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  • Jihoon Nam posted 1195 days ago

    Jihoon Nam

    Sorry for my 1 month late reply lmao i was so busy

    How did you find our recent stretch of games this past month? That Leicester game was absolute crap, and even after that our defense was so exposed. I thought we'd be fine this season with Evans and Jones but it seems not, but the bright side, if any, is the emergence of guys like Blackett I guess, and to a lesser extent McNair.

    I don't really have much to say about them but Blackett looks good, of course he's young and has a lot of things to work on but yeah. McNair, he's had a good game, especially against Lukauk, but I don't really want to rate him yet. Two games lol.

    But our defense, man. I don't know what happened. The thing about Rojo was that he was never really a great player, he was a good player who did pretty well in the WC. And the past few games he's been a liability in a few goals, and I think thats' because of his aggression. Way too aggressive offensively sometimes, a bit like Rafael before. But I still would have him and Jones as our 1st choice CBs.

    Jones man, please.. Such a glass lol, I hope, really hope he doesn't become a Hargreaves because he has great potential. l

    Rafael's been really good this season also, I hope he's regained the form and especially confidence of two years ago. That was a great Rafael and he has been a great Rafael the past few games when he returned from injury as well.

    Shaw got injured again -_-

    Do you buy into the Vidal hype? What do you think about the Vidal-Mata switch that is rumored? I honestly don't really want Vidal anymore, I mean, we bought two players to use as starters in Herrera and Blind and we're gonna buy another starter? We've already got our starters and we should just develop the team in that direction. It isnt like Herrera and Blind are bad players (although Blind goes on and off pretty quickly)

    And I don't really want to offload Mata, but I think it's become a Chicharito situation again. We need him becaus ehe's a great player and for depth, but he's competing with Rooney most of the time, and of course Rooney wil l get the CAM nod with RVP and Falcao on top.

    I think that can be fixed with selling RVP though, I really think he should be sold for the better of the players. Falcao and Rooney can then play on top with Mata behind them.

  • mazoomy posted 1226 days ago


    Fantastic! This is exactly what I wanted to see in terms of performance, and nearly what I wanted formation wise.

    First of all, everyone is saying the formation was a midfield diamond, but I disagree to an extent. It's not that I think it wasn't a diamond, but rather that it was more than a diamond. It was a very free-form formation, none of the attacking players really had a set position. The starting shell looked to me like a really compact 4-3-3 like this:

    Which can take both the diamond shape when Di Maria stays back and Rooney and RvP move forward, and also a more standard 4-3-3 shape when Di Maria moves up the left wing and Rooney/RvP move forward. Mata is a bit of an attacking pivot in that the attackers sort of flow around him in a predominantly central position. I absolutely loved the free-flowing nature of our shape and how players kept swapping places and positions, and moving into space as necessary.

    The only area where this wasn't on display too often was on our right. With the more mobile (than RvP) Rooney on the left, as well as Di Maria moving into the LW area, we had a more natural 4-3-3 type shape on the left for large portions of the match, but neither RvP nor Herrera can replicate that on the right. Mata, when ADM was in a more central role, could have shifted to the right and linked up with Herrera out wide to create some of that width and dynamic play on that side too. Or we could swap RvP with Januzaj.

    In terms of individual players, Di Maria obviously was on fire today. What a performance from our #7! He is quickly becoming a favourite of mine. The hybrid CM/LW role was perfect for him, and it allowed him the freedom he needs to just wreck opposing teams.

    Rojo linked up well with him down the left-hand side, but from the 4 signings that started today he was the most average. Still, good showing from him and I hope he keeps it up and keeps improving.

    Blind was fantastic. Great distribution and good defensive cover. The only concern I have is that he is a bit lightweight and may need to add on a few pounds of muscle to withstand the physicality and wear-and-tear of the PL, but otherwise I was highly impressed by him.

    Herrera showed his LA Galaxy side again. Hopefully this time it's here to stay, but I really like what I see in him. He thrives in a quick-moving style of play, and if we build around that then we can hopefully be a bit similar to how BVB in terms of their breakneck speed of attack.

    By the time Falcao came on I had started eating and I was totally buzzing from the performance that I forgot to really check out how he did lol. I only remember bits and pieces of the game after his introduction, like the sexy 1-2 between Herrera and Januzaj that ended up with Januzaj making a terrible decision, and Falcao getting the ball played behind him. Fill me in on what I'm missing lol.

