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Hello, I am a 20 year old student who is currently studying medicine.

I am a football fanatic. I am a life long manchester united fan who has lived in manchester for 10 years.season ticket holder since 2009.

I was born in sweden but I find the swedish league so boring.No good atmosphere,no passion and plenty of 0-0 games. All of my friends are manchester city fans(chose the wrong side haha).I joined bleacher report because of the great writers for example the likes of Sam Tighe,Terry Carroll and Max Towle. I love the premier league for 2 reasons:

1.The passion of the fans for example i was at the real madrid game(we lost due to controversial terms) and it was unreal!!! They sang their hearts out! My friend lost his voice because he screamed so loud and sang for 90 minutes.PASSION!!!

2.If you look at Bundesliga,la liga and serie A you see that every single one of them is either one sided or two sided or sometimes three sided if you disagree(In la liga there is Real Madrid,Barcelona and Atletico,in Bundesliga there is Dortmund and Bayern Munchen, in Serie A there is Juventus) but the premier league is different anything can happen for example last week cardiff dominated manchester city. A newcomer beat the crap out of them(by newcomer I mean that cardiff is a newcomer in the premier league so no offense city fans). There is also 5 teams who can challenge for the title Manchester United,Chelsea,City,Arsenal,Liverpool. ENTERTAINMENT!!!

I know a lot of you are tired of seeing this but GGMU!!!!

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  • Abz posted 2 days ago


    Which line up is better and more balanced in your opinion?

  • mazoomy posted 3 days ago


    Well you were right, we got Rojo, it's official! Nani is going the other way on loan, maybe because LvG still sees some promise in him. Besides, when we eventually switch to 4-3-3 we'll need cover for the wingers, and until we have that we can't go around selling all our players.

    I agree that Blind may not be the best choice for CB. What I would ideally want from him is to have him operate primarily as a midfielder, and then as cover for WB and CB as necessary. I like that he provides us with that extra insurance of having him for when an injury crisis hits one of our positions and we're in desperate need of cover.

    I'm losing faith again about the transfers. It's looking like Rojo might be it...

    Naaa I thought Jones was the best player on the day. Rooney had his moments where he looked really good, but I also saw some stuff from him that was rather terrible, like his positioning at times and some really bad passing. Jones was really good pretty much all the way through. Agreed on Blackett, I see a real future in the kid. If he stays the way he is and remains a calm player throughout his career, we might have a Lahm-like captain option in him in the future. Sometimes you just want a guy who leads by example, and he might turn out to be that kind of player. We'll have to wait and see.

    One average performance isn't enough to make me give up on him just yet. Not to mention, it was a day when the whole team looked bad. Mata looked terrible, Hernandez looked lost, Fellaini I thought did well when he tried to play as a DM but looked bad as a target man, Januzaj had terrible decision making, etc. Sure Young has a bad rep, but I think he at least deserves another chance to prove that this was a one-off poor performance and that his preseason is more indicative of how he'll play under LvG. I mean, it's not like he was just fairly good in preseason, he was one of our best performers all the way through, and the least he deserves is just another chance to show it wasn't a fluke.

    I think this setup really suits Welbeck though, so I can see him continuing to perform well for us there. Like you said, we'll have to wait and see, but I think the signs are good.

    That's nice to hear about Clevs. I really liked what I saw from him in preseason, his attitude looks much improved. I also noticed that lately he's been moving forward after passing a lot more, especially when he's played as the 8 rather than the 6. He looks more confident, he's trying new things, and I think the better performances will follow soon.

    Rojo is done, and if you could have one player we've been linked with now who would it be? For me it'd be Blind probably because I love utility players. Vidal would be really good, but I feel like Blind is the better option to do better over a season, whereas Vidal is the better choice for toppling the big teams. I think a consistent level of ability in our players is more important right now so we can get our points together and get back into the CL, then we can think about how to be the best team out of the best, if that makes sense.

    What team do you want to see against Sunderland, assuming no one else is signed? Also, Rafael is supposed to be back from injury now. I want to see:

    Jones Smalling Rojo
    Rafael Fellaini* Cleverley Young
    Januzaj*** Rooney

    * I've liked what I've seen of Fellaini in the midfield in terms of winning back possession of the ball. I seem to be in the real minority here, but under strict instructions to remain in his area and not charge forward (too much at least) I think he can be really good. Some stats to back up that up, in his last game he spent about 15 minutes playing in midfield (according to a friend who re-watched the game specifically for that reason) and he made 2 good interceptions and won a tackle. Fletcher made 3 interceptions in 90 minutes, and Herrera made 1 in 60, to put that into perspective.

