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  • tallulah Cusati posted 1329 days ago

    tallulah Cusati

    Debby,I really like the picture. Give him a great big HUG for me. How lucky you two are, to have each other. Take care, the Angels are watching over you.

  • Jonathan McDanal posted 1406 days ago

    Jonathan McDanal

    I'm a huge fan of Sela Ward and Courtney Cox. The original assignment was for one celebrity fan for each bowl, but the editors allowed me to cut it down to the BCS bowls due to extenuating circumstances. If that happens again in the future, I'll make sure to ask them if it's okay to include more than one celebrity fan for each game to expand the content. :)

  • Kurk Edwards posted 1427 days ago

    Kurk Edwards

    Because Notre Dame would crush any FCS team.

  • Paul Salafia posted 1445 days ago

    Paul Salafia

    Notre Dame has NEVER played a FCS team, neither have USC, or UCLA for that matter!

  • roger andrews posted 1445 days ago

    roger andrews

    enjoying the conversation - not meaning any offense - we same to be similar in that we take pride in our teams and are adult enough to talk about it in a mature manner! Gig Em!

  • jerry allred posted 1452 days ago

    jerry allred

    Yeah, I enjoy this stuff. Who are you?

  • Jermaine Barnes posted 1456 days ago

    Jermaine Barnes

    Thank you, good luck in your game saturday also

  • Jonathan McDanal posted 1462 days ago

    Jonathan McDanal

    Thanks for the comment on the "cupcake" article. I hope that headline rotates back to me in a couple of weeks. I've got my eye on some stuff that's going on, and I'd like to include those scenarios in that article.

    On a side note, I just clicked "become a fan" on your profile. Honestly, I was shocked that I wasn't already a fan. I thought I'd "fanned" all of my 'Bama regulars. Oh well, it's been rectified now. :)

  • Eric posted 1606 days ago


    Debby, No hard feelings - we all get excited about our respective teams. Bryant was great, one of the all time greats! There are 10 great coaches who you can call all-time greats: Bryant, Rockne, Leahy, McKay, Neyland, Wilkinson, Osborne, Yost, Warner, Hayes... You can't really compare these guys to anyone, each is their own coach and each changed football. Like I said earlier, just enjoy Alabama's success because all glory is fleeting. Every golden era ends. Every great coach leaves the game one way or another.

  • George Kaplan posted 1610 days ago

    George Kaplan

    comment below should say "bear did not win 6 national championships"