    It's too bad we let go of Kagawa though, because he would have really thrived in that kind of a system (as is evident by him bossing things for BVB immediately upon returning). Oh well, BVB are a great team and I'm glad they're getting quality players back in.

    Defensively we looked pretty solid for the most part. Not elite, and we'll probably need a bigger name or two for next season, but we should be good enough for a PL level if Evans regains his good form, Rafael stays in good form and Rojo keeps it up. Jones has been spectacular so far, Blackett has been a solid squad-role type player, and Shaw looked really good before succumbing to injury.

    Evans looked better again today. He looked much more assured defensively. Apparently he gave the ball away a few times too many, which I can't remember happening too much but K L says so and I trust him. He needs to work on it but hopefully he's putting the horror show of his first 2 performances behind him now. He made some great last-man defensive contributions to make up for any misplaced passes though.

    Wow DDG really scared me today! He showed more of what I wanted to see in terms of being a sweeper-keeper, but he needs to get wayyyy better at it if he wants to keep it up. Stylistically though I'm glad to see it, it's a good omen for the future that he's trying to sweep up behind the defense and give them the reassurance they need to hold a higher line. On that note, I just wanted to say that most keepers in the BuLi now are trying to imitate what Neuer does. Leno just last Friday for Leverkusen came out all the way to the halfway line! He's really revolutionized the GK game.

    All in all I was really impressed by the performance. There are a few kinks that need to be worked out, and RvP and Rooney didn't look like they were meshing too well, but hopefully those things improve in the coming weeks. If we keep this up we will make top 4, no doubt in my mind, so hopefully we don't regress now or later and only keep improving.

  • Abz posted 1233 days ago


    What'd you think?

  • Abz posted 1233 days ago


    If RVP is fit:

    If RVP isn't fit:

  • mazoomy posted 1235 days ago


    Yup, amazing transfer window. Crazy, just crazy! I couldn't believe it when we signed Di Maria, and then when we got Falcao and Blind on top of that I was just stunned. I really didn't want Welbeck to be sold though, I thought a loan would be good for him and I'd have rather sold Chicharito.

    Yeah DDG and Jones are the only ones who could still be proud of themselves so far. The rest have been somewhere between dreadfully average and terrible :(

    I have to disagree with you on Welbeck's potential. I think he has the ability to become a real star, and I think it will bite us in the ass that we sold him to Arsenal. He was fairly consistent at scoring goals when he was played as a real striker, and I think at Arsenal he'll really find his goal scoring boots. I'm genuinely pretty scared of facing him now TBH.

    Yeah I was pissed about Cleverley leaving, but TBH it's going to be good for him. It's only a loan so if he does really well he can come back, and if he doesn't he's finally out of the insane spotlight at United. It let's him step back, reassess his game and rebuild his form and his career. From a footballing perspective a loan was exactly what he needed looking at it now.

    Don't worry about late replies, I can understand you're insanely busy right now. Hopefully you still find time to watch matches though lol.

  • Abz posted 1236 days ago


    I'm fine mate.

    It's been an unbelievable transfer window. Falcao and Di Maria in one window is crazy. Our first Galactico window, and I'll never forget it :D

    I still can't praise Woodward and co. because they still didn't get an actual box-box midfielder that we craved and a solid CB. Rojo isn't enough. In that Germany game he was pretty poor.

    But yeah Di Maria killed the Germans, it was incredible.

    No problem, I'm actually planning on quitting BR all together.

    If you want to keep in touch add me on whatsapp: Always available, +447732355002

  • mazoomy posted 1241 days ago


    Just to let you know, I've been extremely busy and will continue to be for a while. I won't be able to respond during this time.

