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Like most Cleveland Browns fans, I was born into it. I simply was not given the choice of choosing the team that would forever have my undying love and support. This is not meant to sound like a complaint, because if given a choice, I'm unable to say that I would have chosen a different team. Sure, it would be fun to cheer for a team that perennially wins games, and still manages to make the best personnel decisions year in and year out. It would also be nice to have a team in Madden football that is decently rated, so that I wouldn't have to spend an hour, "correcting" the ratings of my favorite players prior to playing the game right out of the packaging. With all that having been said, I'll put it to you this way. It simply wouldn't be the same rooting for Johnny and the Kobra Kai in the Karate Kid, Ivan Drago in Rocky IV or Goliath in his battle with little David. Cleveland is a great city with an underdog mentality and one day the reality of the Browns winning the Super Bowl will fulfill the prophecy set forth by Daniel Larusso, Rocky Balboa and our little friend David. Until then, I'll remain impatient and optimistic, waiting for our time in the sun.

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