Wil Wilkinson

Wil Wilkinson


Hey... I'm a 19-year old college student whose parents are worried that my college decision was based on how big-time their college football team is.

That being said, I'm from VA but I was raised huge Florida State fan (GO NOLES!!!!!!!! >>>----------;->) and I love college football!!! I'm also a pretty big Redskins fan when it comes to NFL, as well as a St. Louis Rams fan (though I've never quite been sure of the origin of this). Fan of Marquette as well in terms of college basketball. Anyways actually I'm gonna be heading to Penn State for college, pretty excited about this, so I guess that would make me a fan of them as well.

Anyways, I enjoy journalism and sports, so I try to make my contributions to this amazing site. Hopefully I'll be able to make these more consistently!

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