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Guillem Balagué has been a regular feature at Sky Sports for 16 years as a Spanish football pundit and reporter. He has written the biography of Pep Guardiola, ‘Another Way of Winning’ (nominated for book of the year in both the UK and Germany) and ‘A season on the brink’ on the Champions League final won dramatically in Istanbul. He is the UK correspondent of the Spanish newspaper AS and the biggest Spanish radio station, Cadena Ser, and also has a regular column in UEFA Champions magazine and Football 24/7.

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  • felix omwega posted 98 days ago

    felix omwega

    as a soccer fan i dont know when will real madrid win this season without a penalty it is disappointing to see write an article about tthis concern only real madrid fans bragging abo utwinning games with cristian scoring penalties his hatricks including penaties that is not hatrick

  • Pete Wanless posted 183 days ago

    Pete Wanless

    Hi Guillem. Why a loan deal for Falcao? It's not like a big team loaning to a smaller team......

  • Nick Sinclair posted 240 days ago

    Nick Sinclair

    Hi Balague, I am a Dortmund fan but retain an interest as I do get good coverage of it and real/barca are still the two biggest teams on the planet. Just wondering now that Luis Enrique has arrived, will he stick with the 4-3-3 barca always use or will he switch it up. And if Suarez comes, how will he fit into the team along with Messi and Neymar. Messi as a number 10 in 4-2-3-1 perhaps?

  • Charlie Turner posted 286 days ago

    Charlie Turner

    Regarding your post about Fabregas, Man Utd bid over £35M for him last season so if his clause was that then why was it not activated? Ok maybe he didn't want to leave Barca, but maybe he didn't want to play for Man Utd. Do you honestly believe that having tried so hard to bring him back and signing him for £35m from Arsenal, that Barca would then turn around and put a £35m release clause in his contract so anybody could just turn up and take him for that? Given the current turmoil, the fact that United aren't even in Europe next season and may not be for a few seasons, do you honestly think Uniited are favorites over the other 'Champions League' clubs mentioned ? Fabregas is 27 and no spring chicken anymore, he cant just wait around for a few seasons while united get there act together. Also what you said about Arsenal 'not' having a buy back clause is just a downright lie, Arsene Wenger himself has stated that he has a buy back clause, that if a bid comes in Arsenal have to be informed and I believe you have also said as much in the past, why are you being biased toward Man Utd?

  • Javier Garcia-Ramos posted 307 days ago

    Javier Garcia-Ramos

    Guillem, overall I like your articles but in your recent article about Guardiola I think you were unfair to Luis Aragonés, the true "inventor" of tiki-taka. True that some of the players were from Barcelona but that is another story. Guardiola wisely inherited those players and adapted the style, with the added benefit of having Messi, a luxury that Spain didn't have.

  • Matt Woodger posted 315 days ago

    Matt Woodger

    If you don't like him don't read his stuff?! Stop crying about it, he's just a journo that says what he sees.

  • Mohamed Ismail posted 340 days ago

    Mohamed Ismail

    Find another career. Your writing is appalling. Thanks.

  • Jazel Morffe posted 344 days ago

    Jazel Morffe

    I want to thank you for your warm feelings for everything Barca-related. You truly are something.

  • Blau Grana posted 347 days ago

    Blau Grana

    IM a fan but what do you have against Barca? Oh yeah, youre an Espanyol fan and Barca kick their ass every game haha

  • Som La Gent Blaugrana posted 355 days ago

    Som La  Gent Blaugrana

    Why must criticize Barca for everything??