    ** Mata has looked sub-par for 2 performances now (I actually think that has to do with Welbeck not being there), and I think Kagawa looked good in preseason and deserves a shot to start. Both are very talented, and the one in better form should be the one starting.

    *** If Welbeck is fit I want him to start because he's proven he can work beside Rooney. If he isn't I think Januzaj is the best choice to give us that runner up front to stretch defenses and drop back a bit.

  • Abz posted 3 days ago


    The one thing I like about Young is his work ethic. Relentlessly runs and never gives up. His quality on the other hand is mid table premier league club level. I hope we won't see him vs Sunderland in all honestly.

    Mata won't fail though, surely not. 6 goals in his last 7, last game could just be a blip. His set pieces were still decent in that game.

    Yup. Besic is a really good prospect, looks legit.

    Rojo is done now :D Finally, but he's another good player, not quite great, yet. So let's hope he shines at OT.

    Let's hope, because Rafa-Jones-Benatia-Rojo-Shaw looks great on paper.

    I agree mate. Was impressed with him at the WC. Ultimately he played as a LB, but him and Shaw could swap and take turns attacking. It think it'll be a great addition. New number 5 maybe?

    I honestly can't see Di Maria going anywhere other than PSG but I would absolutely love it!

    About Mazoomy I have no idea! He was really angry at me for no reason, we were just debating about Fellaini, and then he flipped out at me over a misunderstanding. Look on his page, I don't think I said anything offensive...
    Oh well.

  • Abz posted 4 days ago


    Yo, what are your opinions on Marcos Rojo? Impressed you at the WC?

  • Abz posted 5 days ago


    LOL you were much harsher on Young than I was! That's the thing everyone keeps bringing pre-season but it doesn't mean anything. Pointless argument, in favour of him.

    I was as well, it's quite concerning because he was in his favourite position and couldn't make it happen, it's a real shame about Mata. I'm hoping he can bounce back and make Mou regret letting go of him!

    Yeah, me neither. Would you sell Fellaini?

    Wahayyy! Couldn't agree more about Smalling, Young and Fletcher, they wouldn't even make Everton's team. Mazoomy disagrees with me.

    Lol Carvalho got sent off last night.

    Now the rumour is about Benatia going to Munich so who knows man...

    I'm just as worried as you mate.

  • mazoomy posted 5 days ago


    Yeah him and Rojo would be fantastic signings, but personally I would rather we get Benatia, or someone like him, and Blind. I feel we could use his utility more than 2 defenders right now.

    Those are the 2 I want most right now to complete the team, at least for this season when we don't play in Europe. Vidal is the kind of player to take us to the level to compete with the likes of Real, Bayern and Dortmund, but first I want to fix the holes in the team.

    If Blind could be our next O'Shea I'd be very happy. I love utility players and I think they don't get enough respect in general.

    I disagree on Rooney. He had some really good moments, but he also had really bad moments I thought. He misplaced a few important passes which ruined some attacking plays. Didn't think Blackett was all that good either, but as a young player he shouldn't be expected to perform as well as the senior players so it's okay.

    The rest of the team was pretty much average.

    Young at least had the excuse that he spent half the game in a new position, but he didn't exactly look fantastic in the first half. Nani I was actually pleasantly surprised with. He might not have been anything but average, but if you compare that to other times when he hasn't been at his best it's a big improvement. He's usually a total liability when he isn't on fire, and for him to be just average instead is a step in the right direction. If he is to stay with the club, however likely that is (and I'm not saying he should), then I think that's something pretty positive.

    I agree on Chicha. I also think that people are too fond of his great personality and let bias creep into their judgement of him a bit. For me he hasn't looked good at all so far under LvG, and I think it's time to let him go. I wasn't impressed with Rooney or Hernandez in the supporting striker role. Both have done it so far in preseason+Swansea, but neither impressed me like Welbeck in that role. They don't offer the direct running, pace and energy that he does, plus Chicharito is usually anonymous and Rooney drops deeper than Mata. If we could make him part of the Vidal deal I'd be happy with it, because like you said Wilson could then get his minutes.

