Greg Cooksey

Greg Cooksey


Hey guys! So I thought this would be a better place to blog about sports then my space or facebook. Anyway, I am from the Cleveland Ohio area, I love the Browns Cavs and Indians. I am also I Ohio State Buckeye Fanatic and a big Hockey fan. You will definately hear from me about these teams, some things I say you think will be right on target and agree with, some you will hate me for and think I am an idiot. I guess that's what's best about a sports fan from Cleveland like me, right? Anyway glad to be here and stop by often to see what I have to say!

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  • Alex Johnson posted 3052 days ago

    Alex Johnson

    Team 26 in my countdown has been revealed!

  • Alex Johnson posted 3058 days ago

    Alex Johnson

    Team 30 is now available in my 32 team countdown!

  • Randy Lutz posted 3104 days ago

    Randy Lutz

    Shaq to the Cavs??? Check out my latest article and let me know what you think about this possible impending trade:

  • Chris Miller posted 3112 days ago

    Chris Miller

    Well I indeed apologize for my offensive comments, as the majority of my comments these days are offensive in nature. Don't really know what the hell that's all about. You can criticize me all you want, I'm in. In fact, maybe because I'm so critical of other articles is the fact that I think criticism helps a write get better. If it has the adverse effect, than that method is useless. So, my apologies. I've deleted mentioned comment.

    Although I invited you to insult/criticize/hate/love anything I write. I've been working hard hours and haven't written anything on the series until tonight.

    Again, apologies.

  • Eric Naughton posted 3112 days ago

    Eric Naughton


    Enjoyed your articles on the SCF. I'm originally from Erie, PA and I feel a deep, resonating bond with those other individuals who live on the southern shores of Lake Erie. We all must live with the lingering effects of decades of pollution! (just kidding) In all seriousness... I hope you didn't take offense at my comments. They were only intended to add to the discussion rather than criticize your writing. I'm particularly embarrassed by the comment Chris Miller left you - it was childish and out of line (and typical of many "homer" fans commenting on this site). Keep writing! I look forward to your Buckeye articles this fall as the Big 10 team battle it out. Go Lions! (I can't wait for Paterno to retire.)

  • Andrew Cahill posted 3149 days ago

    Andrew Cahill

    A Story From A True Patriots Fan...check this one out...

  • Billy Ray posted 3266 days ago

    Billy Ray

    Greg, thanks for the pick. I have posted a new Breaking News report if you are interested.

  • Jeff Smirnoff posted 3266 days ago

    Jeff Smirnoff


    I'd love for you to partake in the "Browns Table: Season in Review" if you are up for it.

    If you can get it back to me by Wednesday or so that would be great. Also feel free to drop me a line at so I have your addy.


  • Isaac Luber posted 3289 days ago

    Isaac Luber

    I said it would be a good game, and the person who wrote that article said USC would win by 50 against a very good Penn State fan. Which one makes more sense? Exactly.