  • Jihoon Nam posted 1245 days ago

    Jihoon Nam

    Sorry for the late reply lol i haven't had access to my laptop for a damn long while, so I couldn't access the boards

    Well di Maria is great news, but wtf, our results lol. A draw with Sunderland, a loss to Swansea, and 4-0 to MK DONS LOL.... Well, not really "lol" it really looks problematic haha

    I think these are the things that need to be addressed:

    1. Abandon the 3-back formation. I was never a big fan of the 3-back, and I think a 3-5-2 does not really mesh with the type of squad we have . I think we would be best suited for a 4-2-3-1, even if that is pretty normal now. Yes Rojo can play in all defensive positions, but the CBs we have are pretty injury prone. And we have shown some serious defensive lapses with the trio we've played with so far and that's been causing us a lot. We also can't play Januzaj at all in a 3-5-2. I think a 4-2-3-1 would really suit our team a lot better, we can uuse something like this:

    Rafael Jones/Evans/Smalling/Rojo Shaw
    Herrera Fletcher (Vidal*/Carrick)
    Januzaj/Valencia Mata Young

    * If he comes, I doubt it though
    ** We should have sold van Persie, but if we do go through with the 3-5-2 then it would be Rooney and RVP up top but I really think we shouldve sold RVP

    2. This batch of young talent is NOT the class of '92. I think we've massively overrated these guys, we can't be playing 1 or 2 of them week in week out. Blackett looks solid, but apart from him and Januzaj, I think it's very risky to deploy these guys week in and week out. Keane looks alright, but we can't play him over the 4 strikers we have.

    This is the dilemma though, it's too risky to play them week in week out but it is also too much of a waste to keep loaning them or letting them play with the reserves.

    3. We should not sell Welbeck. There are so many rumors about him but please... He's way better than Chicharito in my opinion, and Chicha can be sold for a bit higher price, I think.

  • Abz posted 1246 days ago


    Hahahaha. :')

    I agree, can't see him having an outstanding season this year either. Maybe get 15 goals. Nothing too concerning.

    Yeah hopefully the unveiling will be today. Di Maria, 7, I think it's time to order the kit ;)

    Lol I saw that interview. Hopefully we actually get Vidal but I think De Jong/Blind is more likely. Preferably Blind since De Jong is like 30.

    4-3-3 would be amazing :D

    MK Dons tonight. Hoping some fringe players like Shinji do well.

  • Abz posted 1248 days ago


    What a lethargic performance from united. Anyone who said we don't need Di Maria should watch this game again. We needed pace and direct play more than anything.

    The only player that can be proud of wearing the united shirt was Jones. Outstanding defending from him. Without him we would've lost that game in my opinion.

    I was so excited when Adnan and Welbeck came on. It was exactly what we needed and then LVG puts adnan in central midfield?!?!
    I was hoping for 4-3-3. Adnan and Welbeck injected pace down the wings and rooney up front. But instead he plays adnan at CM. A player who has never played in CM in his entire life. Not even at u21 level. Fletcher was embarrassingly bad but I would've kept him on the pitch. Or at least move Wayne into CM.

    Young was poor. His pre-season performance was a fluke. He was a liability at the back and when he was found in good spaces he still couldn't deliver the final ball. I hate it when he cuts back and does the floating ball into the box. 99% of the time the goal keeper catches it.
    If he starts vs Burnley, I will flip!

    Valencia wasn't the best but he at least got an assist and looked more solid at the back, compared to young. Valencia has one card up his sleeve and that is a low drilled cross and it worked fortunately. Young has nothing, honestly don't understand why he's on the pitch. Reece James and Tyler Blackett would be better options. Heck Wayne Rooney would be a better LWB than Ashley Young.
    Valencia was also at fault for the goal but RVP was also to blame. AND HE DIVED AGAIN. FFS. Embarrassing the club.

    Smalling looked scared off the ball at times but wasn't too bad. Yet another average performance by him. Blackett looked good, thinking back he can proud of his performance along with jones. Pretty solid.

    Cleverley actually wasn't bad. Did the simple things well and kept things ticking. Grew as the game went on. Not bad.

    Fletcher. Sighhhh. Poor performance.

    Rooney was poor today. Didn't look at threat at all. Poor touch and just looked sloppy. 300k a week!

    RVP didn't look fit but some turns were brilliant. He needs to regain match fitness ASAP.

    Mata had a good first half. Made things tick and his first goal was great. Excellent run and timing. 2nd half he went missing, yet again.

    Welbeck looked decent when he came on but didn't have many chances. Januzaj actually looked OK in CM but it's a shame that he wasn't on the wing. A real shame. He could've been the difference maker.

    Disappointed with LVG for not changing the shape and putting Januzaj in CM.

    Very concerned for this season but hopefully Di Maria will inject that pace. Real box to box player, who will boost our attack a lot. "Mata/RVP's position looks in threat" - Gary Neville.

    What did you think of the game?