    I dunno, personally I thought Fletcher didn't cover himself in glory but he wasn't awful either. He's more the 6 to Herrera's 8, so he isn't the one responsible for the majority of the forward passes. I thought he was average on the day like most of his teammates, and his Squawka/WhoScored ratings don't mark him down as being awful either. He made the most interceptions (3) out of all the non-defenders, which is pretty good for example. I still think that between him, Cleverley (who has impressed me personally so far in preseason), Herrera, Carrick and Fellaini (purely as a 6) we have enough quality to win the league, or at least make the top 4.

    Lingard certainly didn't look too bad, and I was devastated to see him get injured like that. I just don't think he fits being a WB at all. I'd rather he played as a CAM or a 10, or even as an 8 for that matter than a WB.

    Yup, let's hope we bounce back against Sunderland. I'm not ready to enter crises mode just yet after this loss, but if it continues that certainly will worry me.

  • mazoomy posted 6 days ago


    Copy/paste thoughts on game, typing this out on my phone while I wait in the car so mistakes may litter this.

    First half:

    Another game with the same problem. Hernandez and Rooney don't make a good duo in the 3-5-2 IMO and I'm tired of seeing it.

    Chicharito had another game where he was a non-factor, and Rooney was hit or miss when he got involved. He had a few moments of brilliance and could have easily had a brace today, but his passing in the final third was just dreadful at times. He needs to do more to convince me he's the right fit for the CF role beside the ST, because so far he's only really impressed me as the ST in this setup.

    Mata is having diffuculties right now for some reason and hasn't really impacted these last 2 ganes as much as I'd like, so maybe it's time to give Kagawa a start to see if he does any better here.

    I was confused by the decision to start Lingard at WB. James has looked the better option there in preseason, and I don't think Lingard is good enough defensively for the role. He didn't excel in the role, but he didn't look terrible either. Young likewise was simply okay on the day, though for whatever reason the team played primarily through the right so he didn't get to receive too many passes and try things. He was naive as a FB and not confident about striking the right attacking/defending balance so he stayed back mostly. That's how it looked to me at least. He's not really suited to playing there unless he makes big improvements.

    Nani surprisingly wasn't terrible to me. His decision making looked better and he looked sharper. There have been too many false dawns with him though so I'll need to see much more before I change my stance on him. Januzaj let his age show today. He was fiery and caused a lot problems for his FB, but his decison making was awful. Way too selfish and hungry to impress. I hope it's not the #11 getting to him, though I could see it having an effect on his game.

    In midfield I wasn't too impressed with Herrera, which isn't to say I was disappointed but rather that he didn't really stand out too much. He has the ability but needs to polish it more. Fletcher I thought was decent. Nothing spectacular, but no one really was except Jones today. I thought Fellaini looked really good in the deeper role, but I wasn't sure why he was brought in in the first place. As a target man he wasn't too great later on, and we shouldn't resort to that tactic unless things get really desperate. If it was LvGs decision to do that then it wasn't a great one, and if it was Fellaini insisting on moving up then that has to be ironed out of his game. With the way he and Mata swapped my guess is that it was LvGs decision though.

    The defence wasn't great. Jones had a strong game but the other 2 didn't look so great. I don't think they were terrible, but they definitely didn't wow anyone.

    All in all this was a rather bad (considering the occasion) performance worthy of a 5-6/10 rating. I want to see better interplay in the midfield with smoother passing, more from Mata or a start for Kagawa, and a different strike partnership most of all. I also want to see James at WB over Januzaj or Lingard because he strikes a better balance in terms of attacking and defending.

    I hope we sign at least Blind before this window closes. For me his utility is more important than a star signing ATM since we could use the extra option in the 3 areas he plays in, plus he's guaranteed to fit in LvGs setup and philosophy.

  • Abz posted 6 days ago


    Indeed. Here's my summary.

    De Gea. Average today, should've done better for the 2nd goal but the defence was shambolic so I can't exactly blame him there.

    Smalling cannot start in the centre of our defence, his ball playing ability is shocking and his defending today, was even worse.

    Jones was good today, some excellent tackles. As I've always said, he's the one defender in the team that I'd keep in the first team. Looks like a solid player, and finally can have a place in the first team. He's incredibly versatile, and if fit, could have a brilliant season for us.

