.

Since then I've had to settle for writing about boxing and boxers. I consider it my passion in life.

In my career at Bleacher Report, I've been lucky enough to cover several big fights live, including the huge pay-per-view event between Floyd Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez last September in Las Vegas. In the process, I've been fortunate enough to interview fighters like Mayweather, Alvarez, Manny Pacquiao, Timothy Bradley, Bernard Hopkins and Miguel Cotto. Not bad for someone who happened upon BR when it was still in its nascent stages, and said, why not me?

My work has also been featured on CNN, HBO Boxing and Doghouse Boxing.

In addition to my boxing responsibilities, I have also been part of BR's coverage teams for NASCAR, NCAA Basketball, the NHL and PGA Tour.

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  • jack Stanton posted 22 days ago

    jack Stanton

    look out for KEITH TAPIA, cruiser-heavyweight. he is 13-0.

  • jack Stanton posted 22 days ago

    jack Stanton

    look out for KEITH TAPIA, cruiser-heavyweight. he is 13-0.

  • Kevin Tikalsky posted 87 days ago

    Kevin Tikalsky

    Kevin, c'mon really!! Gene Haas is not trying to get his Indy Car Team off the ground.
    He is in the process of putting together a Formula 1 Team. for a person who writes about motor sports you think you would know the difference. How does it feel to be stupid.?
    by the way Gene Haas has been working on this for nearly two years already. Time for you to start drinking a better brand of coffee!! Wake up!

  • Eddie Bryant posted 169 days ago

    Eddie Bryant

    How do you feel about this article now Kevin?

  • Nicole Vitale posted 350 days ago

    Nicole Vitale


  • Nicole Vitale posted 350 days ago

    Nicole Vitale

    Please remember that I'm gonna follow through all the way... Carnival of rust.

  • Regi Foster posted 468 days ago

    Regi Foster

    The problem with Broner, was he clearly wasn't ready for this fight! He never gain his momentum and seemed to almost be somewhat confused and had the inability to connect with what he needed to do to dominate Maidana. Does he need a rematch? more than anything he needs to check his ego, get back to the basics and train like Maidana and anybody else could come along and whoop him without notice.

  • Indians Fan posted 474 days ago

    Indians Fan


  • paul michael posted 479 days ago

    paul michael

    Well. I did find something on the PPV numbers for Rio/Pacquiao


    ""The numbers are coming in like we expected," Arum said. "There was a little delay because of Thanksgiving, but it will be somewhere in the area of 500,000 buys. We ran all our numbers on something a little less than 500,000 but figuring we'd do around 500,000, and that's what we're going to wind up doing. It means 490,000 or 510,000, something like that."

  • paul michael posted 481 days ago

    paul michael

    Thanks Kevin. I a'm curious as to how much money was generated on the cellphone buys.as well. It may not have been as profitable as envisioned, seeing that a group of 7-10 can just as easily buy a fight, and watch it on a bigger screen at the same price (depending on the price of the PPV in a particular country)..Then their are pubs and theaters that host fights as well (and perhaps even stadiums in case of big fights too. but.not sure) . . Honestly, I wouldn't watch a fight on a hand phone with so many other opportunities to view an event (pirated streams). However... you never know, people use their phones for everything these days. Would like to see some honest numbers. Either way...a tip of the hat goes out to Top Rank for evolving with the times.

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