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Former Liverpool, Aston Villa and England striker Stan Collymore has carved out a second career as one of football's most insightful and outspoken media personalities. Now an acclaimed radio and TV broadcaster, Stan will be contributing a weekly column for Bleacher Report, as well as taking part in regular video debates. Whatever's happening in football, you can be sure Stan will have a stance on it.

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  • Peregrine Beckett posted 970 days ago

    Peregrine Beckett

    Stan colymore has accomplished more than you ever will in a lifetime stop hating

  • jurgen posted 984 days ago


    Someone just wrote an comment that you beat up women. I goggled your name and it's true. How is it that a pussy like you has a job? YOU ARE A COWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gerard Bernat posted 984 days ago

    Gerard Bernat

    your articles are very bad, and not to mention your punditry oh god.

  • Chris Keller posted 1085 days ago

    Chris Keller

    Hey Stan trashmore, go suck penaldo's dick and stop writing coz it's clearly not your cup of tea. Ronaldo is his best year is just 3 goals ahead of Messi and that too thanks to tap-ins courtsey Di Maria, James, Bale, Isco and what not and of course penalties won by his oscar winning theatrics.

  • Bob Wilkinson posted 1103 days ago

    Bob Wilkinson

    It wasn't a blunder from Liverpool as you imply!! every man and his dog know Sanchez was the ideal replacement for Suarez but .now here's the important part he didn't want to go to Liverpool he wanted to go to Arsenal!!!! do you understand that?? did you expect BR to club him and drag him bound and gagged to Anfield?

  • Sim Simon posted 1286 days ago

    Sim Simon

    about the article you wrote....
    Ghana's Michael Essien believes the **Black Stars** are capable of going as far as the World Cup final this summer.
    why does it have to be BLACK STARS why cant it just be AFRICAN STARS... OR is it that ESSIEN said it so you copied it..

  • Dark King posted 1318 days ago

    Dark  King

    hey stan
    epic articles
    love ur team of the year cuz its actually the exact team i had made
    anyway cheers and continue ur epic journalism

  • Rhys Lloyd posted 1383 days ago

    Rhys Lloyd

    Hi Stan,

    Really respect your opinion and enjoy your arguments on TalkSport.

    Wonder what you think of my pieces?

  • Yasir Jones posted 1415 days ago

    Yasir Jones

    I'm sorry on behalf of all the buffoons on twitter that have just hurled insults at you. Not just insults, but racist ones. All for one of Luis Suarez's trademark dives. Its a shame really...

  • San Marine posted 1455 days ago

    San Marine

    hi stan !! huge fan of you're articles and opinions on hangouts :D