    The nerves got to Tyler Blackett at times, he was decent at times, but rash at the same time. Good potential but not a starter just yet! I can see why Birmingham fans were slating him last season.

    Young - decent at the back in the first half, spent most of the time shouting at everyone, acting like he's captain whilst he should've been working on his own game. His link up play was poor and in the 2nd half Swansea effectively targeted him as the weakling in our defence. I can't see us having success if players like Ashley Young are in the first team.

    Lingard - absolutely gutted for him, and he showed his frustration, hopefully he returns stronger than ever.

    Januzaj - looked sharp, and actually beat defenders, unlike Young on the other side. His deliveries weren't great, but looked a threat always. He's a spark that we need in the squad, and he'll only improve over time.

    Herrera had a decent game. Some nimble link up play, and effective movement of the ball, but got bullied a little, and it looked like he tried to play the safe option too much, especially in the 2nd half.

    Fletcher - shocking performance from him. Anyone who thinks he should be a regular for Man United, needs an eye test ASAP.

    Fellaini - poor, he offers nothing in the centre of the park, all he does is act as a target man, and I don't want that from United.

    Nani - go home, mate. Please. The fact that he's the only pacy player we had on the bench sums up how dire our squad is.

    Rooney - average performance, but like all world class players, has a goal in him, and took it perfectly.

    Hernandez - I can't see him fitting into a 3-5-2, and he should be on his way out soon. Ah we missed Danny Welbeck today!

    Mata - extremely disappointed with him in the first half. Just didn't tick with the forwards, and in the second half he seemed to work a lot better in a 4-4-1-1.

    I felt for LVG, I really did. But he made some errors today. Why put Fellaini on? What will he do that's significant in central midfield? Why take Herrera off? What will Nani do?

    We need to SPEND ASAP. This is getting ridiculous now. Where are you Woodward, pull your finger out mate. CB, Utility player, and a CDM. PLEASE.

  • mazoomy posted 7 days ago


    Definitely dodged a bullet. I hope we do manage to get Rojo, I don't know much about him but what I've heard is promising. Nothing is looking too good transfer-wise right now though.

    Yeah I'm also getting frustrated with Woodward, though in fairness most of the players we're looking at it's the clubs that are making it difficult. Juve want a player+cash deal, Arsenal wanted Smalling, Rojo has this legal crap going on, Cuadrado wants a Barca move apparently, and who knows what's going on with Di Maria. I would definitely want a director of football though.

    I would have rather had Fletcher as the captain and Rooney as the vice-captain, because even if he isn't always playing Fletcher is much more suited to being the leader of the squad off the pitch (and on it when he is playing). Not every captain has to constantly bark orders, and I would think Fletcher would be a captain like Lahm is. He'd also be better with the squad, I think, and for being a spokesperson and representative of the club.

    I'm glad Januzaj got the 11. It's like a seamless transition from Giggs to him, and I hope it inspires him to spend his career with us. He certainly has the ability to style to be a similar player for us like Giggs was.

    I'd rather have Blind then Cuadrado. He's a midfielder, which we might need (though I'm not so sure anymore) and he can cover in CB and WB. He's like a Swiss army knife of a player, which is always good to have around.

    What I mean with that about our midfielders is that I'm feeling a lot better about our options right now. Fletcher has been superb, Cleverley has been very solid throughout preseason, Herrera has been a revelation, and Fellaini looked really good in his short appearance. If Fellaini can keep it up and prove that it wasn't a one-off good performance then we have 4 quality options for the midfield, plus LvG has shown a willingness to play Kagawa there too so that's extra cover. We might be fine here for this season, though we definitely could use a world-class midfielder.

    Agreed that Vidal is looking less likely as time goes on.

    Predictions and lineup for the game?

    I'm thinking it'll be a solid win to the tune of 3-0 or 3-1 with this lineup:

    Jones Smalling Blackett
    Young[Rafael] Fletcher Herrera James[Young]*
    Januzaj Rooney

    If Rafael is fit it should be him and Young starting, but if he isn't then Young and James are our only options.

  • mazoomy posted 14 days ago


    Why I'm so excited about Adidas. The home looks better IRL, the away looks great, and the third kit is just stunning!